Smith's last film coming to DVD

By Colin Mahan

Feb 14, 2007

The late Anna Nicole Smith's last film, a science fiction comedy starring the former Playmate as a ditzy alien, will arrive on DVD shelves in May, reports Variety. The 2005 film, titled Illegal Aliens, was also co-financed by Smith.

Ed Baran, a spokesman for MTI, the movie's production company, said that the Anna Nicole Smith Show star put in some of her own money to help produce the film, and even helped shape the script.

"A lot of people really want to make her out to be some idiot, but I really don't think that she was," Baran said. "She's poking fun at herself within the film, so I think it's pretty damn smart."

Baran added that the timing of the DVD's release is coincidental. A trailer for the movie can be found here.

Other Edgewood Films include Zombie Town and The New Star Trek Voyages.

Smith died suddenly last week in Florida. In the wake of her death, a messy paternity suit involving her daughter Danniellynn has grown more convoluted, with three men claiming to be the child's father.

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  • outoffog Sep 05, 2007

    In the distant future, people will see this movie and think, "Oh, so THAT'S who Anna Nicole Sullivan was!". And perhaps a small cult will wrap itself around her....and grow....and that's frightening to think about, too.

  • sajinka May 28, 2007

    Why is everybody after her movies now. Anyways her movies stings, Also its a movie of alien. and this movie is also same as her other movies which realeased before. now you are trying to sell dvd telling that this was her last movie?

    Why why why.......

  • GeorgeJobson May 10, 2007

    I like to know who's going to watch this video! Not Me! I got better things to do!

  • JimNauseam Mar 07, 2007

    What the hell is "The New Star Trek Voyages"?

  • Jamin_Jamin Feb 15, 2007

    "A lot of people really want to make her out to be some idiot"

    We sure do :p cause she is

  • LAURAMARIE63 Feb 14, 2007

    The DVD's release is coincidental - I don't think so.

  • AlkaStealther Feb 14, 2007

    I agree, maybe it's pretty trashy, but her death will be gold for this movie

  • Minarvia Feb 14, 2007

    I think I would miss it, but it would be a hit because of the fact that its the last work of hers.