Psych "Deez Nups" Review: Not Everybody Will Wang Chung Tonight

By Drusilla Moorhouse

Apr 11, 2013

Psych S07E07: "Deez Nups"

After watching Psych's spectacular "Deez Nups," I'm not sure what hurts more: my stomach, because I laughed so hard, or my heart, because James Roday RIPPED IT OUT OF MY CHEST.    

Yes, the show's star, who co-wrote and directed this episode, deserves both the credit and the blame for what went down.

And most of it was epic.

Like all great wedding comedies, "Deez Nups"—which managed to feature most of the regular and guest cast members—was ribald and romantic, careening toward a fairy-tale ending. For a brief, wondrous moment, it seemed that Lassie and his new bride Marlowe wouldn't be the only ones making an eternal pledge.

As Shawn strolled toward his girl after a heartfelt talk with his dad at the bar, I studied him intently: Was he packing a secret engagement ring? Because surely this Romeo was about to propose to his Juliet!

Curse the fates! Or did that delicious cake and Wang Chung somehow conspire to produce the blond detective's sudden moment of clarity?

If your heart didn't seize when Jules tossed her prosecco in Shawn's face, then you—sir or madam—are colder than a corpse on Woody's table.

But let's take a moment to focus on the good times.

Lassie doesn't believe in long engagements. (At least not this time around.) He interrupted Chief Vick's briefing—about a mobster's accountant who fled with their cash and records—to hand-deliver his Save the Date cards… just days ahead of his and Marlowe's nuptials.

"What can I say?" he shrugged as he followed up with the actual invitations. "I've got one speed and it is full throttle."

His partner and chief were especially lucky: Lassie invited/ordered them to attend Marlowe's bachelorette party, thrown by her former cellmate Big Wendy.

Lassie shot down the prospect of a bachelor party, but did reveal that he'd invited his BFF, Stumpy (the Stumpinator!), to be his best man.

So naturally, Stumpy joined Gus, Shawn, Woody, and Henry when they kidnapped Lassie for a ride on the Phat Cat party bus.

Huge props for Lassie's Hangover reference—a meta shout-out to last season's brilliant "Last Night Gus" and both episodes' tributes to the franchise films.

Meanwhile, at the Agua Verde casino, Big Wendy—the self-titled "chief of making bitches do shots"—was ordering Santa Barbara's Finest to let loose with the ex-cons. Enter the cop-costumed male stripper—a.k.a. Officer Buzz McNab, who told everyone he had a part-time security job. At least he dressed the part?

When the boys arrived at the casino, it didn't take long for their celebration to collide with the case: Lassie spotted Herb Pollack, the missing mob accountant, and quickly apprehended him. Naturally it resulted in a quick detour for the party bus, with Herb handcuffed to the support beam/stripper pole.

At Herb's condo to pick up his files, Shawn pocketed a receipt for an upcoming Michael Damian concert ("because it has a picture of Michael Damian on it"). Herb made an even more disturbing discovery: There were mobsters in his condo. A shootout ensued, and although "that cop from Santa Barbara who looks like Mr. Bean" managed to steer his group to safety, the mob had the upper hand: They'd kidnapped Marlowe.

Everyone double-crossed each other during the eventual hostage exchange: Both Herb and Marlowe had escaped their captors. Thanks to Shawn's "spectacular vision" (or excellent deduction), the team found Marlowe in the trash chute. His "psychic powers" (or that pretty-faced receipt) led him to find Herb at the Michael Damian concert. 

Aww Moment No. 1: Lassie revealed that the only reason he invited the douchey Stumpinator was that he was too embarrassed to admit he didn't have a real BFF. Plus, the glance exchanged by Shawn and Gus when Lassie said "bromances are overrated" was priceless—and another meta nod to the backbone of the show.

Aww Moment No. 2: Before kissing his bride, Carlton raised her palm in a tribute to their only "contact" during his prison visits.

Aww Moment No. 3: Shawn finding Juliet adorably alone with her cake: "Right now, I am enjoying this cake. I love cake. You know I love cake. I deserve this, dammit."

You do, Juliet, you do! And you deserve to know the truth about Shawn's "psychic" abilities. But why did you choose that instant—one of the most romantic scenes in seven seasons of Psych—to take the blinders off?

My guess? Roday hates us. Either that, or he brilliantly recognized the powerful effect it would have.

"I'm good at what I do," Shawn desperately insisted. "And what I do is good. Isn't it?"

So, so good. That's why it hurts so bad.


– "If I was a mobster, I think my mobster name would be Frankie Friction." "That sounds like a porn name." "No, Chubby Pumpalo sounds like a porn name." (Shawn and Gus)  

– "Somewhere disappointing Jesus." (Gus, when Lassie asked where Stumpy was)

– "He was the only other member of the anti-glee club who bothered to come to meetings." (Lassie about Stumpy)

– "Marlowe Viccellio, you have given me something to believe in even stronger than the NRA's Code of Ethics." (Lassie's wedding vow)

– "You're like the old guy in Up." "Except your mother's still alive." (Shawn and Henry)


– Did you cry, or did you Lassie up like a man during all the dramz?

– What was your favorite scene?

– Where will Shawn and Juliet go from here? (They share a home, remember.)

– How about Big Wendy and the other guest stars?!

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  • SteveLundy Apr 15, 2013

    Saddly, when/if the show ends, I won't have much left in the comedy arena to watch weekly. And I need my Shawn and Gus...time to go out and buy the dvd's I suppose....

  • SteveLundy Apr 15, 2013

    I agree with the aforementioned "forced" parts. Like Woody in his bathing suit coming to the wedding. I saw juliet reaching into shawns pocket where he had the tickets for the show. And when I saw the look on her face when they showed her again I knew something was up, just didn't think it was this. My heart hurt to see those two in that situation. My guess is when Shawn gets home either his stuff is outside, or Juliet has gone to stay with her family for a few days to "figure things out". Great job by Roday in writing and directing btw.

    As for Maggie leaving, she's set to finish out Season 8, according to zap2it and deadspin. She shot a pilot and it's unknown if it's been picked up. However, USA has only 8 episodes for Season 8, and there's no word yet if that is going to be the end of Psych. If it is, then this is the way to wrap it up I suppose. Or to start. I truly hope that Shawn and Jules work it out. As for his past 'convictions' coming under fire, he's not a police officer, and he merely gave the police what they needed (albeit sometimes not in the most legal way) to point them in the right direction and they finished things up. he hasn't testified in court or anything so he's merely a consultant so I don't think any past cases will come back to haunt him.

    It'll be sad to see the show go, but it's always best to go out on a good note, so I'm hoping that he and jules work things out and live happily ever after.

  • thevince32 Apr 15, 2013

    good episode, but at this point does it really matter if he's "psychic" or not by now the haven't really focused on the "psych" thing for a while, it just seems like he's more of a consultant or P.I. now, and I'm pretty sure Chef Vic knows

  • MelissaBeale Apr 14, 2013

    Okay, I did not see that ending coming at all! I actually gasped and dropped my cup of tea. I was holding my breath until the credits rolled as well, WOW is all I can say to that.

    The rest of the episode was okay, it had the usual Psych humour and a couple of really funny parts (and I did love the references to the Hangover movies) but some of it did seem a little forced.

    The ending redeemed it for me, I mean that was the mother of all cliffhangers as far as Psych is concerned- even the season 6 finale wasn't this unsettling.

  • svarcs666 Apr 13, 2013

    1. I teared up like a bitch, especially when they had those flashbacks, and then after when Shawn looked up at Gus and he just knew, it was too much!
    2. Wedding/shootout, only at a Lassie wedding haha
    3. I really hope they can work it out, we waited too long to have it taken away
    4. Like always, guest stars did the perfect job, especially Big Wendy

  • marlonjones Apr 13, 2013

    #1 psych fan, but i thought this wasn't as good as all previous episodes of this season...
    I felt like everything was a little forced...some great moments here and there though...

    But then the ending...starting with the dance moves after the wedding (Dule cracks me up every time haha!)...and then that already infamous scene! I did not see that coming and i had to watch twice to realise what had just Props to James Roday for this...very bold move, but i'm sure it'll lead to whatever is meant for the show.

    Still can't believe that just happened...did i say wtf??

  • elh0mbre23 Apr 13, 2013

    This was a GREAT episode. Seeing as how Juliet found out about Shawn's "psychic abilities" really put me off guard considering it was a wedding episode. However, I think everything will work out in the end. As William Shakespeare made every comedy end that he wrote, every comedy has a marriage at the end. Hopefully it doesn't end with Lassie's but rather with Shawn and Juliet marriage.

  • shadowclone7290 Apr 13, 2013

    Truthfully if they remove Juliet from this show so Maggie Lawson can move onto another show I might just lose it... and to answer the questions
    1. I did cry... I couldn't help it, I haven't been this moved by something since The Final Page episode from HIMYM and the season 8 episode of Smallville Requiem...
    2.My favorite scene was the final one with Shawn and Jules... so powerful...
    3. Hopefully they patch things up they really do love each other, and as I said before i'm not sure I could take it, her leaving and all...
    4.Even though he's no longer a guest star Woody is still one of my favorite not main cast characters... :D

  • shocker713 Apr 13, 2013

    My main concern is that this revelation calls everything Shawn's ever done into question. If Jules goes to the Chief about this (though I doubt it), bad things could happen. Murderers could go free.

  • jackiwhitford Apr 13, 2013

    Maggie Lawson is slated to star in a new show.

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