Price Is Right for Tyra Banks

By Colin Mahan

Feb 14, 2006

Tyra Banks, host of daytime talk show The Tyra Banks Show and the fashion reality contest America's Next Top Model, will appear as a guest model on the game show the The Price Is Right. Banks will present games and prizes to eager contestants who try to guess the correct, or "right," price of prize items.

Banks will be one of "Barker's Beauties," whose duties consist of running their hands languidly across items such as washing machines and vacuum cleaners when presenting them to contestants. Previous "Beauties" include Holly Halstrom and Dian Parkinson, who left the show after filing a sexual harrassment suit against Barker.

Banks is appearing on the show for an upcoming segment of her daytime talk show scheduled to air Monday, February 20. In previously segments of her daily show, Banks has donned a fat suit, videotaped a breast exam, and danced in a racy Las Vegas show.

Last month, Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution signed on for a second season of Banks' syndicated talk show. Warner exec Jim Paratore announced the deal then, saying, "Tyra has done exactly what we said she would do--create a fresh, advertiser-friendly format that would bring young women back to broadcast TV."

"This was an amazing experience," Banks said in a statement. "I want to thank Bob Barker for making a little dream of mine come true. I've been watching since I was a little girl and now I'm a Barker Beauty and I feel like I'll always be one–-at least after three hours of hair and makeup!"

Barker added, "Tyra Banks was a super model, she's a super talk show host, and she was a super Barker's Beauty!"

The Price Is Right is television's longest-running game show, premiering in 1956. Bob Barker has hosted the show for 34 years, giving out prizes to audience members who are told to "come on down" by an excited announcer. Tyra Banks' guest appearance on the show airs Friday, February 17.

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  • harveydent2face Sep 25, 2008

    man, tyra and ellen should have a boxing match! lol someone should splice a bunch of clips and make a parody ;) hehehe - you cna get the shows here:;=mininova&x;=0&y;=0&r;=bittorents

  • dasheia_aunja6 Mar 23, 2006


  • LAURAMARIE63 Feb 15, 2006

    Dumb and Dumber

  • PTL1954 Feb 15, 2006

    I think Bob Barker should retire. Its the last game show on daytime TV. At 82 time to hang it up.

  • hoffman9102 Feb 15, 2006

    Lookit Oprah-jr. go, dominating the airwaves like chickenpox in a hot room. Yikes, why so much TYRA? Do you all really like her THAT much?? cmon, she put on a fat suit for a few hrs, and ends up in tears, "feeling" for the obese. Her hard hitting topics get remedied right quick with a makeover, no matter what the problem is...shes got the solution. Her expert mama came on, to field ?s about all sortsa terrible problems, then fixed em with a little bit o speed dating, or gasp...a makeover. I think the talkshow could use a makeover, ala new host with a genuine concern, and valid topic.