Ratings: Hours of Bauer put Fox on top

By Colin Mahan

Feb 13, 2007

Two hours of Jack Bauer helped Fox lead the night Monday. The show earned a 4.9 in 18-49s during its first hour and a 5.0 in its second, with 13.4 million average viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research.

On NBC, Heroes took a 6.3, with 14.7 million viewers. CBS' new sitcom Rules of Engagement followed its powerhouse debut last week with another powerful showing, outdoing its Two and A Half Men lead-in with a 5.0 and 13.5 million viewers. At 10 p.m. CSI: Miami went to season highs with a 6.4 and 19.9 million viewers.

Also hitting season highs were Wife Swap and Supernanny on ABC.

At 8 p.m., Fox began the night in the lead with a 4.9 for the first of two hours of 24. NBC was second with a 4.6 for Deal or No Deal, ABC third with a season-high 3.7 for Wife Swap and CBS fourth with a 3.4 average for How I Met Your Mother and The Class. The CW scored a 1.2 average for Everybody Hates Chris and All of Us.

At 9 p.m., NBC took its 6.3 for Heroes, Fox took a 5.0 for 24, and CBS took a combined 5.0 for Two and a Half Men and Rules of Engagement. ABC scored a 4.1 for Supernanny, and CW earned a combined 1.3 for Girlfriends and The Game.

At 10 p.m., CBS scored 6.4 for CSI: Miami, NBC earned a 2.8 for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and ABC took a 2.7 for What About Brian.

Overall, Fox took the night with a 5.0 rating/12 share and 13.4 million total average viewers; CBS, 4.9/12, 14.6 million; NBC, 4.6/11, 12.4 million; ABC, 3.5/9, 7.9 million; CW, 1.2/3, 2.6 million.

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  • noreibo May 10, 2007

    24 is the best series ever!I love Jack Bauer!He is the best!All Greece loves 24!24 is much better than Prison Break and Heroes!It will be on top forever!!!!!!!

  • rivi_onze May 01, 2007

    jack the best!FOX the best!.....I love you guys......you make me feel alive

  • sazant22 Feb 25, 2007

    i love jack !! he is my idol!

  • UnbiasedViewer Feb 20, 2007

    Initial reports shows that Heroes beat 24 this week again.


  • scottwilson1571 Feb 18, 2007

    24,the best and i have to say i believe after episode 8 and 9 being so good we'll be up to 15 or 16 million again. Just read that lost has hit only 12 million for its lastest episode tut,tut.

  • firefly317 Feb 16, 2007

    HEROES rocks!

  • neon2farmer Feb 15, 2007

    How come 24's rating were so low, I thought they would be close to season highs, not the season low.

  • jcaugustine Feb 15, 2007

    I love 24 and Heroes too; and like 99% of other people's comments who watch both shows - I too watch 24 on air while I have Heroes Tivo-ed and just watch that at 10.

    Most of the people here who started watching Heroes haven't really watched 24 and it's sad co'z they're missing out on a great series. I prefer more realistic action/drama more than the sci-fi/drama theme. But they're both totally great shows in their own unique way. Amen for my Tivo.

  • tony382 Feb 14, 2007

    I don't know what idiots watch that rules of engagement crap, David Spade is the star of the show, thats enough for cancellation.

  • S0x_PRiSoNeR Feb 14, 2007

    Heroes won again? Darn. I love that show, but I love 24 more and I'd rather see it do well as opposed to Heroes. At least FOX won for the night!

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