Scandal "Blown Away" Review: Killer Crush

By Lily Sparks

Dec 15, 2012

Scandal S02E09: "Blown Away"

It used to be that Scandal was about the simple love between a president with no eyebrows and the mind-numbingly beautiful political string-puller who fixed his election. But this episode turned this nighttime soap into The Huck Show, and while I doubt Dexter Huck fans mind, I kind of do.

In terms of a season arc, we're definitely at the "Bad Guys Close In" beat, and that's depressing: The Supreme Court judge got lectured with her wig off. The scurrilous vice president addressed the nation looking very pleased with herself. Olivia was instructed to arrange the funeral of the man she loves. It was bad times for Fictional Scandal Washington.

It was super bad times for Olivia. Harrison yelled at her to "Get her ass back here!" so she could find out her beloved pet serial killer abetted the presidential assassin (Becky) and her magical remote-control sniper rifle. And then dismantled the gun and brought it back to the Parisienne garret that serves as an office for the gladiators. If Olivia had been in her right mind she would have known the best way to handle that was to grab Huck by the scruff of his neck and throw him out the window.

Meanwhile, Cyrus (who by all logic we should not be rooting for as he is a cold-hearted killer but he is also Mr. Katimski so good luck asking me not to like him) had been thrown out of his Master of Whisperers position at the White House and was forced to spend his day glaring at the TV eating grape nuts and the country was in the crazy hands of Madam Vice President who we got increasingly bad vibes from throughout the episode.

Of course, none of this national turmoil and workplace drama superseded Quinn's laser focus on her own goofy problems. I couldn't believe the speed and fury with which she attacked Huck last night, bringing things right back to the Only Problem in the World, that time she was framed for the Cytron bombing. First of all, Huck is the subject of an international manhunt right now for a crime he didn't commit so let him take 5. You don’t have to fetch him coffee or give him a shoulder massage but at the bare minimum don't pace around his office shouting inches from his face when he’s in the middle of clearing his name from High Treason. And also, who does Quinn think she’s fooling? What are you going to do with important conspiracy theory information, Quinn? Even if Huck turned around and let you know the Illuminati conspired to put you in prison and gave you names places and dates, what are you really going to do about that?

Unfortunately when Huck snapped it was on Harrison, who got pressed against a table and then did that move where you punch an inanimate object to show you’re Ready To Go, you could totally be in a fight right now, except not with a person. So awkward, the awkwardest of gestures.

In the approximately 35,000 minutes we spent with Huck last night, he learned his alcoholic girlfriend of about five days wasn’t an alcoholic, she was a murderaholic and trained killer just like him, which of course made him fall more in love with her than ever. Who can resist a stone-cold killer woman named Becky? She’s also way into wall-to-wall scrapbooking, much like the gladiators and David and Carrie Matheson.

It was a little buried in Olivia and Cyrus's cozy wine night, but Olivia dropped the bomb that the FLOTUS had restricted her privileges so she she couldn’t see the president in his hospital bed. Hateful in that Olivia doesn't get to see Fitz, also hateful in that I don’t get to see Fitz with Olivia during the emotionally wracked bedside scene I thought I was going to get last night.

The only person who really had anything close to fun this episode was Abby, who found time for a swift hate-f*ck with David after he turned over some key security camera footage. #Dabbylives! Shudder, gross. And James, who finally got his fat little baby in a last-ditch attempt by Cyrus to get him to drop looking into the Defiance voting issue. There's not a doubt in my mind James is going to get killed over this and leave Cyrus a widower with a baby, and that’s sad, that’s seriously sad.

But don't think the show won't go there! Scandal will go to dark places, as it proved last night when it killed off Huck's vicarious family. I’m still unclear on what Becky was doing with that; surely she could frame Huck without killing the only four people he cares about? Or is she just a psychopath? She needn’t have tried so hard, Olivia’s bestie the Supreme Court Justice was ready to hand his name over to the vice president, which frankly Olivia should have done at the start of the episode: in her words, get in front of the problem. I know Huck is a super-spy who was wronged by the American KGB or whatever but Dabby's footage should've gone to the powers that be instead of them waiting for a SWAT team to break into their drafty tenement office.

Altogether, a devestating and well paced-episode, but if we don’t see Fitz in a hospital bed clutching Olivia's hand soon, I will not be responsible for my actions.


1. Who is Becky working for? (Angry Southern Stereotype Guy?)

2. Why did Abby have angry hate sex with David?

3. How long until James gets taken down?

4. How are they possibly going to justify that Olivia helped rig a national election, which has led like day into night to all this madness?

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  • marcusj1973 Sep 24, 2013

    "It used to be that Scandal was about the simple love between a president with no eyebrows and the mind-numbingly beautiful political string-puller who fixed his election."

    What show have you been watching? When has their "love" EVER been simple?!?

    I guess it's a shame that Huck isn't as pretty as Fitz...he might not get the burlap sack in the river treatment you've been pushing for. Perhaps if instead of being addicted to killing, he was addicted to infidelity and creating emotional turmoil ;)

  • madeleinefloo Aug 21, 2013

    Your recaps are EFFFFFFFFFFFING AMAZING, pls continue

  • starinthem Feb 02, 2013

    I wished you continued these recaps. After I started watching the show in November, I went back and read all of your recaps and loved them.

  • write2ap Dec 18, 2012

    I love this episode. Usually, when Tony Goldwyn is MIA, the episode sucks, not this time. Loved Abby and David finally getting it on again. Not sure why people don't like them. Becky killing Huck's "family" was very sad. She did it to hurt him pure and simple. So, happy James figured out what Cyrus was up to. He wants his story and his baby. Go James! This episode really made me want to keep watching. So many questions that need to be answered.

  • Shreela Dec 17, 2012

    Oooh, why can't the home-wrecker and the unelected Prez - that's expecting a baby with his FLOTUS - ride off happily ever after while violins play softly? Sniff sniff, NOT!

    I've been waiting and waiting for Olivia to come to her senses and realize that if SHE doesn't end this adulterous affair ASAP that she'll be vilified like Monica Lewinsky if/when word gets out. She appears to be so competent at fixing things, but not when it comes to her own predicament.

    James and David at the baby store was my favorite scene. Too bad it'll probably end badly for James, but that scene shows me he's not as naive as we initially believed.

    Abby's creepy foreplay and hate-sex, ewww! And Quinn sucks!

  • Acrobit Dec 17, 2012

    So, the question is: Will he he wake up to the sound of Olivia's voice, or will he stir slowly awake in front of Mellie (is that her name?) and mumble Olivia's name? The heartstrings or the salt? This show's fun.

  • bluemystique Dec 16, 2012

    -I don't know who Becky is working for but I KNEW I didn't trust that biotch from the beginning, so does that count as me calling that? Maybe not. But yeah. She messed with my Huck AND my Fitz. Shizz is about to get real. I'm trying to figure out if Yosemite Sam actually had a motive to kill the Prez.. Although I still think it was more about killing the Asian lady...before she said anything about their conspiracy so maybe it was Yosemite Sam.
    - Because Abby needed something (or in this case someone) to do in this episode. Because it was the stupidest scene in an otherwise fantastic episode.
    -Oh James is going down hard. Wait...why does that sound lewd? I swear I didn't mean it that way. I actually lost respect for James. I mean, don't get me wrong Cyrus is not a good person at all despite being so damn interesting to watch, but James refuses to let up on this story knowing that at the very least it could get his husband fired and shunned for life. He doesn't even know that at the most he and so many others could be killed. It's my personal hangup about journalist and reporters and the things they'd do and the things they'd give up just for the sake of a story and the notoriety that comes with that.
    - I don't know how they'll do it but they'll find a way. They managed to pull off showing how she could be involved in the killing of people w/o her actually being involved and knowing.
    - I loved this episode. It had me on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end. I'm a Huck fan though so this was not a problem for me at all. I honestly understood why he disassembled and took the gun because it is part of his training, and the outcome wouldn't have changed. He was still seen leaving the place, so whether he left it there or not he'd have been brought in for being an accomplice somehow. There was no getting ahead of an attempted assassination of the President. The rule is simple, someone has to pay...and pay quickly, it doesn't matter who. So the outcome would have ended up the same.
    -Quinn is the WORST. Like since the beginning she was just there. Useless. And then they had this whole thing revolving around her so she's there for a reason but still completely useless. But hitting Huck up with yelling at him over her being kidnapped two years ago while he's running from the law and accused of treason! IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU, Quinnsey!!! Like get over yourself girl! You can't and won't do anything. The truth isn't going to get you anywhere. You're life is probably a million times better now anyway. Can you have the decency to postpone that shizz until later. To Huck's cred, he pretty much regards her the way you do your pesky younger sibling. At some point their annoying voice becomes background noise and you all but flick them away the way you do a gnat.
    - No one plays a badass b!tch like Kate Burton. Give that woman an emmy. But really Madame "Prez" is going too far. So is the supreme court justice. She's about ready to kick the bucket so why is she so adamant about holding on to her seat so desperately that she turned on Olivia and Huck.

  • c07111 Dec 16, 2012

    Was it wrong of me to have loved it, when Harrison yelled at Olivia? They really need to give Harrison more too do. It's time for Olivia to clean house, starting with Quinn and the red head. Kind of miss the Pres, could he come out of the coma now, things are more interesting when he's awake and mooning over Olivia.

  • jools19 Dec 16, 2012

    I just want to say I called Becky`s shadiness a while ago. So there. Go me! And Quinn sucks.

    Also, I now dislike our resident Supreme Court Justice a lot because of my psychotic love for our resident ninja-spy-murder-addict. So, therapy.

    And I hope the POTUS comes back from his mini vacation coma and doesn't have any memory of the FLOTUS, just for the chaos of it and because we all got robbed of the emotional roller coaster of a bedside scene with Libby and FItz.

  • krismaz Dec 15, 2012

    Maybe I'm forgetting something, but how did Quinn figure out that it was Olivia and Huck who arrange her identity change? It feels like she just suddenly knows things she shouldn't.

  • KayWatkins Dec 16, 2012

    She's been fishing for info. First by putting together that Huck had the means and knowledge to do the job. When she grilled him about it, there was no real denial. Huck never really tried to throw her off his scent.

    The whole "some woman" tells you to kidnap someone and you just do it no questions asked thing was her fishing to confirm it was Olivia which she just went with because he does follow Olivia's instructions no questions asked. Add that to the fact that Olivia was able to get her out of prison rather easily and there you have it.

    I still think it's pointless. Now that she knows, now what? Really? What? Maybe she'll finally find out that they saved her azz! It was new identity or DEATH! Hate Quinn AND Abbey SO much! The two of them make me want to turn this show off!

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