Revenge "Identity" Review: Ready Player One

By Drusilla Moorhouse

Apr 29, 2013

Revenge S02E19: "Identity"

Is there anything more satisfying than Emily Thorne wielding her red Sharpie? I didn't think so, until she let Nolan Leslie (!!!) Ross virtually do the honors. Revenge: There's an app for that.

What poetic justice: After finally exposing the Falc0ln's true identity to the world, Nolan obscured her face again with crimson "X."

Padma's death didn't break Nolan after all—in fact, he channeled his grief and anger, Emily Thorne-style, resolving to make the Falc0n pay for everything she'd done.  

She didn't have a dragon tattoo, but the ruthless hacker was most certainly a girl: Edith Lee, a computer consultant who'd worked for the Graysons ever since she was a youngster.

"I've got to give her props for that Victor/Victoria gag," deadpanned Nolan. "No wonder no one could find shim." 

...except for the boy genius, of course. And now he's about to be reinstated as sole owner of Nolcorp—thanks to a certain mama grizzly.

"Identity" centered on Victoria Grayson's secret firstborn son, Patrick—whom the Falc0n was essentially erasing by altering the hospital's maternity records. (Part of Conrad's spring skeleton cleaning required proof that his wife terminated her first pregnancy.)

Realizing that the Falc0n's weakness was hubris, Nolan successfully blew "his" motherboard by exposing the forgery. The bird of prey took the bait and challenged Nolan to DYT, or defend your title—in his case, a Street Fighter world record at a Brooklyn arcade.

The record still stands, and it was game over for Edith. Nolan (a.k.a. Lord Zoltan) ruined her reputation by outing her as the Falc0n—on the Internet and to the FBI, who arrested her at the arcade.

NolEm killed two birds with one stone, breaking the baby news to Nightline correspondent Juju Chang during a live interview with gubernatorial candidate Grayson and his wife. To Conrad's horror, Victoria confessed what we'd already seen in a flashback: that after caring for Patrick as his "nanny," she'd abandoned him to accept a scholarship to an art academy in Paris.

After the interview—during which Emily also batted her eyelashes at Daniel—Victoria crashed Nolan's solo victory party to ask for his help in finding Patrick. (His payment? Nolcorp!)

Unfortunately, Victoria was about to lose her other son—again—to Emily. After pressuring her to DTR on national TV, Daniel upped his game by returning Em's engagement ring. And while Emily may not have Victoria's blessing, she does have Aiden's: "Marry the son of a bitch and take them down once and for all," he said when she promised they'd end up together. (Aiden neglected to tell his secret girlfriend that Takeda was back in town, and that he himself was retiring from the revenge business.)

As usual, the episode's thrilling intrigue was brought to a screeching halt by the Stowaway Sad Sacks. Jack Porter followed Conrad to a clandestine meeting with his the governor's wife, identified by his aggrieved ally Ashley… who promptly used Jack's incriminating photo to force Conrad to rehire her.

Meanwhile, Declan spent the evening trying to figure out what "qwerty" spells on his keyboard. Charlotte had promised to help him write a college application essay, but she ditched him to make out with Regina—the girl she punched in the face in the previous episode—for the paparazzi.

Connor Paolo must've been devastated to find himself back in the middle of a bad episode of Gossip Girl. I don't care if Charlotte and Declan go to NYU or Harvard or hell, as long as the cameras don't follow them there.


1. If Revenge isn't renewed for a third season, should exiting showrunner Mike Kelley develop a Nolan Leslie Ross spinoff?

2. How'd you like the Ready Player One-Falc0n reveal? Do you wish the cyberpunk was someone we already knew instead?

3. Do you believe Aiden will survive Season 2? If so, who do you think will be killed off instead?

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  • LynnWeston1 May 14, 2013

    Why??? is Nolan getting blame for everything? and who is Patrick?

  • AndreaMcCooey May 10, 2013

    1: YES!!!
    2: Meh. Thought it was someone we already knew
    3. God I hope he doesnt survive, he is the worst. #TeamDaniel

  • sduvoisin May 06, 2013

    1. Would a Nolan Ross spinoff be interesting? I mean he's a great character but one that is constantly bouncing off the other characters. Could he stand on his own? Frasier was able to do it off Cheers BUT Joey couldn't do it off Friends. Sometimes losing the people you have on camera chemistry with makes you seem kinda dull.
    2. Nah. They have to introduce a couple new characters. I didn't think it was someone we had already met. I also though it might've been a girl.
    3. No I don't think he'll survive. But if he does survive I'm thinking it's time to kill off Jack. He's story isn't that interesting anymore and now he's all angry and I just don't care for it. It would make sense to have the Graysons kill him for getting too close to outing them. It will also make Emily rethink her whole Revenge plan which the writers seem to like doing.

  • eliana1st May 01, 2013

    personally I love that there are three different love interests for Emily ,... with Jack comes the opportunity of a boring mediocre life which may sound nice after the life she's had,... with Aiden comes the promise of her revenge fulfilled and the cycle completed,... with Daniel comes the possibility of living as Emily, this new character which is more interesting and sophisticated,... I kinda want her with Daniel because I want her to stay as Emily ,...

  • thisismetoo Apr 30, 2013

    The moment they let us hear the voice of the Falcon, even with the masked sound, I knew it was a woman. It's the oldest trick in tv-shows. They think we are not smart and would be surprised by that.
    Well, it wasn't to me!
    One thing was wrong, though. The actress playing the falcon, didn't look much older than well 24. So how old was she when they used her to put Emily's father in jail?

  • eliana1st May 01, 2013

    far eastern skin,... never trust it to guess their age,... ;))))

  • aritzaga Apr 30, 2013

    Just 2 words: Nolan Ross!
    If there is a reason I kept on watching Revenge this season, when it seemed to be sinking with the whole conspiracy theory, it was HIM! And yesterday he didn't disappoint me! He was on the top of his game!

    Moreover writers seem to have been reading our comments about the Initiative and move back the story to its origins, Amanda's revenge against the Graysons. I really feel we are back on the game again and I am looking forward to the next episode ( a feeling I hadn't had in a long time when it comes to Revenge).

  • un0rmal Apr 30, 2013

    1. Don't say such a thing! Of course they have to have a third season!

    2. I didn't really care who it was. I'm just glad they didn't drag it out. I often love how they drag stuff out, but this one time I'm happy the sharpie got screen time. (Of course I shouldn't say that - you never know who may come back in this show)

    3. Do I believe he will survive? Don't know. Do I want him to survive? No! Aiden + Emily equals boring.

  • katikool Apr 30, 2013

    Patrick... Bateman, right? Oh pleeeze let it be an 80's serial killer who's super into Huey Lewis!! That's all I want, Revenge. It wouldn't be the most ridiculous thing that's happened.

    Also- plot holes. Babies fly free! This was especially so in the lax 70's, when your baby could fly free, smoke on the plane, and have it's bottle topped off with some cheap in-flight whiskey. Though maybe young, perfectly-enunciating Victoria was secretly pretty jazzed to be rid of young Bateman and was making up excuses to dump him with some nuns. I don't know her life.

    Jack continues to be the worst. Hopefully his ineptitude gets him killed pretty quick, or else he finds out Emily's secret (thisonethisone!). If they drag out this Detective Clouseau shit any longer I'm just going to start screaming wordlessly at the TV every time his butthurt expression appears. You've been warned, Revenge.

  • DanielleClaud1 May 12, 2013

    I'm catching up on my Revenge. And yes I thought the same thing babies fly for free and tou may only pay for the insurance something she could do if she wanted.
    So... what about the Japonese master speaking English to Daniel. He didn't seem surprised at all.
    Bless Victoria botox face! But when she was exposed on live TV (why was it live???? That's just darn stupid) How can this woman sleep at night. With a knife under her pillow!
    Best line of the episode: "I really show watched more television!"
    Declan XOXO... Get your own damn show. And Jack, you stupid man. How can't he not see with all the journals he said he read that Emily is on his side. It's too short for her anyway ;)
    Lastly Em bed hopping skills (so envious). Ashley threathning the Graysons that's what you end up dead.

  • eliana1st May 01, 2013

    Even when babies fly free,... they still need a ticket,...

  • KayWatkins Apr 30, 2013

    I don't care if Charlotte and Declan go to NYU or Harvard or hell, as long as the cameras don't follow them there. <------- This! That is all.

  • gizma1982 Apr 29, 2013

    I loved this show from de begining but now... I think the writters don't know what to do anymore :(

    I love Emily's character, but the vengeful Emily, not the "sentimental" one. And poor Nolan.. evrything it's about Emily.

  • eliana1st May 01, 2013

    I love Emily and Nolan's relationship,... her big bro,... they really convey the sense of family to me

  • thisismetoo Apr 30, 2013

    Not with this episode. Emily totally helped him get the Falcon even though it came in quite handy for her self.

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