Psych: "Juliet Wears the Pantsuit" Review: Girl Power

By Drusilla Moorhouse

Apr 25, 2013

Psych S07E08: "Juliet Wears the Pantsuit"

I developed so many girl crushes during "Juliet Wears the Pantsuit" that I don't know what to do with all this love. But I'll get to Juliet O'Hara in a minute; first, props to director Jennifer Lynch, whom I've loved with an undying passion since she wrote The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer. I devoured that novel in 1990, searching for clues about her dad David Lynch's Twin Peaks. (The Season 5 Psych episode "Dual Spires" was an homage to the cult classic.)

But now I'm also seriously smitten with this episode's scribe, Brittany Hilgers; this was her first for Psych after many years as a production/writers assistant on the show. From the opening seconds, "Pantsuit" was so smart and funny and fresh that I couldn't wait to learn who crafted it. What a nice treat to see two female names! For seven seasons, Psych's primary writers have been men—which is neither surprising nor especially disappointing, considering a bromance is the essence of the series. But that didn't stop me from doing a modified Snoopy dance when I saw those credits.

Finally, Maggie Lawson. I curtsy to the queen. It takes tremendous skill to portray a character who is simultaneously feminine while kicking ass so hard she doesn't even waste her time taking names. Jules has officially joined the beautiful badassery ranks of Buffy Summers and Sydney Bristow.

No wonder she was apparently SWF'd! I might even buy a pantsuit myself.

However, the best part of the episode was that it gave us new hope for Shules' future. Even though Juliet refused to budge on evicting Shawn, she clearly softened toward her longtime love and fellow Froot Loops enthusiast.

But Detective O'Hara was still annoyed by Shawn's attempts to sabotage her interviews with potential new roommates. (Especially the invention of "Kathy the vindictive poltergeist.")

And no wonder, since he was having such a hard time finding another place to crash. Even Gus turned him down, which prompted a brilliant sparring match that ultimately just parsed phrases from their original arguments. Eventually, Shawn agreed to move into Woody's "palatial beachfront property"—which of course turned out to be an Airstream trailer.

As the roommate situation intersected with the SBPD's investigation, Shawn earned Juliet's grudging respect for his deductive skill—if not for his quackery. After Juliet's first potential roommate was murdered (of course), Shawn zeroed in on the woman who dared to take his place. He was especially suspicious after she cut and bleached her hair, hijacked Juliet's wardrobe—except for the "Fashion Statement" T-shirt (with shoulder pads!) Shawn gave her—and faked her own death after he spotted her at both Chillerz (with a z) and the Owl's Nest.

The dive bar—"where desperate lonely people come to die"—was also Henry's secret haunt, and where Woody picked up two "cougars," Thumper and Maylene, who drugged him and stole the Airstream while he was "riding unicorns."

(Another clue led Shawn and his buddy to a Bikram yoga studio, where sympathetic crier Gus revealed he's also a "sympathetic sweater." That guy's a regular leaky faucet!)

Finally, Shawn realized that Laura (real name Laynie) had been running for years from a murderous stalker: her ex-husband, Patrick. ("This is no longer Single White Female—this is Sleeping With the Enemy!")

Patrick tracked his ex to Juliet's house, where he tried to attack the two women.

Bad move, dude. Juliet delivered a vampire slayer-style beatdown while Shawn and Gus looked on helplessly from the sidelines.

"That was old-school, Cobra Kai, 'Do you have a problem with that, Mr. Lawrence?' dojo style," marveled Shawn at her Karate Kid smackdown.

In turn, Juliet praised her (totally temporary please oh please) ex for his spot-on investigative skill, even though it "could have used a little less" psychic forehead gesturing.

Their friendly chat (at "our house—in the middle of our street") was more of a truce than a reconciliation, but Juliet plainly had forgiveness in her heart. It was an aww-some, hopeful final scene in a fantastic episode fueled by girl power.


– "Jules, only psychos answer ads on Craigslist. You might as well have posted on" (Shawn)

– "This is my partner, Blue Ivy Carter." "No pictures!" (Shawn and Gus)

– "As the Steven Weber to your Bridget Fonda, I am 60 seconds from taking a stiletto to the eyeball." "Everyone knows that's the psycho death blow!" (Shawn and Gus)

– "As enticing as this offer is, I'm not Tom Sizemore." (Shawn)

– "Okay, ladies, let's talk safe words." (Woody)

– "One of my favorite bathroom reads is Areas and ZIPs: Codes for Code Lovers."

– "I died 10 percent inside." (Shawn on catching his parents having sex)

– "So you're just going to play house with an Indian princess while I'm stuck living on the streets like Jamie Foxx with an old cello?" (Shawn to Gus)

– "Snoafer: Business on the left, party on the right. It's like a footwear mullet." (Woody)

– "You do realize you're the last person on earth who says 'the hots' with zero irony in your voice, right?" (Gus to Shawn)

– "If my instincts are as strong as my belief that climate change is a hoax, [the blood] will be Kimberly's." (Lassie)  

– "Why does Cuba keep doing so many horrible movies? The dude has an Academy Award. Boat Trip, Shawn, Boat Trip." (Gus)

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  • mcepin3 Apr 26, 2013

    Awsome episode...I was afraid to watch previous episode,because what happened on previous:D But they handled it perfectly and I love,that Jules didn't just fall back in Shawn's arms(even though I wished she had). I love,how Jules is annoyed now,when Shawn does "I have a vibe"*and puts hand to his head*...shows,that show is consistent and small things like that,make me love Psych even more.
    Any scene with Woody,you know it's gonna be awsome,funny and crazy:D

  • JT_Kirk Apr 26, 2013

    This episode didn't do much for me, it wasn't bad but felt a little hollow, too many little things going on and not enough core - either relationship-wise or mystery-wise. Shawn ends up pretty useless to the mystery, Jules conquers the bad guy without any help at all, so Shawn's antics don't get a payoff, he's just a buffoon running around with an ulterior motive the whole time. And the relationship stuff felt soft, easy, without earning its slight payoff at the end enough.

  • DavidJackson8 Apr 26, 2013

    This was certainly one of my favorite episodes of the season. I wasn't the biggest fan of the previous two, but I thought this was hilarious and directed much more like previous seasons of Psych.

    S: "This is my partner, Blue Ivy Carter."
    G: "Waaaahhh! No pictures."
    Haha! That was soooo stupid and silly it made me fall off my chair.

    LOL @ Shawn's reasoning for buying the Fashion! shirt.

    "The heat isn't even on. What's wrong with you?"
    - The yoga teacher's delivery of that was great.

    Everything in the building manager's office was hilarious. Something about Dave made me really love him (and no, not because of his name).

    I didn't even like Common Law all that much, but for some reason, as soon as I saw Woody's Airstream, I immediately thought of the one Travis lived in. Not sure why my memory held on to that piece of info or picture. I think they have different production companies, but I'm gonna hold on to the belief that it's the same Airstream -- that USA had it lying around in their wacky garage of props and Psych decided to use it. Hehe.

    Maaaan, now I want a Frosty.

  • Whedonrules Apr 26, 2013

    This episode had a different feel to it and it worked. This has been one of the strongest run of episodes this series has had. The final scene with Shawn and Jules was just the appropriate breath the episode, needed. I guess I'm glad they haven't just easy bake fixed Shawn and Juliet. I thought it was funny they had Rachel Blanchard guest and how her part played out, love her and always thought Maggie Lawson was her doppleganger.

    The more Kurt Fuller, the funnier the episode. Loved Henry at the bar denying he even knew the place as the bartender serves him a 'Henry Spencer'.

  • LadyJay03 Apr 26, 2013

    Awesome episode! Juliet is seriously badass! I like that she is slowly coming around in regards to Shawn's "gift". They will get back together soon. I love that Shawn is staying with Woody. I see nothing but wonderful craziness coming from that situation. This season has been great!

  • JustinJohnson9 Apr 26, 2013

    So hilarious from beginning to end! Shawn's rants about Kathy the vengeful poltergeist had me rolling lol!!! I also loved Gus and Shawn at the yoga studio!!! Seeing them attempting to do yoga was so funny, especially Gus sweating like crazy!!!

    Maggie Lawson has definitely held her own this season. This episode to me was a defining moment for her, as she displayed Jules' soft, feminine side as well as the ass-kicker in her with that pantsuit!!! Man did she do a number on that ex-boyfriend. Loved it!!!

  • ToddMurray Apr 26, 2013

    Great episode! No wonder they ordered more scripts, they are just killing it this season! Let's hope that it translates into more Psych next season (and maybe even beyond???)!

  • mac94102 Apr 26, 2013

    This episode was out of control good. Shawn and Gus watching Jules kick the shit out of that loser stalker murderer was beautiful. Love Jules, but sorry she's no Buffy Summers.

  • DresserBoys Apr 26, 2013

    it was a great episode and was laughing from the point where Shawn calling about the place to live and turns out to be Woody all the way to the previews for next week

    Gus: "I'm the only person in San Barbara that's going to vote for you."
    Shawn: "Perfect that means I have the Black Vote."

    So funny.

  • Whedonrules Apr 26, 2013

    That preview had this weeks best line.

  • Whatsoever Apr 26, 2013

    they are getting back to together in the next episode, I bet :p

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