Smith will stream on Web

By Colin Mahan

Nov 10, 2006

Smith's got a new alias, and it's a URL.

CBS has announced it will burn off the remaining episodes of the Ray Liotta crime show on its Innertube broadband Web site. Additionally, the producers of Smith will offer a written synopsis of how they planned on finishing out the season.

Smith premiered to mediocre ratings and quickly fell in successive airings, prompting CBS to pull the plug after three weeks. The three previously aired episodes and the four unaired episodes of Smith will run on Innertube free, starting today, for the next four weeks.

Smith was created by West Wing executive producer John Wells and starred Ray Liotta as the leader of a crime ring. The series also starred Virginia Madsen as Liotta's wife and Jonny Lee Miller as a member of the team.

The Internet is becoming the go-to place for failed series. Earlier this week CBS announced it would put passed-on pilot The Papdits on Innertube, and last week NBC said pulled show Kidnapped would finish out its days at

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  • katcol6035 Apr 29, 2007

    can anyone suggest where i acn download episodes of smith and the endings synopsis's

    luv the show and need to finish it .........

  • flufftastic Mar 08, 2007

    I should like to echo what rtaggi is saying and also add...How can you tell after just 3 weeks that show isn't gonna least show it and give it a chance..perhaps spend some air time promoting it instead of giving up. I am a UK USTV fan and I am beginning to get fed up with these power crazy money men just axing well produced drama...Kidnapped is another one. Looking forward to it being shown in the UK at least we appreciate it. As it is 'Smith' Started on our ITV network last night...Bravo...give to us...we'll appreciate them....

  • rtaggi Dec 03, 2006

    how often does network tv get 2 "a" list motion picture stars to do a series? this show was excellent, i watched all the episodes. unfortunately,it is a 'continuing drama type' and, i feel, this really hurts ratings. i usually will not watch this type show because i know i am going to miss some episodes even with TIVO and other things like this available. i think making all shows available on demand for free will do a lot to boost network show ratings. again in my case if i know this streaming video option is available, i may re consider my decision, and watch these continuing drama type shows more often

  • mackski Nov 14, 2006

    That's some good news to all three fans of the show.

  • Jamin_Jamin Nov 14, 2006

    all crap ends up on the interent (I'm not saying this show is crap I'm just saying that all crap ends up on the internet)

  • loevstad Nov 13, 2006

    Teach me how to fake my proxy to be a US proxy plz :)

  • kavselj Nov 13, 2006

    you don't need to be in US to watch it ;) just get yourself a free US proxy and you can watch it :) I must say it's really bad they cancelled it as ep4 to ep7 were great :)

  • cornertalker Nov 12, 2006

    I watched all three episodes of this show live, and I thought it was one of the best new shows this season; this is awesome news.

  • m0nkEy89 Nov 11, 2006

    I'm sure if you really want to, you could download the torrents of these episodes or find a website that lets you directly download the episodes. What are you talking about caponecr?

  • redthor Nov 11, 2006

    I hope this is the beginning of a trend. Over the past 10 years the networks have been yanking shows of the schedule that still have unaired episodes. Maybe they will take these shows out of the vault and put them on the internet.

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