Splitting Battlestar final season still undecided

By Tim Surette

Sep 19, 2007

Galactica freaks: by now you've probably heard that the Sci-Fi Channel is considering splitting the final season of Battlestar Galactica into two parts, which isn't unusual for television or the show itself. What is a bit perturbing is the rumor that the back end of the season won't air until 2009.

However, there is a new sentiment around Hollywood that breaking a season into two parts--whether it is a few months or a year--is a death sentence. Apparently the execs at the Sci-Fi Channel are still trying to figure out which direction to take.

According to TVWeek.com, the suits are still discussing their options with Battlestar, and at least one exec is "firmly against the idea" of splitting the series into two 10-episode halves.

"It doesn't affect my job either way since we're shooting it straight through," creator Ronald Moore told TVWeek. "It might be better to get it all done [in the same year] for the fans so they don't have to wait." And if Moore's sentiments are correct and the show is split, Sci-Fi might have a riot on its hands. "When people see the ending of the 10th episode, they're going to freak out," he said.

TVWeek says the final decision to split or not to split may not be made until January, a few months after the premiere of the two-hour Battlestar telefilm, Razor. Budget is a big factor in the decision, and Battlestar uses a larger portion of Sci-Fi's cash than others.

However, there may be life after Battlestar runs its course. The rumored spinoff Caprica (named after the home planet of some members of the Galactica crew) was once thought to be dead, but is now back in the thoughts of the network.

The idea is simple: retain some of the Battlestar audience by launching a two-hour telefilm, and if it does well, turn it into a series. Sound familiar? It's the same way Sci-Fi handled Battlestar Galactica.

So say we all!

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  • ElvesBrew Jan 20, 2008

    They are doing the same damn thing to Lost, and I think it bites. Lost was planned to go for two more 24 episode seasons but now they are doing three 16 ep seasons instead. Of course now that the strike has everything up in the air we'll be lucky to get the 16, more likely just the 8 that are ready.

    I would imagine that if the strike hits BSG the same as most shows then two 10 ep seasons are almost a certainty.


  • kellyzy116 Jan 03, 2008

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  • enigma4most Oct 08, 2007

    I have figured out the best way to deal with these long dragged out season splits. I just tune out, until they come out on DVD, then if I am still interested next year, I can check the reviews & if they are good I watch the episodes commercial free & with some reasonable continuity! Ever heard of Netflix? No more frustrating waits! BTW: I used to try to follow this series faithfully, but I'm getting old waiting so long for this stuff. Suspense is one thing, but this is torture! Listen up, Sci-Fi... Its simple economics. Supply and demand. Supply us with your product while there is still a demand! Before we just lose interest!

    I believe I am not alone on this.

  • Lei_K Sep 26, 2007

    What could Sci-Fi possibly think they could gain from splitting the final season? Please just let the show end with dignity and on a good, solid note in 2008.

  • redthor Sep 25, 2007

    Please just end the show ASAP.

  • Chainblast Sep 24, 2007

    I've always liked the idea of Caprica, but...

    If the final season of BSG does well and Sci Fi is interested in continuing the universe/brand they could always take a Babylon 5/Crusade approach and develop a sequel series. Or even a series of TV films.

    There's no doubt that the BSG universe is very rich and attractive for further development passed the completion of BSG and I doubt Sci Fi is going to sit on it. They'll either go through with something or sell the property off to people that will. And I'm sure a lot of studios would be willing to buy it up.

  • 24Titan Sep 22, 2007

    Please God, let the series end in 2008. I can't wait for a year. Waiting this long for Season Four has been bad enough and I already feel like I'm going through withdrawal. It's like "I need Galactica!" And if they split it, I won't be able to watch the last half of the season because they don't have Sci-Fi at any of the colleges I would be going to.

  • FrakkingFrakker Sep 21, 2007

    From a business perspective splitting the seasons is great. Who needs casual viewers when the ratings don't matter anymore? Instead of a full season DVD set, they'll make two half season dvd sets and make more money off the fans. (If we cave and buy them.)...Also, splitting it gives them more time to get Caprica ready and piggy back off the end of the original show. (You've seen how it ended, no see how it all began...)... It is easy to misinterpret me here... but I DO NOT WANT THE SPLIT. I'm just saying...they lose nothing by the split but the respect of the fans. And the gain more. It sucks...they're playing us like we're a commodity. Unfortunately I love the show too much to boycott it if they do this. I say we organize and take action against this now...and let them know we won't stand for it. This is insane and evil.

  • avravalleyjohn Sep 21, 2007

    Splitting the last season into two parts is like putting a sub sandwhich in the freezer for ayear then taking it back out. Sure you could still eat it but why would you want to?? Give the loyal fans(who coincidently buy your products, support your programs & ultimately keep you employed) the ending they deserve without stringing it all out in some mindless ratings ploy

  • sfviewer Sep 20, 2007

    i just wish they add an extra 4 episodes since it's the last season.

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