Raines' reign is coming

By Colin Mahan

Jan 19, 2007

NBC will put the Jeff Goldblum show Raines into ER's slot for two weeks to give the midseason cop show a good debut showing. Raines will air on Thursday, March 15, and Thursday, March 22, at 10 p.m. Beginning March 30 the show will take its regular slot, Friday at 9 p.m.

Raines puts the former Fly into the role of an eccentric LAPD detective who uses his imagination to "speak" to murder victims. The series is executive-produced by Emmy-winning writer-producer Graham Yost.

"We have been eagerly anticipating the premiere of this attractive and quirky new drama since we announced it last May at upfront," said Kevin Reilly, president of NBC Entertainment. "Combining the creative talents on- and off-camera with star Jeff Goldblum and Emmy-winning executive producer Graham Yost brings something uniquely different to NBC this spring."

In December, NBC clipped its order for Raines, wrapping production on the show after seven episodes instead of the original 13.

ER has been experiencing a power surge in its autumn years. The venerable medical drama has consistently won its time slot this season against 10 p.m. competition from CBS's new drama Shark and ABC's dramedy Men in Trees.

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  • gilmorefan14 Mar 25, 2007

    People...come on...it says "NBC will put the Jeff Goldblum show Raines into ER's slot for two weeks". ER will be back on April 12th....just hold on and watch TNT reruns! Wahoo! It just started airing season 7.

  • bricoleur Jan 22, 2007

    so is this NBC trying to make another Medium?

  • Jamin_Jamin Jan 22, 2007

    looks interesting

  • redthor Jan 22, 2007

    Show sounds like a possible hit for NBC.

  • CTUBauer24 Jan 21, 2007

    They might just have something here.

  • AlkaStealther Jan 21, 2007

    I like Jeff Goldblum, I think he's a very good actor...I'll see this new show, hope that it will be entertaining

  • metricsystem Jan 21, 2007

    cant wait for raines.

  • KI4BBO Jan 20, 2007

    I've seen the pilot.. it's great.

    I have a feeling I'll really love this show. Now if only NBC will have the balls to keep it and not pull the plug three weeks in.

  • gege48 Jan 20, 2007

    They should really leave ER alone. It is doing well and confusing viewers with its schedule could hurt ratings.

  • Dakotagirl823 Jan 20, 2007

    The concept sounds interesting but since NBC doesn't seem to have faith in the series, it problably won't last long. I'm a big fan if Jeff Goldblum and I will check out the show.

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