Southland Renewed for Season 5

By Tim Surette

May 04, 2012

After a few false alarms, TNT has officially renewed its cop drama Southland for a fifth season. The series will return in February 2013 for 10 episodes.

It's pretty amazing that the show has made it so far, given its history. Southland actually started out on NBC, where it debuted to big enough ratings that I wrote an article titled "Can Southland save NBC?" The network was already well into its current struggles, and here was Southland, a great police drama that came in like gangbusters.

But the ratings slipped and slipped, and NBC killed the show midway through production of its second season because it was deemed "too gritty." It should also be mentioned that this happened around the time that NBC was clearing space in the 10pm hour for the late-night-in-primetime The Jay Leno Show. Tee hee. Thankfully, TNT saw merit in Southland's grittiness and threw the series a lifeline; Seasons 2, 3, and 4 all aired on TNT.

Let's shoot our guns in the air in excitement in the comments!

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  • lostcomma May 12, 2012

    Glad that we now have other networks to pickup shows like this. I wish this had been the case around 2000 but if wishes were horses we all be eating steak.

  • treeton127 May 08, 2012

    Southland is such an amazing show! I only wish they had more episodes every season. My favorite person on the show is Sammy...he has so much intensity and passion for life. I'm glad they paired him up with Ben after season 3. Hopefully season 5 is just as good.

  • Flatlegz May 05, 2012

    Yes, yes, yes! I just got into this show and went through all four seasons in record time. The show is a good mix of The Shield and The Wire. Maybe not as good, but still.

  • buckeyenut68 May 05, 2012


    I cant believe I am saying this but I hope Lucy Liu comes back. She played such a bad ass. It was totally out of character for her.

  • emmiegirl May 05, 2012

    Like hitting lotto twice in one week! I am still getting a bit choked up about Fringe - even wrote an gushing quasi-love letter/apology to Kevin Reilly with deepest thanks (so, I may have contributed a few (ridiculously obnoxious number) letters in the past year to Mr Reilly arguing in support of Fringe).

    This is the best police drama since The Wire. Gritty, gripping and unpretentious, Southland consistently delivers intense drama and gut-churning realism. Nearly every episode there is some jaw dropping, visceral, gasp-worthy moment, without being crude, obvious or insulting the intelligence of the audience. There have been a number of episodes that left me with disturbing images lingering for days afterward with an uneasy certainty that if this show comes close to accurately portraying reality for LA law enforcement, whatever they earn and the meager recognition they receive is not nearly enough. I have spent a fair amount of time in LA and after some Southland episodes I catch myself wondering what sort of charmed dumb luck ensured my survival and escape from the scariest city in America - if this is middle America's only view of LA it is little wonder the CA tourism board is packing celebs into overly bright ads focused on everywhere in CA not LA.

    I commend the show and TNT for their unflinching portrayal of humanity and urban life and commitment to delivering amazing television. You are making the "major" networks look weak and pedestrian as they fill their schedules with "reality" programming, regurgitate ideas that were once innovative and commercially successful with lackluster results and scramble for the golden ticket pilot that will save their sinking ships. Keep up the fantastic work.

  • BlueFlame May 05, 2012

    Orsum, good news!

  • cecylia248 May 05, 2012

    about time!!.. thanks!

  • ll-essy May 05, 2012

    Yeah, baby!

  • dragonslayer168 May 05, 2012

    One of the best shows on TV right here.

  • Mate May 05, 2012

    One of the best. Not just cop shows which the rest compared to Southland are just dumb. But one of the best shows around. Suck it NBC.

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