Ratings: Dancing boffo, 3 Lbs. weighs in light

By Colin Mahan

Nov 15, 2006

ABC's Dancing with the Stars knocked the socks off the ratings competition last night, scoring 28.6 million viewers and an 8.4 rating in its last half-hour. The 90-minute episode, the first half of a two-part finale, averaged a 7.5 rating in 18-49 year olds, with 26.7 million average viewers, according to Nielsen overnights.

The network's new William Shatner-hosted game show Show Me the Money, which followed Stars, debuted with a 3.6. Money lost 40 percent of Stars' lead-in.

CBS's new Stanley Tucci medical drama, 3 Lbs., premiered with a 2.8, landing third in its timeslot. The midseason show tells the story of the high-stress world of brain surgeons.

At 8 p.m., ABC scored a 7.1 for Dancing With the Stars. CBS earned a 4.2 for NCIS, and NBC came in third with a 2.3 for Friday Night Lights (which received a full season order yesterday). Fox and The CW tied with 2.0 each for Standoff and Gilmore Girls, respectively.

In the 9 p.m. hour, ABC earned a combined 6.6 for the last half-hour of Stars and the first haf-hour of Show Me the Money. Fox earned a 6.2 for House, and CBS scored a 3.4 for The Unit. NBC showed up with a 3.1 for Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and The CW earned a 1.2 for Veronica Mars.

At 10 p.m., NBC scored a 5.3 with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The last hour of Money was shown a 3.5, and CBS earned its 2.8 for 3 Lbs..

Overall, ABC scored a 5.7 rating/15 share in 18-49s, with 19.6 million total average viewers; Fox 4.1/11, 9.6 million; NBC 3.6/9, 9.8 million; CBS 3.5/9, 12.4 million; and The CW at 1.6/4, 3.6 million.

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  • whatagreatday Dec 18, 2006

    perhaps the cancellation of 3 lbs was just too premature. with little to advertise the new program, who could expect huge ratings the first two or three weeks? the thing that amazes me is somehow the good shows get the ax and we are then subjected to "fluff" to fill in the time. get real with the substitutions, bring back the good programming and allow your television consumers to watch something good and decent once again. 3 lbs is just that show!

  • Lolabunnie Nov 26, 2006

    i'm actually loving 3lbs... it's pretty intresting and the plot is great... i hope it last

  • PerfectDark0Fan Nov 17, 2006

    3lbs was great and so was House.

  • dalilone Nov 16, 2006

    go NCIS!!

  • krazy4crack Nov 16, 2006

    Let's go V!

  • pgsuperfan Nov 16, 2006

    3 lbs reaaly bad

  • BeachfrontGlass Nov 16, 2006

    I can't stand gameshows. 3lbs was ok. I don't understand Dancing with the Stars. I guess it's because I am a guy and I'm straight... If I wanted to see some guys prancing around I'd go to a club instead of a real bar. I miss Boston Legal. Thats is the only show that Shatner has ever been any good in. CBS has a great Tuesday night lineup. The thing that is shooting CBS in the kneecap is that you can see 2/3rds of the tuesday night shows online the next day without commercials. Innertube is great! It beasts the hell out of ABCs online video stream.

  • n313m Nov 16, 2006

    I was extremely satisfied with 3 Lbs, and I'm definitely going to tune in next week. I found it to be a slick new show with some interesting characters. I hope they give it a chance to find an audience and allow some good word of mouth. I think that at first glance it may appear like a House clone, but I feel that the main character is merely cold and pragmatic rather than insulting and antagonizing like Dr. House (don't get me wrong, I love House). Give it a few weeks and see what happens.

  • ianguyman Nov 16, 2006

    I watched part of money and tivoed 3lbs i didnt care for money and i love house if someone rips it off I am not happy however Stanely is a great actor.

  • Mephs2ph Nov 15, 2006

    3 Lbs was a cheap rip-off of House, right down to the music that was played between scenes.

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