South Park gets last word

By Colin Mahan

May 18, 2006

The South Park episode "Trapped In the Closet," which mocks actor Tom Cruise's rumored homosexuality as well as his belief in the controversial religion Scientology, has finally been seen by the English. The episode had been banned from UK broadcaster Channel 4 after Cruise had complained.

According to the World Entertainment News Network, London's National Film Theater screened the episode on Monday, May 15. After the showing, South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker spoke about the necessity of free speech. The event concluded with free copies of the episode being handed out to attendees.

In regards to possible action by the litigious Cruise, a spokesman for the Theater said, "If we were charging [for tickets] there may have been legal problems, but it was a free event, so it should be fine."

The episode in question involves Cruise locking himself into a closet, and various celebrities trying to coax him out. Eventually, John Travolta ends up in the closet with Cruise. Both Cruise and Travolta follow Scientology, a religion created in the 1950s by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.

South Park also sparred with Scientology when Isaac Hayes, a Scientologist, quit the show because of its lampooning of the religion. The show had its revenge several days later in the season 10 premiere by killing Hayes' character Chef in a number of comedically horrible ways. The brouhaha helped the episode score exceptionally high ratings.

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  • Fluoxitine Oct 13, 2006

    Tom Cruise, please, what a donkey! how can anyone defend this moron?

    i mean he's just an actor - never was and never will be a classic one, not one of those who will go down in history as an acting genius. he was just a pretty boy in the 80's and has lost touch completely with reality - hence scientology (THE most ridiculous CULT on the planet!) and hence the overgrown sense of his own importance. i mean WHO cares if he's gay really who? he clearly does! whoever actually thinks 'oh but his livelyhood depends on being a hetro guy' (like it would hurt the bank too much if he lost a bit of work) he'd be opening up to a whole new market.

    (george michael did ok - to start with, til he started making out with truckers! although he's an idiot too).

    Southpark however is a classic. every show has something in it - whether you find it funny or not, it has value and quite often brain food. as well as toilet humour. which is all good!

    And PLEASE stop refering to Scientology as a RELIGION, that is just what they want it to be recognised as - it is NOT a religion, it is a CULT.


  • 121212121211121 Sep 07, 2006

    Tom Cruise is just another cry baby celebrety trying to get whatever he wants by complaining and threating. Tom Cruise is a wack anyway and if Mission Impossible 3 wasn't filming at the time of the episode he would have never of gotten away with it. SOUTH PARK ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!

  • mr_moron_man Aug 12, 2006

    tom cruise is a whiner hes not even that good of an actor and EVERYONE loves the scientology episode nobody cares about what he thinks and no one should so shut up tom cruise and let the episode be aired again!!!!!!!!!

  • kajusx Jul 31, 2006

    good god, free speech is so important. i can't believe that tom cruise has the gumption to try and get anything banned; in other COUNTRIES no less.

  • magicpickle Jun 24, 2006

    no one really gives a crap about tom cruise anyway and i love south park

  • InsanityHero Jun 03, 2006

    Tom Cruise isn't my favorite actor so I say that this is making my day. Handing out free copies is great. Stick it to the man!

  • jammym2006 May 31, 2006

    south park is a show where they make fun of people so they made fun of tom cruise so what

  • CrazyBabe1532 May 28, 2006

    Who cares if a celebrity is made fun of. They should accept it and find it humourus. Besides who else we gonna make fun of? :)

  • savatehassassin May 27, 2006

    You people are so insensitive. The creators of South Park are ruining Tom Cruise's image as a heterosexual male action star. That's his livelihood! What else is he to do if he can't make horrible action movies like Mission Impossible 3 (with Capote star Phillip Seymour Hoffman)?

    Honestly, I think everyone who is so concerned with Tom Cruise's sexuality must be gay... or else they would be worrying about much more important things...

    Like whether or not Katie Holmes is still a virgin. ;)

    20 bucks says yes. In-vitro fertilization!

    That's my theory.

  • WickedCat May 25, 2006

    Anyone else finding this funny besides me?

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