Revenge "Power" Review: Kickin' It Old School

By Lily Sparks

Jan 07, 2013

Revenge S02E10: "Power"

Revenge went back to basics last night, reverting to its procedural formula from the earliest days of Season 1: Introduce a villain, bring him down. Judge Whatshisface got told off by his wife, who revealed to a stunned audience that he had smeared her muscular arms with bluish paint AND mishandled David Clarke’s case.

It was probably the most direct takedown Emily has pulled off, as it publicly questioned David Clarke’s guilt and she didn’t slide through an air duct or rig up a camera to make it happen, she openly acted as Emily Thorne on Amanda and David’s behalf. Could this mean that by the end of the season David Clarke will be redeemed and Emily can put her Batman skills into straight-up exposing the Initiative? Or is that several seasons down the line?

I was also charmed by the athletic foreplay between her and Aidan. They aren’t just karate partners, they’re acting partners, as they staged a break-up for Daniel’s benefit. I don’t know if Aidan using the back door to conceal their relationship is going to make that much of a difference now that Emily and Daniel are back on, because last time I checked that means sex and how cool are spies with business sex? The episode promo suggested that Aidan was going to turn into a “Jealous Lover,” although I would describe objecting to your GF getting it on with another man to learn his business secrets as being more of a “Reasonable Person.”

On the other side of the tracks, the Porter boys and the Ryan brothZzzzz. Oh my God when will this plotline end?! Is Jack going to go to trial? Do bars really buy multiple fifty-pound bags of whole Columbian beans? I can only think of two mixed drinks that involve coffee and they both seem way too fancy for Red Lobster.

I actually love when everything goes well for the Porters, because Fauxmanda moving forward and not looking back and making the most of her new life is a better foil for Emily’s thirst for revenge when it provides a positive contrast. If Fauxmanda’s life is supposed to be a version of existence that Emily gave up to pursue her vengeance, then clearly Emily didn’t miss much. Poor Jack is just too damn dumb even to pull off a sting on his own bar, and he managed to full-on confess to smuggling drugs during a raid he had requested. “You had one job” doesn’t even cover it; like, all he had to do in this entire series was to run a bar and now he’s gotten himself arrested for drug smuggling and has a baby with a stripper-murderer whose true identity he still doesn’t know. What a Greek tragedy of a man.

Nolan, meanwhile, is turning his own sudden fortune into a series of electric one-liners, making cracks at his boss, Marco, quipping “Quelle surprise!” and wearing a king’s ransom of shirts. How many shirts was Nolan wearing last night?! My eyes have seen the glory. It was so many shirts. I like that Marco is back in play as a romantic rival to Padma, although both of those folks we have seen onscreen for a grand total of five minutes and neither of them particularly crackles with chemistry across from Nolan.

I am seriously enjoying that the face of the Initiative is this MILF-y cougar delight of a redhead. I love her machinations, I love that she’s always in a limo, I love that she got the drop on Aidan by having sixteen friends with laser pointers slither out of the woodwork. I don’t know how or why she would have Aidan’s sister, but I don’t doubt that Revenge will find a plausible explanation. This show's plot spackle is always temporary.

I also like Victoria’s implication to Daniel that he NEEDED her party-throwing skills to succeed. Deals are struck over cocktails and under ice sculptures! If Victoria is going to be her son’s party-planner going forward, and if Emily is going to be his girlfriend again, the writers have essentially reset the series, but with a lot of good stuff stirred in. (Although I miss Ashley terribly! What is she doing now? Is she in a Williamsburg flat printing out resumes?! What is she wearing?! I need to know!)

What did YOU think of this episode?


1. Is Emily going to lose Aidan pursuing Daniel?

2. Will David Clarke’s innocence be established by the end of this season or...?

3. Nolan’s romantic interests: any preference?

4. Are you sick of the Porter boys' current plotline or is it holding your interest?

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  • wind_shadow Jan 16, 2013

    Lily, is there no review for the latest episode of Revenge?! :-(

  • themarauderess Jan 15, 2013

    1. Alot of people don't seem to like Aiden too much - i on the other hand, am a big fan! I not only like his character, I like their r1. Alot of people don't seem to like Aiden too much - i on the other hand, am a big fan! I not only like his character, I like their relationship too, it's nice to see some one nearly as messed up as Emily. It's good to see their human sides at the end of a long revenge filled day. It does look like their relationship is heading for doom, I just hope its salvagable at the end. I DO NOT wana see her end up with Daniel!!

    2. David clark! had almost forgotten Revenge is in his honour!

    3. I don't care for either...what I am happy to see is MORE NOLAN screen time. He is absolutely wicked!! they should have more of him!

    4. boring! why can't emily just step in and solve their lil dilemma so they can sop wasting so much of the precious 40 mins on them and give that to Nolan instead!

  • innerjuju Jan 14, 2013

    Thrilled at more Nolan airtime, more thrilled that Ashley is gone. Do I care what she's wearing? No (but seriously, if you can't keep from walking knock-kneed in high heels, don't put on stilettos.) I don't mind the Porter boys but the Ryans need to go. Fauxamanda needs to go (I'm hoping its her body on the Amanda and DNA shows she wasn't Amanda after all.)

  • kanniballl Jan 14, 2013

    Well, in their defense, it's not uncommon for bars to sell coffee. And if they're open from the morning, I imagine they sell more coffee and such than hard liquor.

    Though, I have a hard time imagining they would need so much. Then again, the point of the coffee beans is the smell HELPs block out the smell of the drugs.

  • ChetanMannur Jan 14, 2013

    1. yes
    3.padma, marco is a fucking greedy jerk!
    4.end it now.or get fauxmanda involved..

  • Milaneh Jan 12, 2013

    For a moment I thought that the creators were reading these comments, since I was crying for a red X the last time I wrote about the show! I am so glad they did the good old takedown this week! I've missed that!

    1. Yes! In fact, Aidan will probably end up selling her out because of that AND because the Initiative is holding his sister captive somewhere or somehow.

    2. The pace of the show seems rapid, so it is possible that they will establish his innocence soon. I get the feeling that they are writing the show on the fly. You know, they go "Oh, let's do this!" and then think about what is gonna happen in the near future, but not to far in.

    3. Both of Nolan's love interests are lifeless and boring and if it becomes some sort of a love triangle no one cares about then blah.

    4. Will this plotline EVER end?! I really don't see the point of Jack's character anymore. Seriously. I don't even want the real Amanda to end up with him anymore! He is soooo boring. He should get on a boat and sail away to oblivion if you ask me. Anyway, I kinda got the feeling that one of the whatever brothers (the one Declan had stolen from) likes the Porters and might have a change of heart about them eventually. There was something in the way he talked to Declan after the police took Jack away...

  • Shreela Jan 11, 2013

    Declan is a tad less boring than his tragic, goody-two shoes brother. At least Declan schemes & takes chances. Jack just pouts and broods a lot, after stuff repeatedly happens to him, over and over.

  • sduvoisin Jan 11, 2013

    1) I hope so. I'm so over the whole Emily/Aidan thing. Never liked them and don't want it to work.
    2) I think a big piece of evidence will be revealed to get his ball rolling on a mistrial/reversal of verdict. I don't think he'll be completely cleared.
    3) I think the whole "Nolan dates CFOs" theme works. Just need to either get the two of them fighting over him and make it interesting OR have him pick one of them and then get rid of the un-needed extra.
    4) It just seems to jump forward and then crawls and then jumps forward. It could be better but it isn't ALWAYS a snooze fest.

  • natesjokes Jan 11, 2013

    Only way the Porter boy's storyline could become interesting is if Emily Thorne happens to walk in on the evil brothers messing with the Porters and end up beating the crap out of the evil brothers and the Porters are like "WTF?!" and Emily has to confess everything and throw Fauxmanda under the bus. Then Jack is like "WTF? and kills himself & fauxmanda in a homicide-suicide. Then Declan gets all sobby and takes the boat out to the sea and the boat blows up & the divers find his body.
    The End of the Porter story.

    You're welcome CityTV

  • ChanX95 Jan 11, 2013

    If the Porter boys were to fall off something and die a terrible (but please quick) death I would have no objections. At all.

  • CecilieLarsen Jan 11, 2013

    Haha, I would love that!

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