News Briefs: Rashida Jones Will Star in Steve Carell's TBS Comedy Pilot

By Tim Surette

Jan 22, 2014


... Rashida Jones hasn't left Parks and Recreation yet, but she's already found her next job. Jones will star in TBS's comedy pilot Tribeca, from Steve Carell. The comedy is a satire on police procedurals, with Jones playing a 10-year vet of the Los Angeles Police Department's RHCU (Really Heinous Crimes Unit). [THR]


... It looks like positive buzz from critics and fans made Fox realize that the 9:30pm Friday night time slot for Enlisted was a bad move, so now the network is giving the show a promotion! All the way up to 9pm on Friday night! Okay I guess it's not that big of a promotion. Raising Hope will swap spots with Enlisted and air at 9:30pm. [Fox via press release]

... NBC has a couple crossovers planned for the rest of the season and one totally makes sense and the other... well, it's pretty cool, too! The universes of Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. will intertwine, as they should, towards the end of the season when disaster hits the Windy City, but before that, Law & Order: SVU will also be involved, with Ice-T and Kelli Giddish heading to Chicago and Sophia Bush's Chicago Various Law Enforcement character (she appears in both Fire and P.D.) heading to New York for some SVU action. And that's not all the incest NBC hast planned! Parenthood and the network's upcoming comedy About a Boy will also feature a crossover. In fact, they already did one, when David Walton's About a Boy character showed up at Crosby's (Dax Shepard) poker game last week. The new news is that Crosby will repay the favor once About a Boy debuts. Both Parenthood and About a Boy are produced by Jason Katims and set in the Bay Area, so why not? [Jen Trolio live from the TCAs]

... Disney Channel has decided on a series finale date for Good Luck Charlie: February 16 at 8pm. Plan your farewell party accordingly. [Disney Channel via press release]

... HBO is moving a pair of new episodes of Looking and Girls up by one day, in order to avoid something called the Super Bowl on February 2. Both shows will air new episodes on Saturday, February 1, and it's a good thing, too, because people who are excited for huge men throwing a ball around are also the same people who want to hang out with white girls and gay guys who have a lot of sex. True Detective will skip the week entirely, returning the following Sunday (February 9) with its fourth episode. [The Wire]

... Doctor Who fans now have one more thing to get obsessed about. The popular sci-fi series is heading to the world of comic books sometime this year. The comics, published by Titan comics, will focus on standalone adventures for the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors. [BBC via press release]

... Ratings! Flowers in the Attic drew 6.1 million viewers for Lifetime on Saturday, the network's best numbers in over a year. Discovery Channel's Klondike mined 3.4 million viewers on Monday for the first part of its three-night run, the network's most-watched Monday in history. The Following used a monster football game to boost its Season 2 ratings on Sunday, grabbing a whopping 4.4 rating among adults 18-49. That number might be a little cooked, though, as more than 50 million people tuned in for the NFC Championship between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Rambling Cornerbacks. [Deadline Hollywood / The Wrap / EW]


... Jack Bauer's next "Damn!"-a-thon, the Fox miniseries 24: Live Another Day, has beefed up its cast with the addition of the versatile Tate Donovan. You may have seen Donovan recently in Deception (in which case I'm sorry) or Hostages (in which case I'm REALLY sorry), or you might remember him from Damages (in which case *high five*)In 24, he'll play White House Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau, who just so happens to be married to Kim Raver's Audrey Raines a.k.a. Jack Bauer's former girl. Better get used to the taste of a gun barrel, Mark! 24: Live Another Day premieres May 5. [Fox via press release]

... Jesse L. Martin (Law & Order) has joined the cast of The CW's The Flash pilot. Martin will play Detective West, who serves as the father figure for The Flash's alter ego, Barry Allen. [Deadline Hollywood]

... How do you get viewers to watch Jimmy Fallon's first outing as host of The Tonight Show? How about signing up the biggest names in the business? Will Smith (Fresh Prince) and U2 (Irish Gandhi fans) will join Fallon for night one on Monday, February 17. The only way this could be bigger is if Jeff Foxworthy was the featured comic! [NBC via press release]

... Modern Family and I broke up a long, long time ago, but I don't blame the show for trying to get me back. And it's doing so with a couple of outstanding guest stars. Fred Armisen and Patton Oswalt will both drop by the same episode when the Dunphy-Pritchett clan visits Las Vegas later this season. Armisen will play one half of a gay couple that parties with Cam and Mitchell, and Oswalt will pay a magician in Phil's storyline, which sounds perfect. Look for the episode sometime this spring. []

... Hannibal has added Canadian actress Katharine Isabelle as a potential romantic interest for Will Graham. She'll play Margot, a patient of Dr. Lecter's who might be a little kooky because of all the years she was abused by her serial-killer brother. Red flag, Will! [TV Line]

... NBC's upcoming Rosemary's Baby miniseries has welcomed a visit from the stork! Patrick J. Adams (Suits) and Jason Isaacs (Awake) are both coming on board the horror project. Adams will play the husband in the central couple, and Isaacs will play the warlock leader of the weirdos who want Rosemary's baby. They join Zoe Saldana to form an all-around great cast. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Shipping Wars personality Roy Garber died of a heart attack over the weekend. He was 49 years old. [Variety]

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  • mrjimmyjames Mar 20, 2014

    Well. So much for the theory that Rashida Jones is leaving P&R; because she wants a movie career. Yuck, TBS is beneath her.

  • kutrthnu33 Feb 03, 2014

    Cant wait for the Chicago Fire-Chicago PD-Law and Order:SVU Crossovers!!

  • TrevPlatt Jan 22, 2014

    "The comedy is a satire on police procedurals" I wonder if it will be as good as Charlie Brooker's A Touch of Cloth? You should give it a try, it's funny and it's from the warped mind of Charlie Brooker.

  • tamaabi Jan 22, 2014

    "Because people who are excited for huge men throwing a ball around are also the same people who want to hang out with white girls and gay guys who have a lot of sex."
    Well... yeah. In the same way that some hardcore 300 fans might have no interest in the Super Bowl. It's the beauty of the human race: diversity. Who knew?

  • hulutvp3 Jan 22, 2014

    I watch the Super Bowl every year and I am a gay man. I wouldn't watch a Hollywood stereotypical show like Looking about what straight people think gay people are like. The thing that is setting gay people back a lot is TV and the Movies. Since things need to be put in the simplest terms for dullards to understand, don't compare people everyone is an individual. Also @Tim Surette think before you write because the comment "because people who are excited for huge men throwing a ball around are also the same people who want to hang out with white girls and gay guys who have a lot of sex" that is ignorance at it's finest!

  • MattFan Jan 22, 2014

    Um, I thought he was just saying that people who watch Girls/Looking will not be interested in the Super Bowl. That's not really ignorant nor does the comment imply to you since you just said you didn't watch it.

  • hulutvp3 Jan 22, 2014

    I don't think you understood "because people who are excited for huge men throwing a ball around are also the same people who want to hang out with white girls and gay guys who have a lot of sex" that comment means the Super Bowl as well. It's about stereotyping people that is my point. If it was meant as a joke or not I don't find it funny nor did the other gay man that left a comment on the message board.

  • sleepy-sonic Jan 22, 2014

    I hope Tate Donovan is not going to play another character with financial problems.

  • JustinJohnson9 Jan 22, 2014

    Well, I'm glad I never broke up with Modern Family. Definitely like the guest casting of Patton Oswalt, especially if it involves him and Phil Dunphy LOL!!!

  • DavidJackson8 Jan 22, 2014

    Hehe, I actually enjoy Crossovers when it's with shows I watch, but reading about all those crossovers with shows I don't watch, it sounds really stupid and messy.

  • hockeyrick Jan 22, 2014

    Enlisted really is ok, not sa stupid as was made out! Hope it does well.

  • JT_Kirk Jan 22, 2014

    Poor Rashida Jones, TBS sitcoms have bombed 100% of the time so far. I'll give it a glimpse because the premise could maybe be funny, but I suspect it'll not work based on Steve Carell's involvement and that "RHCU" gag.

    Oh NBC, what the hell are you doing with crossovers? That's for one show to perk up another, not flat-rated shows nagging other flat-rated shows.

    Tim, Doctor Who already was in comic books, US comic company IDW was publishing a series and crossovers with their other licenses (Doctor Who / Star Trek The Next Generation was alright), that license is being moved to UK comic company Titan which means the odds of US audiences getting access to those new books just went way down.

    Really, The Flash, you're changing Barry's mentor from a professor to a cop? I don't care about the ethnicity change, but that's such a lazy character motivation change. At least former "Rent" and "L&O;" star Jesse L Martin is a good actor, but it's such odd casting and a wonky character.

  • DrSpongejr Jan 22, 2014

    Correction: TBS sitcoms have bombed 100% of the time...unless your name is Tyler Perry.

  • JT_Kirk Jan 23, 2014

    Except for House of Payne, those have bombed too, and nobody really understands why the former got such a large audience but it certanly bombed in the critical response.

  • mrjimmyjames Mar 20, 2014

    TBS is the new UPN, picking up shows cancelled by other networks. They can't at all develop them by themselves.

    Has Steve Carell ever produced a sitcom/etc. before? If he has a resume doing that (I haven't heard that to be the case) then maybe it has a chance but I'm thinking no.

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