Showtime Renews Episodes for Season 4 Before Season 3 Even Airs

By Tim Surette

Dec 11, 2013

Showtime's comedy Episodes is really living up to its name: The meta sitcom is piling up the episode count as it heads into Season 3 with an early renewal for Season 4. That's right, Showtime has ordered a fourth season of the Matt LeBlanc program ahead of the Season 3 premiere, a sign that Showtime president David Nevins really likes the series or is a really, really, really big Joey Tribbiani fan. 

Season 4 will consist of nine episodes and likely air in 2015 if its typical broadcast schedule holds up. Season 3 debuts on Sunday, January 12 at 10:30pm on Showtime. I'm no marketing whiz, but if I were Showtime, I might've held this announcement until January 10 or January 11. Send me a check for $500 if you want more of my clever business strategies, Showtime! 

Episodes stars Matt LeBlanc as Matt LeBlanc, the star of an American sitcom that was adapted from a British series. The creators of the original, Sean (Stephen Mangan) and Beverly (Tamsin Greig), get a taste of the Hollywood hit machine as their series is butchered beyond recognition and important plot points are replaced with *gasp* ice hockey! Of important note: Tracy Spiradakos (Revolution) will guest-star in Season 3!

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  • dref22 Dec 12, 2013

    Well deserved! The best sitcom after Veep atm.

  • AndreaMcCooey Dec 12, 2013

    This is a great show, a 4th season is well deserved. What annoyed me is the huge gap between Season 2 in Summer 2012 and Season 3 in Jan 2014.

  • tnetennba Dec 12, 2013

    I thought it had already been canceled. The first two were OK, but not great. I will probably watch the third.

  • Acrobit Dec 12, 2013

    Ehh. I watched the entire first season, I think, entirely because I liked Joey, but this doesn't do it for me. Kinda reminds me of tap water, somehow. If I had to, sure, but without the threat of death, nah.

  • terminaltrip421 Dec 12, 2013

    the show has its moments. I watched last season, probably no great reason to avoid this season. at least there's no laugh track.

  • dsmasppm Dec 12, 2013

    LOVE this show. So smart and wickedly funny. Yay!

  • wudntulik2know Dec 12, 2013

    Wow, all the Episodes love. I'm sure you'll all speak up when the snark starts.

  • ElainePinto Dec 11, 2013

    I really like Episodes, so great news!

  • robinh4 Dec 11, 2013

    Great show.

  • TrevPlatt Dec 11, 2013

    Great news, I really like this show.

    If the new season starts on Sunday the 12th of Jan in the US that means it probably starts on Friday the 10th of Jan on BBC2. Episodes is one of the only shows we actually get before you!

  • terminaltrip421 Dec 12, 2013

    showtime not solely footing the bill for what is probably a show with a modest budget I think explains the reason for an early renewal.

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