Showtime Renews The Borgias for Season 2

By Tim Surette

Apr 26, 2011

... Showtime has ordered a second season The Borgias less than a month after its premiere. Jeremy Irons stars as Pope Alexander VI in the period drama, about the Italian family that rose to power in the late 1490s. The second season, due next year, will run 10 episodes and begin production this summer. [Deadline Hollywood]

... NBC continues its mastery of television, which is to say its utter disconnect with the business, with the cancellation of The Paul Reiser Show. The comedy was pulled after only two episodes following a hasty decision to throw it on the air. Only 3.3 million viewers tuned into the pilot episode, chalking up a 1.1 adult rating, the lowest premiere for an NBC comedy ever. EVER. [THR]

... While Randy Jackson sits cushy at the judge's table of the resurgent American Idol, Idol deserters Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell are busy doing other things. Cowell has been busy bringing The X Factor to American shores, and Paula has been busy trying to figure out a 250-piece SpongeBob jigsaw puzzle. But the two might be teaming up again, as Cowell has reportedly said that Abdul has "a really good shot" at becoming a judge on The X Factor. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Ron Livingston, who you may know as that guy who gives Mikey the really good pick-me-up speech in Swingers, is joining HBO's Game Change, a film about the McCain-Palin 2008 presidential ticket. Livingston will play adviser Mark Wallace, joining a cast that already includes Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin and Ed Harris as John McCain. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Oh my god! You'll never believe this! There's a rumor going around that Sammi and Ronnie of Jersey Shore broke up! However, in the time it took you to read that last sentence, they probably got back together. [Fox]

... BBC America has announced a new series called "The Fades," about a boy who sees spirits. The supernatural program will star U.K. Skins players Lily Loveless and Daniel Kaluuya and is scheduled to premiere in early 2012. [LA Times]

... One of the things that makes Blue Bloods a decent show is that it places an emphasis on drama instead of the formulaic trappings of a police procedural. But the show is on CBS, so naturally the network has a problem with that. CBS has reportedly fired show creators Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green because the network wants the program to be more of a procedural, even though its one of the top new shows of the season. What a business! [Deadline Hollywood]

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  • Lanessia Sep 19, 2011

    all these critics and crap they truly must not have the time to really sit and pay attention, I live in texas and this is something that I truly love is critiqing movies and series, and I came across the Borgias, Game of thrones and many more and they are so magnificent those so called critics they dont know what they are talking about.keep doing what ur doing its awesome.

    Lanessia M, Rowland


  • lolamustang Apr 28, 2011

    If you watched The Borgias, you would now that they are an Italian dynasty of Spanish origin. But you don't take the time for details. And since it's been doing good in the ratings because of its excellent performance, the news about continuance into season 2 is gladly received and really no surprise.

  • TesserT Apr 27, 2011

    Leave Blue Bloods alone - there's a reason people are watching - 'cause it's not just another procedural! The show is just fine the way it is.

  • KAM0001 Apr 27, 2011

    LEAVE BLUE BLOODS ALONE CBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "NBC continues its mastery of television, which is to say its utter disconnect with the business" -- LOL!

  • boom-moo Apr 27, 2011

    Yay, The Borgias is just awesome! :D

  • JustinJohnson9 Apr 26, 2011

    What the hell, CBS?! Blue Bloods is just fine the way it is, you morons!

  • vicbjones Apr 26, 2011

    Well that's a fine how do you do? CBS sells "Blue Bloods" on the street cred of "creators of The Sopranos," then fires those very same creators? It's not as if CBS has any shortage of procedurals. This may be an even bone-headed move than the changes ABC made to "That's My Mama" and NBC made to "Working" in their second seasons.

  • PiperPrueLover4 Apr 26, 2011

    Oh CBS, why you do this? Just leave the goddamn show alone, it's performing well. Idiots in suits...

  • Placebo_obecalP Apr 26, 2011

    Bring back Perfect Couples, NBC execs are complete and utter clueless douches.

  • staind47 Apr 26, 2011

    Wasn't there a show that got canceled because of The Paul Reiser Show. I can't believe they thought it was going to work, every single person on here knew it was going to fail. Also, I thought Blue Bloods was already pretty procedural, now I'm really not going to watch it. Who fires the show creators after a successful first season?? TV networks suck!!!

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