Revolution, Go On, and The New Normal Earn the Season's First Full-season Orders

By Tim Surette

Oct 02, 2012

The power may be out on Revolution, but NBC hasn't turned the show's lights off just yet! Ryan King's wife may be dead on Go On, but his show is still kickin'! And The New Normal may feature one of television's worst new characters and exist mainly as a vessel for creator Ryan Murphy's personal views, but... it got picked up for a full season!

NBC, the network that started its 2012-2013 TV season early by premiering some of its new shows in August, made the first decisions regarding the fates of its freshman today by handing out full-season orders to three fast-starters: Revolution, Go On, and The New Normal. That means all three series will add nine episodes to their original 13-episode orders for a total of 22 episodes each.

Revolution, despite some pretty crummy reviews from yours truly, is a ratings hit in its timeslot behind The Voice, averaging a 3.6 rating in the adult demo and 9.8 million viewers. Go On is almost as beefy, with a 3.2 rating average and 8.6 million viewers per week. More confusing is the pickup of The New Normal, which is pulling in an average rating of 2.2 and 6 million viewers. Those aren't horrible numbers, but are they early pickup numbers? Nope. Look, I don't want to spread rumors, but I'm going to: That's the power of Ryan Murphy, who NBC probably doesn't want to upset in the name of keeping its options open for the future.

I'm guessing Revolution will start to fall dramatically in the ratings pretty quickly as the internet chatter has turned to groans, but the early numbers are no surprise for a mysterious genre show. Go On has exceeded my expectations in both ratings and quality, so I'm all for that. But The New Normal? What I've seen needs a lot of work.

Let's hear your thoughts on these pickups! What do you like? What do you hate?

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  • mishagirl Oct 11, 2012

    Watched The New Normal for the first time last night. I enjoyed it.

  • ms0chez Oct 07, 2012

    All 3 shows are the only shows I watch on NBC other than The Voice and Jimmy Fallon. All 3 are great shows. My number 1 out of the 3 would be Revolution. 2 being The New Normal(its freaking hilarious). And 3 being Go On. Like I said though all great shows.

  • Notusedname Oct 05, 2012

    It's great that Go On has got a full season i love that show, and even though Revolution has been kicked down to something i am gonna watch during my vacations, it is great too. But i just can't believe that The New Normal has been giving a full season or that a gay rights group hasn't made a protest at this show for that matter, to be honest i think Work It was less offensive than The New Normal.

  • JoshOchendusz Oct 04, 2012

    Go On was my pick for tie-breaker. Should have gone with my second pick, Revolution. It only aired 3 episodes before the pick-up. I'm already bored with it, and I doubt it will get a second season, but seemed a sure thing for a full season order along with Go On.

  • SongbirdMusic49 Oct 04, 2012

    In my humble opinion, I don't think Billy Burke would choose a bomb to star in after his major big screen success with the Twilight saga. So, stay tuned for the evolution of "Revolution"! ;) Peace, D.

  • DutchZombie Oct 05, 2012

    Right, because Terra Nova worked out so well for Stephen Lang after Avatar.....

  • chrisb098 Oct 04, 2012

    I think that Go On is definitely a winner, but I am also lukewarm at best on the other two. Go On is such a good show, and is really a breath of fresh air in the horribly stale sitcom genre. The actors and writers have such a fine touch that they can effectively balance the comedy and sentimentality that the show requires. I work late nights at DISH, so I usually miss these shows when they first air, but thankfully I can just watch them on Primetime Anytime. I love how my Hopper records everything on the four major networks during primetime and saves them a week, so I can catch up. I will keep watching all of them to see if this full season pickup changes how the show at all.

  • anngel421 Oct 04, 2012

    figures... I mean I like Go On but revolution and The New normal? gah... nbc I thought you were getting better as a network.

  • miasma Oct 04, 2012

    I really enjoyed the first 3 episodes of Go On but since then it has really Gone Off

  • IndianaMom Oct 04, 2012

    It may be the power of Ryan Murphy, but NBC probably doesn't have a lot of choice. They have to hold on to anything resembling a hit. Thank goodness they do, or Community would have been gone a long time ago.

  • kavselj Oct 04, 2012

    With yesterday's numbers just in it seems like NBC was premature with Go On and The New Normal renewals. Though I'm happy about Go On, because it's a really great show.

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