Smallville stuntman hospitalized

By Lila Holland

Jul 27, 2005

Chris Sayour, stunt coordinator for Smallville and primary stunt double for the series' star Tom Welling, was airlifted to a New Westminster, British Columbia, hospital after suffering serious injuries on the set of the WB drama.

Production of Smallville was temporarily halted after Sayour fell 37 feet from a tower on which he was performing a stunt early Tuesday morning. Sources call Sayour's fall a "freak accident," and no foul play is suspected. Sayour's family stated that he had suffered "multiple fractures and internal injuries" and asked that the media respect their privacy while he undergoes treatment.

Police turned over the case to British Columbia's Workmen's Compensation Board, which investigates workplace accidents in Canada. The organization has not yet released comments regarding the incident.

Sayour has been the stunt coordinator for Smallville since its 2001 debut. Additionally, he's worked as a stuntman on many television and film projects, including I, Robot, Star Trek: Nemesis, and Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Smallville was expected to resume production on Wednesday.

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  • bgamefreakb Jan 17, 2008

    its back :D

  • whoptony Jan 25, 2007

    hey man keep your head up and feel better can't wait to see you doing more stunts... God bless

  • gigsbw Jan 04, 2007

    I hope he gets well soon! And that he will be able to return to work like usual.

  • gigsbw Jan 04, 2007

    smallville is awesome my family and i watch it every thursday when there is a new episode and my ole man even buys the seasons. I just wish clark and lana would get together again already It did not ruin superman.

  • djeug Oct 09, 2006

    hey it was really sad to hear about sayour.he has been tom welling's stuntman since the pulling for him to get better.get well soon man.

  • mukiga Aug 15, 2006

    hmm that is really sad. I hope he gets well soo....dangerous jobs dangerous accidents....

  • bgamefreakb Jul 07, 2006

    I hope thay can resume Smallville soon...

  • martymall007 Feb 12, 2006

    SMALLVILLE has PAVED the ROAD for the SUPERMAN Movie.....
    Great Hype!

  • higherlife1 Jan 23, 2006

    it had great detail

  • nova_6t9er Sep 21, 2005

    This may sound bad but this better not slow down the makeing of more eps... well i hope that he gets better really soon and that his family is ok with what happend to him.

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