Preview the Grey's Anatomy Finale, Flash Back to Lost (VIDEO)

By Tim Surette

May 16, 2012

Why wait until tomorrow to see the results of last week's episode? ABC has released the first several minutes of Grey's Anatomy's Season 8 finale, revealing the aftermath of the plane crash that took everyone by surprise in "Migration." Thankfully, it was a plane full of doctors so all the nicks, scratches, and broken bones sticking out through their skin should be mended in no time.

But the real interesting thing here is that this scene is a blatant rip-off homage facsimile of ABC's Lost pilot, right down to stunned doctor looks to the sky while survivors meander in confusion. Plus, someone lost a shoe!!! (Obviously The Others took it.)

There's lots of screaming and someone is going to die. It is known. Which Grey's Anatomy doctor do you think is going to end up eaten by the rest of the survivors, Alive-style?

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  • Cynycal May 18, 2012

    Holy shit this show still exists!? I assumed it finished a long time ago.

  • codakatz May 17, 2012

    Actually, "Crossing Jordan" ended its run with a plane crash (After "Lost" but long before Grey's crash). We never did learn who survived there, because NBC cancelled the show. My money is on Kepner to die (or maybe that's just wishful thinking?). I think the other posters who say she'll suicide are correct. My next guess would be Arizona, because Jessica Capshaw is pregnant again and has 2 other small children, so she may want an out. Who the heck is Terry?

  • NadiaVeleva May 17, 2012

    my guess: Derek will hurt his hand really badly and won't be able to operate for a long time, so Meredith will stay with him in Seattle. Arizona will be paralized for a good part of the next season (or lose her leg altogether), which will make Karev stay at Seattle out of guilt, cos he was meant to be in that plane instead.

    so how to make Christina stay? only one way - she's leaving Owen... so he will be the one to die! how? my guess is: Kepner will try to commit suicide, he will find out and try to stop her, but die instead...

    it fits perfectly - it's a surprise, he's a rather likeable character, but also a famous actor who spent quite a long time in this show, so maybe he's decided to move on...

    then again, both Lexie's and Arizona's actresses have small children, so you never

  • allielisa May 17, 2012

    See you in another life brother!

  • ajayzchaos May 17, 2012

    We do NOT 'know for a fact' that Derek will not be in the next season. He re-signed for two years. Even if that announcement was a red herring your assertion is premature and shows you pay no attention to what has been in entertainment news since before last weeks ep.

  • paper-kay May 17, 2012

    Well, we know for a fact Shepherd won't be in the next season, so.. I would mourn Yang, but Not Terry or Arizona, at all... Don't care if they were on the plane at all or not.

  • herropreez14 May 17, 2012

    this looks aweful, ussually greys anatomy knows how to really bring it in their season finales, but not this time.

  • Bayleis84 May 17, 2012

    Oh, Jeez, do they HAVE to end every season with some ultra-dramatic tragedy? I love this show, but seriously, tone it down with the tragedy...Car accidents, shootings, death...Why not a good old-fashioned happy ending, for a change? Just sayin'...

  • sakuramankai May 17, 2012

    God, I know. That's why I stopped watching it years ago (now I just pick up the seasons on DVD and watch them all at once. Less annoying that way). Random car crashes, shootings, plane crashes, fairy boat crashes..come on. The show is like a bad spin-off of the Final Destination films but were Death is really incompetent.

  • otaku_4_lyfe May 17, 2012

    I think April is going to commit would be just like Shonda to use the plane crash as a red herring, and the show has never had a suicide...

  • bonezrulz05 May 17, 2012

    LOL "It is known" Nice GoT reference Tim

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