Report: Bionic Woman sent to scrapyard

By Tim Surette

Feb 21, 2008

Maybe she wasn't so bionic after all. After spending most of the last few months with a gray cloud hanging over its head, Bionic Woman may have finally felt the icy touch of the Grim Reaper.'s Michael Ausiello is reporting what many believed was only a matter of time for the sci-fi remake: The show has been cancelled by NBC.

The report cites sources as saying that the show was actually privately axed last week, but NBC has yet to confirm or deny the report. Requests for comment from the network by were not returned as of press time.

Bionic Woman had been one of the most heavily hyped new shows of the fall season, with NBC spending bundles of cash on marketing the sci-fi drama. However, after a spectacular start in the ratings (apparently pushing ads down the throats of TV watchers least once), the show never really took off and viewership tailed off dramatically during subsequent episodes.

While lead character Jamie Sommers may have been a lean, well-oiled machine, production on the show most certainly was not. There were unconfirmed reports of infighting among cast members Michelle Ryan (pictured above) and Katee Sackhoff, and the producer position was practically a revolving door, with several names joining and exiting the series in mid-production.

Bionic Woman is a remake of the 1970s show of the same name. Sommers' (played by Ryan) life is changed after a major car accident. In order to save her life, her boyfriend gives her "bionic" body parts and she begins working for a secret government agency.

For more on Bionic Woman, head over to's previous coverage.

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  • Laura5306 Aug 18, 2008

    WOW! In all the efforts to bring back family television and use a re-make to do it..NBC finally lands a good show and you choose to scrap it - WHY?!! Justme931 is absoultly deserves a real chance. I watch very little television any more and all summer I have been anticipating the return of Bionic Woman and now.. this is just plane stupid on the part of NBC to dump a great family show. It was just starting to get good and the characters were finally making the parts they were playing - there own.

  • justme931 Aug 01, 2008

    I liked the show and with all the interuptions because of the writer's strike I don't believe that NBC gave it a true chance with the audience. Too bad!

  • mala334 Jun 04, 2008

    I quite enjoyed the show and cannot understand why they took it off, but i really cannot believe the part where Jamie runs and jumps on high heels. I didn't think the original bionic woman portrayed by Lindsay Wagner ran on high heels.

  • lou25 May 13, 2008

    i was actually really starting to get into this show and found myself caring about the characters. I am highly disapointed that it's been axed so quickly

  • CellBlocknutter Apr 23, 2008

    They shouldnt have given up on it so fast.

  • sharren-k Apr 18, 2008

    Hmm this is really a shock. Let's say Bionic women is not my exact favorite but the show has some good ideas and Jaime was likable. It has its ups and downs but alot of other series much more terrible than Bionic woman survive. So it's surprising they didn't give it a few more episodes to sort out the problems.

  • B0N35 Apr 07, 2008

    I watched this show and thought they done good with the time they had and i thought this show had some major potential i mean in the first 8 episodes it accomplished alot more than several others, and i was looking forward to more watching more but i guess that isnt the case .... which is FRUSTRATING to say the least i mean the last time i go this annoyed was when they axed Tru calling ... Bionic Woman you will be sorely missed and i hope that you pull yourself back together.

  • jonnormand Mar 18, 2008

    I really am sick of people hacking on this show. For those keeping score there were 8...count em 8 episodes for this series. How the hell can anyone form a good opinion on a series with 8 episodes, other then some half cocked opinion not based on a developing story line but if the individual episode was a good standalone epi. There are VERY, VERY few series that are developed and gold right out of the box.
    This is another tragedy for people who look for a good developing story. Once again the ***hats at a major studio have been thinking with their pocket books before they look at if the series has long term merit. There should be an industry standard that a series should be given until season 2 before the decision to ax it occurs.
    We've lost too many fracking series that has had huge potential due to these half***ed knee jerked reactions.

  • w2fog Mar 11, 2008

    Oh well, maybe "Torchwood" can find a spot fot her.

  • ninjadent Mar 05, 2008

    GIVE US REAL HEROES DAMN YOU!!! It's very logical shows to fail even if in paper they have potential ,when the heroes illustrated in these shows , are too perfect. People can't bond with ,and love them. For example in Bionic woman the Heroine is very beautiful , very cool (she was working in the night and took her life in her hands), and clever and cultured (she went to college and was forced to drop it , although she was an elite student) . In Knight Rider , Mike is extremely good looking , cool of course (dragster driver) , he is an elite fighter (ex-delta force), a playboy (he wakes with two women in bed), also a very trustful gay , and sensitive . Sarah is very hot , very genius , She lectures in Stanford , and acts like 16 year old next to mike. Come on are they serious??? GIVE US REAL HEROES DAMN YOU!!!

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