Sarah Silverman Gets Flushed

By Tim Surette

May 12, 2010

... Comedy Central has canceled The Sarah Silverman Program after three seasons, leaving a gaping hole on television where comedies featuring a hot chick making poop jokes should be. The show barely survived the axe last season, so the cancellation this time around shouldn't be a big surprise. May your path to re-employment be paved with doody, Sarah. [Doodyline Hollypoop]

... ABC's Happy Town is getting the same treatment as all other whimsical, weird, and wacky ABC shows: YANK! The show described as "Twin Peaks lite" is being pulled off the network's schedule after a few crummy weeks in ratings. The network will air the final five episodes starting June 2, in case you still care. And in case you can't read between the lines, this show won't be back. [The Live Feed]

... The Daytime Emmy Award nominees have been announced, and General Hospital leads the soaps with 18 nods. It's just barely ahead of the ghost of its evil twin brother, who was thought to be dead in a car crash but is now pregnant with the son of his grandfather's uncle! [Variety]

... Lost executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse will present the Top 10 List on The Late Show with David Letterman on May 19, the day after the penultimate episode of Lost. Here's a suggestion: The top 10 ways the show could have been much better this season. Kidding! [Twitter]

... Attention all you Gleeks out there: Glee creator Ryan Murphy has new orders for you... boycott Newsweek! The news mag ran an article about gay actors playing straight roles that Murphy claims is homophobic. The author of the article, Ramin Setoodeh (who is gay), says openly gay actors can't play straight characters, which is pretty stupid. [EW]

... Slow-moving (but oh so riveting!) documentarian Ken Burns is revisiting one of his best works with an addendum to 1994's epic Baseball. His new two-part, four-hour film, The Tenth Inning, is set to air near the end of the current season in late September and will focus on the modern era of baseball, which includes 'roid-raged players, ridiculous contracts, and $10 beers. Hopefully Burns won't spend too much time on the stupid Red Sox. Go A's! [USA Today]

... Follow-up from yesterday: Glee's Lea Michele has responded to reports of her diva-like behavior toward a celebrity photographer at an event hosted by Time Magazine. She tweeted: "Big apology to [photographer] @PatrickMcMullan. Totally didn't expect you (or anyone) @Time 100 to know who I was w/all the amazin people there." First of all, you don't get off scot-free with a tweet saying you're sorry. Second of all, you're totally lying. [LA Times]

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  • riley_cooperman May 18, 2010

    I loved the Sarah Silverman show. Funny how shows like Two and a Half Man are popular but this gets the boot.

  • fatfreeoreos May 18, 2010

    I am losing all faith in networks nowadays.

  • shadowysea07 May 16, 2010

    i kinda have to agree somewhat with the glee thing. even the best actor can't hide whats inside. some people can pull it off somewhat but in glees case its glaringly obvious with very bad acting not helping. theres acting and then theres bad acting. if your trying to hard its not going to look right. like lindsay lohan trying to play a good role. she doesn't fit it and it shows. she's best left to the evil b!tch roles. now betty white suffers from the same thing but she can hide it slightly so that she doesn't come off as one

  • Nanleemorales May 14, 2010

    Sarah Silverman has a show on LOGO and does not need to also be on Comedy Central. There is only so much we can stand. I have nothing against her as a person, but her so called comedy isn't always amusing.

    As for General Hospital getting 18 nods, well once again the ignorance of the American public is written in stone and there is no mystery as to why we are laughed at by our enemies and friends. There hasn't been a decent script for that show since 2001.

  • Hoeech May 13, 2010

    The folks at Newsweek should remember that Billy Crystal got his break playing a gay man when he himself was not. Hugh Laurie is currently playing an American despite being British. Linda Hunt earned an Oscar for playing a man even though she's a woman. That's why it's called "acting."

  • hulutvp3 May 13, 2010

    The Sarah Silverman Program happened to be a very funny show. I think people need to stop being so up tight and under stand that this is a comedy show. Comedians are there to make fun of everyone and if people can't take a joke they must be socially stunted as humans. Everyone has there first amendment right called freedom of speech so get over it or turn the channel, or most of all get a life!

  • lyrahazelnut May 13, 2010

    sarah silverman is a racist b*tch, i'm glad the network doesn't support her any longer. i don't get why anyone thinks she's funny, but i guess not everyone can be smart enough to get that her world war II jokes are completely inappropriate (here in austria she would probably already be in jail).

  • telekommanda May 13, 2010

    I really don't get why won't anyone give Happy Town a chance and crappy shows like True Blood get such a hype

  • ThoreauHD May 13, 2010

    All of these problems can be solved with a meteor or a socialist collapse. I wouldn't shed a tear if everyone in this article disappeared tomorrow.

  • karlwolfe50 May 13, 2010

    wow hockeyrick, thats racist, why would u like the SS, they killed jews

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