Ratings: Grey's and CSI, the eternal dance

By Colin Mahan

Feb 16, 2007

While all the white-haired viewers gasp in their rocking chairs at the CBS adventures of Gil Grissom and his CSI friends, the cool new hotties of Grace Whatever make love and heal hearts on ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

And viewers are taking notice.

Grey's Anatomy scored a 10.7 rating in adults 18-49, with 25.6 million viewers overall, outdistancing CBS' also solid CSI, in with a 7.2 and 22.5 million viewers. The third season medical drama has been overtaking the aging crime drama for most of the season.

Over at NBC, the wonderfulness that we humans call Alec Baldwin helped 30 Rock earn its meager weekly take of a 2.4 rating and 5.0 million viewers overall. Idea: Alec Baldwin as a wacky detective who dons various costumes, Rockford Files crossed with Fletch.

At 8 p.m., CBS took a 5.6 for the new Survivor. ABC earned a 4.5 for that crazy fashion nutso Ugly Betty, and NBC scored 4.2 average for My Name is Earl and The Office. Fox took a combined 2.3 for Til Death and The War at Home, and CW earned a 2.0 for Smallville.

At 9 p.m., ABC snared a sweet little 10.7 for Grey’s Anatomy, with CBS gunning a 7.2 for CSI. NBC came in with a combined 2.7 for Scrubs and 30 Rock. Fox took a 1.6 for the second-to-last episode of The O.C. CW scored a 1.4 for Supernatural.

At 10 p.m., NBC led with a 4.6 for ER. CBS Shark bit off a James Woods-sized 4.3. ABC stormed a 4.1 for Men In Trees.

Overall, ABC took a 6.4 rating/16 share, with 16.8 million total average viewers; CBS, 5.7/14, 18.0 million; NBC, 3.9/10, 8.7 million; Fox, 1.9/5, 4.4 million; CW, 1.7/4, 4.1 million.

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  • riacruz Aug 10, 2007

    I think Grey's is really better. More viewers will possibly watch it over other shows.

    It is just addictive. Seriously.

  • martrika Jun 14, 2007

    I watch both series here in South America but I hope Burke's absence won't hurt grey's anatomy I think It really sucks that they fired him, I mean how many more times does he have to apologize? Tr is behaving like a baby by not wanting to work with him "GROW UP ALREADY"

  • patjlu May 27, 2007

    I watched CSI for Grissom. It was never the same in season 7 where Grissom was not appearing in all episodes. I just started watching Grey Anatomy and enjoyed the drama season 1 and 2 but now after watching Season 3 I find that its slowly loosing appeal.

    I hope CSI Grissom will be more appearance in Season 8 and hope the news that he is going to take leave and not going to be appearing for whole season is not true.

  • watttt May 10, 2007

    hatte both shows gray's and CSI so typical. I work for a tv company and we never seen a show like supernatural. great

  • Sagitariusbri86 May 01, 2007

    I don't even know what other shows are on when I watch Grey's Anatomy, That is the show so whatever the competition is better move to a new time slot.

  • pestopoet07 Apr 18, 2007

    This article is pointless. Everyone has a favorite, and they'll defend it till death. Besides, CSI is the best show on television. Grey's is an okay show, dont get me wrong. But there SO much drama in it. It's like mcdonalds or burger king. Its delicious, but loaded with fat/ drama, and at the end of the day it gives you heartburn. CBS has done a great job this season, blending science with witty humor and great acting. Plus, the gsr relationship has been kept under control, with just a tantalizing bit romance with each episode, and it keeps you on the edge of your, just waiting for the next hour of great acting. I know all good things must come to an end, but I hope CSI enjoys many more great seasons.

  • CSI_Fiona Apr 15, 2007

    OK, My thoughts

    1) I love Grey's and CSI equally.

    2) Please! Try and refrain from attacking the other show, guys! If you like CSI better then Grey's or vice versa, thats fine to say but don't insult it, you'll just p*ss a lot of people off. Save it for blogs and reviews.

    3) I find the article bias against CSI. Do I look old, white haired, or in a rocking chair to you? No. Good.

  • ChynaDragon Apr 02, 2007

    duplicate post, sorry.

  • csirules2007 Mar 17, 2007

    I like CSI a lot. It has great storylines and keeps me interested. Not a fan of Greys Anatomy. I am personally sick of medical dramas (ER is getting old too) I enjoy shows that keep my interest piqued and guessing - a crime-drama with a bit of romantic interludes are what interest me. To each his/her own. Those who like Greys Anatomy - good for you, but I prefer CSI anyday.

  • MrClearPore Mar 13, 2007

    I'm a huge fan of both shows. I've watched CSI from the beginning, and only started watching Grey's a few weeks ago. The two shows are very different from each other, and I can see why the article's writer is comparing the two audiences so distinctly. (By the way, I'm very surprised that some of you were taking Colin Mahan's comments about CSI's viewers as "white-haired...in their rocking chairs" seriously!)

    The story lines from CSI are always fresh, so I don't know what veinsofglass is talking about when he/she says that the show is getting "old" and "can't keep up with other 'newer' ones." CSI's ratings themselves should tell anyone that show (now in its 7th season) is still rated in the top 5. And Grissom's absence from the show for a few weeks? Who cares!? This is not a character-driven show to begin with! Liev Schreiber is an incredible actor who brought a unique presence to the show.

    As for Grey's Anatomy? A great ensemble cast. The story lines can get a bit tiresome, especially the on again/off again relationship between Grey and Shepard. However, the medical story lines make the show worth watching in my opinion.

    Two good shows, both well deserving of their respective accolades. I'll keep watching both Grey's Anatomy and CSI until the end.

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