Studio 60 gets a full season

By Colin Mahan

Nov 10, 2006

NBS studio chief Jordan McDeere will keep her job for a while--NBC announced it is giving Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip a full season order.

Last week, rumors circulated that the show would be canceled due to poor ratings--after premiering with a solid 13.4 million viewers, the show slipped to 7.8 million viewers as of last Monday. The expensive drama, from West Wing creators Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme, stars Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitoford, and D.L. Hughley in the behind-the-scenes story of a Saturday Night Live-type sketch comedy show.

Peet stars as McDeere, the new head of the fictional network NBS, whose career is riding on the fortunes of the show-within-the-show.

"I am pleased to show our support for this outstanding and ambitious effort from executive producers Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme," said NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly in a statement. "From the start, they have delivered the superb show that we wanted. The critical support has been rock-solid and there is a passionate core audience. We can't wait for what's going to come in the remainder of the season."

Although the show doesn't get as many viewers as the network would like, the quality of those viewers appeals to NBC. Studio 60 snares upscale, college-educated viewers in households with $75,000-plus and $100,000-plus incomes.

"It's a bull's-eye at the core of our brand," Reilly told Daily Variety. "I love the talent onscreen and off, and I want to give it the full season to work it out and fully discover its audience."

With the Studio 60 pickup out of the way, Reilly will turn his attention to two other high-profile new shows that haven't met expectations: Tina Fey's 30 Rock--which also follows a fictional sketch comedy show--and football drama Friday Night Lights.

"They're shows I'm trying to figure out how to support and give a real chance at growing," Reilly said. "We're trying to put together a sensible [January] schedule that can hold together in the middle of American Idol season."

Next week, 30 Rock will move from its Wednesday spot to Thursdays as NBC fashions an all-comedy block on the night. Rock's fellow Wednesday night freshman, Twenty Good Years, has already been canceled.

Lights was given a special spot last week after NBC's hit Heroes and showed marked improvement. The show scored 8.3 million viewers, better than its previous episode's 6.3 million.

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  • eskimoto Nov 04, 2007

    I hope NBC are watching the blogs and the net for these positive comments and what real people are saying. Studio60 is intelligent, well written and brilliant. Give it the time to develop and it will blossom into something special, its one of my favorite shows and I love how well its done. As West Wing showed, the best shows don't always have overnight success in season one. I think shows like Lost and Heroes etc have spoiled us into wanting these spectacular gripping programmes each and everytime. There has to be room for some smart and developing satire and well written brilliance.

  • nicholen1 Dec 29, 2006

    I can't wait for the show to come back on the air already! I love this show and by far it's my favorite for the season. I looked forward to it every Monday and have missed it since it went away, hopefully just on a short break. Bring it back already!!

  • capinsatchell Dec 05, 2006

    Good to see NBC is keeping at least one show on the air that caters to those of us who have a college education. Aaron Sorkin is pure genius. Everyone who hates it just isn't smart enough to get the jokes. This show is "Dennis Miller funny."

  • uni_m Nov 29, 2006

    Studio 60 is a fantastic show, people criticise its inner show sketches, don't they see the point is for them not to be that good? the real comedy is in real life. Keep it going NBC all the way through second season : )

  • SGAstumpJ Nov 15, 2006

    About time! Now, will someone please find the finest muffins and bagels around and deliver them to Brad Whitford's dressing room? Thank you.

  • ejr1978 Nov 14, 2006

    It's good that they're keeping Studio 60 on. But please do something about the sketches; they are not funny. Either make them funnier or put less focus on the show-within-the-show and concentrate more on the show itself.

  • Fryerider Nov 14, 2006

    I have watched each episode thinking, "WHY ARE PEOPLE EVEN QUESTIONING THIS SHOW? IT'S FANTASTIC!!" Week after week I have checked here on this website waiting to hear if they were really going to cancel such a great program. Then it gets three more episodes, and I'm thankful for at least that small blessing. And now, like many others, I'm joyful to hear that we have at least one full season of S60. Folks, this is a show that needs word of mouth advertising. Tell those you know how really excellent it is. Seinfeld was a show I watched from the start, and told everyone how genuinely funny it was. I hope S60 will be the Seinfeld of dramatic programs.

    Like others here, BIG THANKS from me to NBC!!! It's a great decision!!

  • Bettie_p Nov 13, 2006

    I think NBC is the only network to give their shows a chance, if Studio 60 were in Fox it would be gone. Thanks NBC!!

  • metro2 Nov 13, 2006

    The best show there is and only a few movies each year and no TV shows has this quality of writing, acting, lighting and directing.

    The others are like buying your art at Walmart. Popular for the masses but of no quality.

    This is over the heads of many who prefer poorly written and terribly acted adventure programs but very happy that NBC will at least give us some butter for our bread.

  • metro2 Nov 13, 2006

    How many programs would you watch the same episode a second, third or forth time? So far all but one of Studio 60 and the first 4 years of The West Wing maybe 10 times. There is no show that is more professional in its lighting and sets and acting. Obviously the main writing is the star but the directors that are used are also super. This is a real quality program so is over the heads of the crowd. (I imagine that Walmart sells a lot of paintings to hang over the couch but that does not make them good) in TV the most popular shows are the worst quality in writing and acting) Many of the TV shows now use the amateur jerky camera style that makes the shows unwatchable. There is no current program as good as Studio 60 and this is not just an opinion it is the truth. There are few movies that have such good acting and absolutely no TV shows.

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