Richard Pryor sues record label over sales

By Reuters

Oct 14, 2005

Comedian Richard Pryor has sued Universal Music Group for allegedly marketing and selling 11 of his recordings without a license.

Pryor's suit, filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, seeks unspecified damages for unfair competition, conversion, unjust enrichment, and other claims.

Representatives at Universal Music, the world's largest record company, said they had not seen the suit and could not comment.

According to the complaint, it took years for Pryor to realize that Universal Music was claiming to have licensed such titles as "Are You Serious?," "Wizard of Comedy," "Black Ben and the Blacksmith," "Richard Pryor," "I Ain't Lied Yet," and "Everything's Big."

Pryor now accuses the company of "reaping substantial profits from [the recordings] without ever having acquired any rights in such recordings."

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  • dudelance Oct 18, 2005

    Oh I actually thought he was dead.

  • ladycatherine Oct 17, 2005

    multiple sclerosis ia a chronic progressive nervous disorder involving loss of myelin sheath around certain nerve fibers.

    It does not effect his brain, He can still think and have emotions. He is just unable to express them. MS effect peoples speach so they are at times unable to speak clearly.

    Not that they are a comparision but MS is like parkinson's, The mind still works.

  • miss_wierd Oct 15, 2005

    maybe his wife is doing it for him.. I hope he wins!

  • creedstonegate Oct 14, 2005

    Hope those sleazebags have to pay big for using the man's art without permission.

  • crazyrhythm Oct 14, 2005

    Good luck.

  • jason43224 Oct 14, 2005

    um not to be insensitive but isnt richard pryor mentally can he sue someone?