Roommates evicted by ABC Family

By Tim Surette

Apr 30, 2009

Throwing four hormonally-charged, fresh-out-of-college kids together in an apartment in New York City can be fun, but it can also be disastrous...even on television. ABC Family was hoping for the former with its new show Roommates, but instead the show is packing its bags and moving out.

ABC Family has canceled Roommates after only six episodes, says The Hollywood Reporter. The network will air the final four episodes of the show in a mini-marathon next Monday.

Roommates was the latest attempt by ABC Family to push towards an older audience by stepping out of the teen demographic. Star Tamera Mowry told that the tone was more along the lines of ABC Family's hit Greek, which targets older teens and younger adults.

Will you miss Roommates?

VIDEO: Tamera Mowry discusses Roommates

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  • CarrieMiles Dec 29, 2010

    i am still to this day royally pissed off that this show was cancelled if loved it!!!!!!

  • lightspec May 06, 2009

    This show is really funny. Certain characters and events have similarities with others shows though like "Friends", "Two and Half Men", and "How I Met You Mother" but the mixture came out really well. Too bad they got evicted... Crap!

  • Altercation666 May 05, 2009

    Never watched it, but that's what ABC Family gets when they put it up against 24 and Heroes two way better and established shows.

  • wolfgang21144 May 03, 2009

    This show was actually pretty funny. I had a feeling it wouldn't last long though. I really wanted it to success though. Sophie is a terrible show tho and then this summer they have some gymnastics show premiering which will probably tank as well. I guess I only have my Greek until Lincoln Heights returns!!

  • jmas33 May 02, 2009

    I knew this show wasn't gonna make it... they should have never canceled Kyle XY!

  • tvlovinarria May 01, 2009

    never heard of it! and that's saying something because i watch everything! haha

  • Nyachu May 01, 2009

    Dang it! Just when I was starting to fall in love with this show. That's really too bad...I'll miss it terribly. Though I can understand why ABC Family would have to make that decision. :(

  • Listings70 May 01, 2009

    firs time I've heard of it. So no, I won't miss it. Loved Kyle XY, though.

  • gchata May 01, 2009

    damn it! roommates was actually funny

  • toonaspie May 01, 2009

    I hope they take "Sophie" with them. That show is even worse!

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