Shop at Home network signs Emeril Lagasse

By Lila Holland

Jun 17, 2005

Food Network star and master chef Emeril Lagasse has secured his seat on the "lifestyle brand" train by signing a contract with the Shop at Home cable network. He will host a new weekly show called From Emeril's Kitchen and will also appear in several prime-time specials, touting his kitchen wares all the while.

Lagasse has studied the culinary arts in Paris and Leon, and holds a degree and an honorary doctorate from Johnson & Wales University. He worked at fine restaurants in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia before opening his own in New Orleans. He hosted a pilot cooking show for the fledgling Food Network in 1994, and quickly became a star.

In addition to owning several restaurants and hosting several cooking shows, Lagasse has published 10 cookbooks and created his own line of cooking accessories, appliances, and packaged foods.

Lagasse's first live special will premiere in July.

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  • afijamesy2k Jun 20, 2005

    I Hope it's gonna be good.

  • actiontwinkle Jun 18, 2005

    Bam. Kick my credit card bill up a notch.