Ratings: Lost sinks to series low

By Colin Mahan

Feb 15, 2007

ABC's Lost scored a 5.6 rating in 18-49s, with 12.8 million viewers overall, according to Nielsen Research. That's down 2 million viewers from last week, when the show returned from a three-month hiatus.

Lost has endured a rocky road in its third season. The season-three premiere was down 20 percent from season two's premiere, and Media Life Magazine suggests today that "the most likely reason [for the ratings dip] is that fans are dissatisfied with the drama’s dragging plotlines. Message boards are full of complaints about producers’ failure to tie up almost any of the mysteries on the show, instead adding new ones as well as new characters."

On Fox, American Idol predictably won the night. The reality show cornered and bludgeoned a 12.1 rating and 28.5 million viewers overall. Idol lead-in Bones was also first in its time slot, with a 4.1 rating and 12.4 million viewers deciding they would just sit and watch it until Idol came on.

At 8 p.m., Fox earned a 4.1 for Bones, and NBC scored a 2.5 for Friday Night Lights. ABC earned a combined 2.2 for George Lopez and Knights of Prosperity. CBS took a 2.1 for a Return to Jericho recap show, and CW earned a 1.9 for Beauty and the Geek finale.

At 9 p.m., Fox scored a 12.1 for American Idol, and CBS landed a 4.0 for Criminal Minds. NBC earned a 2.6 for Deal or No Deal, and ABC scored a 2.1 for a repeat of Lost. CW took a 1.1 for One Tree Hill.

At 10 p.m., ABC and the new Lost episode scored a 5.6, CBS earned a 4.4 for CSI: NY, and NBC took a 3.0 for Medium.

Overall, Fox scored an 8.1 rating/21 share in 18- to 39-year-olds, with 20.4 million total average viewers; CBS, 3.5/9, 12.6 million; ABC, 3.3/8, 7.9 million; NBC, 2.7/7, 8.6 million; and CW, 1.5/4, 3.2 million.

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  • Check42 Jul 01, 2007

    I stop watching the show.

  • -gogeta- Jun 11, 2007

    xXAngelicEvilXx Right on!

  • gfkoz Jun 11, 2007

    It's getting boring sometimes with Lost. But I think the last 2 episodes was the best that I ever watched on this season. And that make's me think like it will be go in the next season. I trust the show:-)

  • SchiezaInc Jun 07, 2007

    That season finale just proved that everyone who gave up on this show can go to hell. LOL. Such a good episode!

  • -McFly- May 11, 2007

    call me naive but I think Lindelof and Cuse know what they're doing. I think in the long run it won't be a problem answering all the questions (smoky, black rock, others, etc) because they're affiliated with each other strongly.

    Lost wouldn't be Lost without all the unanswered questions. But there are always people who want everything served up on a plate...

  • jpopsuki Apr 13, 2007

    I agree, Lost, as good as the show is, is getting stretched a bit too much. The same goes for Prison Break.

  • ChrisMaveric Apr 12, 2007

    Lost still won the timeslot--it wasn't close. People, writing takes time! The second half of this season has been nothing short of phenomenal. I've loved every episode. Last night's was a highly crafted episode weaving answers along the way--we now know why Juliet is there, and why they wanted Claire so much, and what they injected into her, and that the submarine really was functional (well, maybe not), and that the island is an actual place. If ABC cuts this series short it will be a travesty.

  • JoeyC5 Apr 07, 2007

    It seems like the ratings plunge this season had made producers amp up the stories and give us more reveals. There's been a lot of criticism to this show about not revealing enough. I'm a hardcore fan and it is true, however season three is the season of reveals. When Lost first aired Abrahams said they had ideas up to 5 seasons. We're halfway there. The payoff better be good.

  • HVGirl Mar 29, 2007

    Lost was pretty good last night :o) It had nothing to do with the plot, but it was a mouth dropper!

  • fivish Mar 28, 2007

    Yes, Lost can recover its popularity, but only if it reveals the underlying premise and soon! 'Spoilers' do not spoil the vewing experience they enhance it...treating the viewer as a fool does spoil a program - terminally.

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