Reminder: It's Last Call for Entering the Dead Pool!

By Tim Surette

Sep 29, 2012

Readers! I have two things I'd like to remind you to do before the weekend is over! One, your mom called and asked why you haven't spoken to her in so long, so give her a ring. Two, Sunday night at midnight is the cut-off to enter our second annual Dead Pool! For those of you who don't know what the Dead Pool is, here's a quick summary: You pick five shows you think will be the first to get canceled and engage in friendly competition with us and other users. Fun in others' misery!

You can find all the rules and gritty details at our Dead Pool HQ.

Now that capital-P Premiere Week is over, use your viewing experiences to figure out which shows look like toast. I don't want to play favorites, but since I like you, here's a piece of advice: Put Fox's The Mob Doctor on your ballot. That show is blehhhhhh, and so far it has some stanky ratings. That's all the advice I'm going to give you, though! The rest is up to you!

Those of you who've already signed up can still go back in and re-jigger your entries in case you want to change your picks after checking out some of the putrid new shows that are stinking up the airwaves.

Good luck everyone, and remember: Others' demise is your success!

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  • ShayleeRae Oct 03, 2012

    Is there actually a way to look at my dead pool choices again? I changed them so often that I don't even remember which ones I ended up picking...

  • TeddyBearZA Oct 01, 2012

    Argg now I'm doubting myself, this is stressful... where did I put my calming meds.....

  • TeddyBearZA Oct 01, 2012

    Mmm so hard when I haven't seen all the shows, well it's my first time doing this, so lets see how good my thumb sucking is :)

  • No1Slayerette Sep 30, 2012

    Yay, I already had The Mob Doctor on my list.

  • JoshOchendusz Sep 30, 2012

    The cut-off of September 30 is driving me nuts. Makes my tiebreaker decision so much more difficult. I'm feeling "Go On" (which still got almost 7 million viewers despite the New Girl and NCIS: Los Angeles season premiers) or "Revolution" (don't think it will last beyond one season, but will probably get a full order like "The Event" and "Flash Forward", especially holding on to over 9 million viewers for the second episode). However, I'd love to see how many people stick with "Elementary" for its second episode, when it premiered to over 13 million.

  • MichaelZeiger Sep 30, 2012

    I've tinkered with my list all week. Pretty confident with everything but my tiebreaker.

    First time I've done one, so we will see.

  • Shikady Sep 30, 2012

    Will I be able to make changes after the registration is closed? I'm guessing no...

  • jtrolio Sep 30, 2012

    You are correct. No changes after Sunday night at midnight! To be extra safe, get your picks in by midnight Eastern / 9pm Pacific.

  • Playballyaall Sep 30, 2012

    I maybe should change to included 'Elementary' this version doesn't hold a candle to BBC import to PBS 'Sherlock Holmes'. Plays like am unambitious High School Play in comparison !

  • Auriken Sep 30, 2012

    Oh for crying out loud. It's NOT the BBC version though. Believe it or not, there has been MANY iterations of Sherlock Holmes, and many of them existed around the same time without having any effect on the other.

    These shows are not in any competition. They do no effect each other in any way, shape or form AT ALL. They are two completely different shows, with very distinct differences, and two different continents.

    The only thing that's putting these two shows in competition with each other are the morons who insist on comparing the two. They are different takes on the same story. I'm giving this show a fair shot because lets face it, the other releases new episodes three times every two years, and Steven Moffat is notoriously vague about air dates which is very annoying.

    I don't see why there can't be two Sherlock television shows. One that has an actual schedule, and another that doesn't. There is absolutely no reason why people can't watch both.

    I will admit that the BBC version is better, but that doesn't mean the American version is crap.

  • MichaelZeiger Sep 30, 2012

    The only morons are the people saying it isn't fair to compare them. 2 things based on the SAME SOURCE are going to be compared, and Sherlock also still being on makes it even worse.

    People thought it fair to compare Grimm and Once Upon A Time and they only share one small theme. We were all fine with this, but now when the comparison is so lobsided it isn't fair? BS, guys.

    No idea why all you people have such sensitive nipples about this... comparison is always inevitable, stop ****ing whining about it and enjoy your show. Nobody is telling YOU not to watch it, just calling it out for the obvious cash in it is.

  • Sheikia Sep 30, 2012

    I don't think the problem is comparing the shows. Obviously they are going to be compared. They are 2 different takes on the same idea. I have no problem with that.

    The problem is that people are saying that Elementary is bad just because it's not Sherlock. The fanboys are automatically dismissing it.

  • Auriken Sep 30, 2012

    People are getting pissed off about it because Elementary isn't bad, but people are treating it like it is. This show has a lot of potential to be good, but it could very well be cancelled because the whiners out there won't shutup about the BBC version.

    And I wouldn't dislike the comparison so much if people were being reasonable. See that show rating for Elementary? A lot of those votes were placed before the pilot even aired.

    People are hating on this show merely because of the existence of another show. That's why people like me have a problem with it. If the BBC's Sherlock didn't exist, this one would be getting significantly less crap, and that's not right.

  • MichaelZeiger Sep 30, 2012

    No, it is right... sorry, but people are allowed to think freely and compare things against each other.

    You people act like this shows existence is some kind of coincidence, it isn't... it is a blatant cash in Sherlock & the movies' popularity. Just because you think the show isn't bad, don't mean the rest of us don't.... because I do think it is kinda bad. This kind of procedural is so ****ing tired it is amazing.

    The pilot was available before it aired, I saw it before it aired, and rated it before it aired. Maybe if this site weren't so ****ing dumb as to let people rate shows that haven't aired it wouldn't be such an issue? No, it would because you guys would still be telling us to be easy on your above average cash grab.

    Do you really think the opinion of people on the net has anything to do with a show surviving? Because if you do... man, get a clue.

    If the show wanted to avoid this, they could have not made it such a cheap knock off. They dug their own stupid grave and you jerks will just have to accept that some of us don't want to be fed this horse ****.

    I know I sound harsh, but seriously... stop telling people they can't do something just because YOU don't feel the same. They have as much right to bash it as you do to praise it. The end.

  • Sheikia Sep 30, 2012