Psych's Season 7 Premiere Was Delicious, But Not Very Filling

By Drusilla Moorhouse

Feb 28, 2013

Psych S07E01: "Santabarbaratown 2"

C'mon son, did you really believe Psych would kill off Henry?

We've waited nearly a year since the Season 6 cliffhanger to find out what happened to Shawn's dad. But while Papa Shawn survived his shooting by Barney Miller's Wojciehowicz, Shawn became unhinged by his desperate need for vengeance/justice/filial devotion.

Unfortunately, "Santabarbaratown 2" was not the strongest way to launch the new (and probably penultimate) season. I say this with regret, because after Twin Peaks, Psych is my favorite show. I realize it's not the best series on TV—even I must admit it's not masterpiece theater like Enlightened, Sherlock, or Homeland, for example—but Psych is my TV crack. Or fries quatro queso dos fritos. Delicious AND nutritious!

On the bright side, I've seen the next two episodes, and they deserve to become fan favorites. (Next week's "Juliet Takes a Luvvah" was written and directed by Andy Berman, the genius behind Season 6's instant classic "Last Night Gus.")

From the outset, "Santabarbaratown 2," co-written by creator Steve Franks and producer Bill Callahan, had trouble balancing heavy poignancy (Shawn's "You've got to save him, that's my dad!") with zany slapstick (Woody the coroner barging into Henry's hospital room with a premature body bag). The worst offender, however, was the groan-causing return of the rapey, baby-voiced, elder-lover Chelsea, who first stalked Henry in "Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat."

Meanwhile, the best moments of "SB2"—an homage to the Lethal Weapon buddy cop films—focused on Gus and Shawn's bromance... and the surprising but perfect partnership between Shawn and Lassie.

It turns out that when you do the math, (Gus + Shawn) + (Shawn + Lassie) > Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

(Quick Lethal Weapon factoid: FBI agent Mack was played by Jake Busey, son of Gibson and Glover's costar Gary Busey.)

Anyway, while Henry recovered in the hospital, Shawn ignored his girlfriend's pleas and recklessly attempted to find the dirty cop who shot his father. With the chief's tacit approval and Detective Lassiter's fervent support (and munitions supply), Shawn discovered that Wojo (yes, I know Max Gail's character's name is Jerry Carp, but to me he'll always be Wojo) was involved in a much larger conspiracy—gunrunners using the charity organization Feed Everyone as a front to smuggle weapons into war-torn regions.

The hour's hijinks included Shawn and Gus sitting on a landmine just as they were about to enjoy a platter of jerk chicken apology nachos, Shawn's insistent misinterpretation of a Mexican standoff, the halving of the Blueberry's frame, and the obliteration of the adorable car's maroon successor, the Cranberry.

Eventually, Shawn managed to locate Wojo Jerry's hideout and take down his security team. In the end, Juliet shot Wojo, and his henchman, to save Shawn.

"I've got the greatest girlfriend ever," he gushed. (Juliet gave him a pass for fibbing about his investigation, but methinks she won't be so forgiving when she learns his "psychic" powers are a huge hoax.)

The gang rushed to the hospital just in time to see the removal of Henry's breathing tubes and his first-gasp breakup with his "fiancée," Chelsea.

Next week, Henry has a new caregiver (Shawn's mom, played by Cybill Shepherd), Juliet plays the field in an online dating investigation, and Gus gets a girlfriend!


The highlight of this episode was the veritable smorgasbord of tasty treats, most of them enjoyed by Gus:

– Taco Bell Doritos Locos tacos

– French toast (Shawn's declaration to his unconscious father: "I don't think now is a good time for you to go. I love you...r French toast.")

– Mole tacos

– Henry's hospital sandwich and cake (a.k.a. "a dying man's lunch")

– Jerk chicken apology nachos

– Rancid peaches ("Have some tuna." "That would be like taking food out of poor people's mouths." "How about some peaches?" "I'll eat me some peaches.")

– Pop-tarts

– Moons Over My Hammy

– Surprisingly crisp bacon

– Orange chicken (laced with Ipecac)

– Glazed buns (Gus's dream pastry from the nonexistent Jethro's Home of the Deep-Fried Donut)


– "You can't take the second out. It's a courtesy out, it's perfunctory. You have to turn it down first." —Shawn, when Gus took him up on his offer of an "out"

– "This is hands-down my favorite land mine. It detonates not only when you step on it, but when you step off. Sweet music and then? Red mist." —Lassie, enraptured by Wojo's munitions arsenal

– "My name is Shenayze, this is my partner Gurn Blansten." —Shawn, introducing a very Swedish-sounding Gus (Note: These monikers may not be spelled correctly)

– "I need something … I can shoot a caribou with, that's my dream. Not for sport but for their general superior attitude. I wouldn't kill one, no sir. Just teach those cocky bastards a little humility by grazing it in its horn." —Shawn requesting a semiautomatic on the Red Chief firing range

– "Are you sure about that? How about a raccoon with a discarded malaria sample?" —Shawn's response to the chief's assertion that there's nothing more dangerous than an investigator who's emotionally involved in a case.

– "This is my best disguise, second only to Jaundiced Jimmy, which I would've gone with if you hadn't eaten all the yellow mustard." —Shawn on his terrible fake beard

– "That's my delivery man. Satchel Gizmo. He's likable, so everyone lets him into places." ("He's indecipherable and constipated!") "That's part of his charm. He's been married nine times." —Gus to Shawn on his elaborate cover story

– "Over Our Heads: Great title for a movie about two short guys who pretend to be one tall guy to get a basketball scholarship." —Shawn, destined for Hollywood

– "Well so have you, man: Wearing loafers with white socks is a serious no-no." —Shawn when Mack said he'd "made a major mistake"

– "I'll be damned, this is the second Mexican standoff I've been a part of today." —Shawn, who has not been part of any Mexican standoff, ever


1. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 = being a koala bear or owning a jetpack), how do you rate "Santabarbaratown 2"?

2. Did you spot the show's hidden pineapple? If so, where was it? (Seriously, please tell me. I totally missed it.)

3. What was your favorite quote of the night?

4. Which of the foodstuffs mentioned in the episode would you eat first?

5. How about that Lassie?

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  • JustinJohnson9 Mar 03, 2013

    Loved it! The pat where Shawn tried to bring down the house with that little blue car was so damn funny!!! Then when the car was shown practically sawed in half, I laughed for nearly 30 seconds straight!!!

  • AnnieWayG3 Mar 03, 2013

    1. 10000000000!!! I had so much fun watching SB2 like I hadn't in ages!
    2. Hell no. I never get them.
    3. "The body is actually designed for this sort of thing."
    4. Sweet french toast is a Christmas-time dish here in Brazil. I kind of miss it the rest of the year.
    5. Lassie is a dangerous man. Seriously.

  • icu92 Mar 01, 2013

    Well i can gladly correct you on one thing, psych has already been approved for an 8th season, well only 8 episodes atm but hopefully more will be as well.

  • CiaraGlynn Mar 01, 2013

    "Over Our Heads: Great title for a movie about two short guys who pretend to be one tall guy to get a basketball scholarship."
    "90% of all gunshot wounds are psychological."
    "This isn't my book...this is Everyone Poops..." "Except my girlfriend."
    "I ate that bacon a half hour ago, it was surprisingly crisp."

    Everything to do with Woody. Though I hope it doesn't set up some bigger arc for the rest of the season...

  • tbirdy007 Mar 01, 2013

    I agree with pretty much everything you wrote. Love Psych, cute but not great episode, and while I'm glad they didn't go too serious, some parts (body bags!) were a bit too lighthearted.

  • svarcs666 Mar 01, 2013

    Fist off, so glad psych is finally back,, never leave me for so long again!!

    1. 8
    2. No, completely forgot, never usually pick it up first time round
    3. I'll be back soon - woody with the body bags was hilarious!
    4. Apology nachos!! I just happened to be eating dinner (nachos) and when I saw those apology nachos, I couldn't help but look down and feel Immensely disappointed haha
    5. Lassie has been getting better with each season, this season needs more lassie centric episodes!!

  • enomo67 Mar 01, 2013

    Raccoon with a discarded malaria sample, hands down funniest quote (love the short guys trying to get a basketball scholarship too though). Psych is so good with the one-liners that frequently catch me off guard. It's one of the reasons I love it so much--that unpredictable humor that few shows know how to do well.

  • MelissaBeale Mar 01, 2013

    Psych is my all time favourite show. I used to watch it with my mum but she now lives on a different continent, so we have to watch it separately and then discuss it over Skype. We both loved this episode, partly because of the awesomeness that is just Psych and partly because it just had the feeling that they were really enjoying themselves making it.
    I also really love episodes where Shawn sort of loses it- because even when he is acting mental, he is still in control- he just sort of stops caring about the pre-tense and does what he feels like (more so than usual).

    1. I give this episode a 7 on the Psych scale- I've been so excited for the return of Psych that they really could not have done any wrong- but overall I think it was still really good. I felt a little underwhelmed at the premiers of series 5 and 6 but I was actually really happy with this one.
    2. Sadly didn't spot the Pineapple this time. |I am going to re-watch anyway so maybe I'll have more luck the second time round.
    3. I love all the 1 liners in every episode, so it is really hard to pick any particular favourite but one of my favourite quotes was the 'I love you...r French Toast' and my favourite scenes were the speeches that Shawn gave at the Firing Range and when Shawn smashed up the crime scene/ perps house.
    4. I'd definitely eat the Apology Nachos first.
    5. I love Lassie's relationship with Shawn and Gus. I think that he did start off resenting them (even hating them) but has grown to respect Shawn's abilities (even if he doesn't believe that he is psychic) and actually thinks of them as friends. Its just a part of Lassie's charm that he wont admit it!

  • MelissaBeale Mar 01, 2013

    Oh, and all the glass breaking and Gus's reaction to it really cracked me up. I was smiling the whole way through this episode!

  • raygun_05 Mar 01, 2013

    thought it was really funny. had me laughin throughout. Woody entering the room with the body bad the first time floored me; same w/ Soupcan Sam and Satchel Gismo LOL. i will say though Chelsea was overkill though, she got on my nerves after a while.

  • smorbie Mar 01, 2013

    Yeah, but I love the way Shawn's dad sent him away. His first words were a paragraph of breakup cliches aimed at her. Hilarious. I also lol'ed when he wrote the note to Shawn saying "pull the plug" because she was there.

  • smorbie Mar 01, 2013

    I mean, sent "her" away. We need an edit button here, guys.

  • raygun_05 Mar 01, 2013

    yea i know edit button plz! i agree the pull the plug thing was jokes

  • angeleys151 Feb 28, 2013

    The whole thing seemed very rushed to me. Something as big as gun running could have been it's own episode, but it felt tacked on to finding Henry's murderer. So trying to fit it all in and have the humor it normally has seemed rushed and overcrowded. It was enjoyable, but not one of my favorites=6

    I can't believe I forgot to look for the pineapple!

    I really enjoyed Shawn's rant at the FBI guy if only because Lassiter couldn't suppress his grin.

    The Jerk Chicken Apology Nachos looked reaaaalllllly good.

    I maintain he is my favorite character because there's a Little Shawn inside him waiting to bust out, and the fact that he won't let it makes real Shawn that much more irritating to him.

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