Sons of Anarchy "Andare Pescare" Review: Between a Rock and Clay

By Tim Surette

Nov 07, 2012

Sons of Anarchy S05E09: "Andare Pescare"

Even with a few point-blank executions and a fiery cabin explosion, last night's episode of Sons of Anarchy was on the slow side when compared to the balls-out craziness of the first half of the season. "Andare Pescare" (grammatically incorrect Italian for "Gone Fishing" or "Go Fishing") even got a chance to show off its sensitive side with grown men weeping, romantic breaking-and-entering, and Tara shoving her hand down her pants. But psychologically, "Andare Pescare" was a brutal episode that focused on the show's bread-and-Budweiser as it further frayed the dysfunctional family of Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original.

The first order of business was finding Nomad fugitive Frankie Diamonds and turning him into Blood Diamonds. Everyone wanted a piece of that Guido for different reasons, and the intricacies of the situation made for some complex fun as the club tracked him up to Lake Tahoe (beautiful part of the country, btw!). Clay wanted him X'd out to keep his planned coup under wraps, Jax and Bobby wanted him alive so he could hand him over to Roosevelt for payback for murdering the sheriff's wife and unborn baby in exchange for the identity of the club's rat, and everyone else wanted him dead because it was so obvious Frankie was a no-good scumbag who should have been killed a long time ago. That and he stole $500,000.

The saga was a microcosm of what Sons of Anarchy is all about this season: the distribution of information. This show, and this season in particular, is built on the idea that knowledge is power, with lies and withheld information just as important as .50 cals and Molotov cocktails. But the information game is often added to build tension through a mirage of complexity because other parties can be caught up to speed lickity split or whenever the writers decide their ready to open the spigot. It's crafty storytelling because things can be spread out with maximum tension.

Clay got the jump on Frankie's whereabouts early, and we watched him while he schemed for a way to separate from the group. Foundation of tension laid. Then we watch Jax play catch up, getting the same information through different means. That's laid on top of what we already know about what Clay knows. Not long after, we see Clay and Juice at the fishin' cabin where Frankie was hiding. Now our hearts are beating! Then Jax and his crew arrive in the nick of time for a showdown. Of course, the drama of who would get Frankie first farted out when the mob boss who was hiding Frankie got trigger happy and shot him before Jax's plan could go into effect. Way to blow it, mob boss! This story could have easily been Sons all find out where Frankie is and then go kill him, but the show maximized its plot by layering it out. Sons of Anarchy does this a lot and sometimes gets way too convoluted, but this was a good example of how it's done right.

My favorite thread of the episode was actually the most tame of the bunch! Sober Gemma is a much more tolerable Gemma, but I bet she wished she were blasted out of her mind with the chore she needed to do. There were great priorities set in not having Gemma immediately put on stilettos and walk over to Clay's house as Jax asked her to. Instead, we saw some quality hang out time between Gemma and Nero, who may just have the best chemistry of any Sons of Anarchy couple we've seen. Gemma met Nero's son Lucius (who totally hit on her, little skeezball) and helped Nero dump crazy bitch Carla's ashes into a mausoleum. That's real girlfriend-type stuff there. If you're unsure if your partner is the one for you, go desecrate some graves with them and you'll get your answer.

So now Gemma is all-in with Nero (her little speech to Jax about how she liked Nero was great), and Jax has rescinded his ban on their relationship and Tara will let her back into the family as long as she goes through with sucking incriminating evidence out of Clay. It's a tragic situation for Gemma, but her hands are tied. She had the chance to tell Nero what was going on, but the Romeo gifted her with birds. Lovebirds! That's the kind of gesture that's socially inappropriate to respond with, "What beautiful birds! By the way, I'm going to sleep with my murderous ex like a two-dollar whore. See you in a few days, lover." The heartbreaking part of all this is she almost came clean to Nero. Add another secret to this season's pile. Now what's going to happen when a) Nero finds out Gemma went back to Clay, even if it was under Jax's orders, b) Clay finds out that Gemma was rubbing up on him like a purring cat only because Jax ordered her to, and c) Clay, Jax, and Nero all confront each other about this bizarre love triangle?

In the what-the-hell-is-going-on department, Tara half-seduced Otto with Luann's old perfume to get him to backtrack on his testimony that's supporting the RICO case, but instead he just cried and masturbated. There must be something in that love potion, because later in the episode Tara took a whiff and couldn't resist making sure her own lady parts were still working. I'm not going to pretend I understand this (though she was ready and willing with Jax moments before), I can only assume that's some damn good perfume. Please, let us know your theories below. The case of the inexplicable vaginal-twiddling must be solved!

Jax did make good on his promise to deliver Frankie to Roosevelt in exchange for intel on the club tattletale at the end of the episode, even though Frankie was dead as a sheriff's wife. That fact voided the prearranged deal, but Jax already used the process of elimination to deduce it was Juice (really? Juice doesn't go in the same level of trust as the other guys?), which Roosevelt confirmed. Motorcycle gang members don't take kindly to rats, so Jax's next order of business was to load his gun and go after Juice.

I know club policy is "snitches get stitches and a hole in the head," but there's no way Jax is going to murder Juice, so let's just put that to bed even though the show wants us to think that. Right? There's no way Jax could do it. Please tell me that won't happen. I can't accept that it could happen. Not Opie and Juice in the same season please God. No, I think Jax has a few strong words with Juice (there was a reason the writers made Jax go see Roosevelt alone, so he could be the only one with the information), and uses Juice as another method to incriminate Clay.

"Andare Pescare" closed up some stories and opened others as the end of the season came into sight. It focused on inter-club issues rather than external threats, making things a lot more personal for them and us. That's going to pay off huge in the explosive finale. Let's just hope Damon Pope isn't working undercover for the CIA.


– Two masturbating scenes and not one of them involved Chuckie! What the?

– SAMCRO walked into a mob-run mini-casino and just started punching people. "What the hell is wrong with you guys, somebody sneezes you put up fists?" Not a smart move, but since this is television, I'll allow it! Everyone loves a good casino fight with chips spilling everywhere, right?

– When Nero asked Gemma if she'd ever busted into a crypt before, she responded, "No, I'm not Tig..." Tig's sexual deviance is legendary! Alive, dead, male, female... whatever, man. Tig's the ultimate try-sexual.

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  • teamgemma Feb 06, 2015

    Sorry for spelling mistakes. Lol

  • teamgemma Feb 06, 2015

    What the hell!? Ok here it goes ; i really started to dislike jax a sice a few episodes; he bacame that cocky asshole with a smirk on bis face . but now i actualky hate him as much as clay.
    Whoring bis mom ?? What the Fuck?
    I didnt see that one coming.
    Yes gemma is annoying and yes shes can be a bitch and made a mistake but come on! Let her do drug tests , shut her out for a while but dont prostitute her. ( its even worse as jax said to clay not to touch her again, AND lets not forget gemmas rape)Jax is such an asshole.
    This takes it to another level. And i dont like it! Im not even mentionong the sweet scenes between gemma and nero ( her one Chance if happyness)...but hey i know after all its SOA so what did i expect.
    Still love the fucking show!

  • hardyandtiny Nov 13, 2012

    Maybe Tara hid Otto in her vagina and she was reaching down to pull him out.

  • lilith_x23 Nov 10, 2012

    also, I'm surprised no one has commented on the bit in the final scene where we see Juice working on Clay's bike, and then a bit later, saying the cables are done and he'll get the discs tomorrow.. um.. he's working on Clay's brakes? this just sounds a little too... familiar. perhaps I've read this completely and totally wrong, but Jax isn't going to kill Juice, at least not now. He's going to corner Juice and get him to use his trusted position with Clay to sabotage Clay's bike... or else, Juice (who keeps seeing evidence of Clay's scheming against the club) is going to decide for hopeful redemption's sake, to take matters into his own hands. I think the first scenario more likely.

  • lilith_x23 Nov 10, 2012

    the second perfume/masturbation scene: Tara was obviously emotionally moved in the scene with Otto.. empathetically stroking his hair was a bit more than he asked her to do... you could see she was a bit shocked at first but not disgusted or horrified or anything similar... and.. she had all the power in that particular scene. Fragrance as memory is a theme here. For Otto, the perfume brought back his memories of Luann. For Tara later, the perfume evoked the memory of her erotic power in that room with Otto. Erotic power + empathy + already horny and husband gone = some naughty wrist-sniffing and jilling off. That's my take. Why did they show us? I just bet there's more to come with Otto, Tara, and that perfume before the season's out.

  • AmyCarrHartma Nov 10, 2012

    Who was the guy that Jax met when they went to see the mob. Trying to find his real name

  • ShadHarvey Nov 10, 2012

    Rusty Knoones (sp?) Real life Hells Angel.

  • Shreela Nov 09, 2012

    I get the first perfume-masturbate scene, but the second just creeped me.

    My heart swelled when Nero gave Gemma the lovebirds, awww. If I wasn't so miffed with Gemma, I'd feel for her having to give Nero up in order to spy on Evil-Clay. But Gemma can be manipulative - maybe she'll decide to tell Nero later on, which when Clay finds out will be quite interesting to watch.

    Head Dr changing Tara's insurance to help with their kids bills, which also legally bind Tara to Jax -- NOT -- because Tara would have to sign the insurance papers for it to go through.

    I wonder if the writers knew they'd be setting up Juice to be squeezed from so many people when they came up with his nickname?

  • TypeB Nov 09, 2012

    I think Tara was just putting herself in Otto's place; maybe to understand him better in order to get him to recant his statement.

    Jax is probably not going to kill Juice. Maybe not right away. Though Juice does have it coming, ratting and then blindly following Clay. I don't understand why Juice never even questioned Clay about what Frankie told him.

  • LiseLotteDive Nov 08, 2012

    I've stopped watching this....maybe run through the last few episodes later.

  • DurgeshWankhe Nov 09, 2012

    me too... the last episode i saw was when opie got killed...that was a bold move btw!

  • rye06p Nov 08, 2012

    The perfume thing?! WTF was that?! I have no idea what to say...

    I agree, Jax won't kill Juice he'll use him against Clay. I adore Juice.

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