Studio 60 getting the axe?

By Colin Mahan

Oct 30, 2006

The curtain is closing on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

The expensive NBC drama about a fictional late-night comedy show, from West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin, was the most buzzed-about new show of the fall season, but it hasn't lived up to the hype. The show's premiere was mediocre, earning 13.4 million viewers and coming in second in its time slot against CSI: Miami, and the series has since dipped to third in its time period, with 7.7 million viewers.

Studio 60's low numbers are made worse by the fact that its lead-in is new hit Heroes, the highest-rated new show of the fall season. Heroes earned 14.3 million viewers last week.

The peacock ordered three more scripts for Studio 60, but that doesn't mean they will make it to air. Fox News' Roger Friedman says cast members are already telling friends the show is ending.

NBC has had a tough time this season, with several high-profile expensive shows failing to draw big ratings. Production on the action drama Kidnapped was wrapped and the show was moved from Wednesdays to Saturdays to run out its course, and football drama Friday Night Lights has languished in its Tuesday night spot despite receiving the best reviews of any show this season.

Studio 60's fate is ironic because one of the main storylines is the fight of network head Jordan McDeere (Amanda Peet) to have high-quality programming on the fictional NBS network. In the last episode, McDeere was taking the heat for passing on a lowbrow reality show, while at the same time, in the real world, NBC president Kevin Reilly said that his network planned on devoting the 8 p.m. prime-time hour to cheaper fare such as reality and game shows and less to sitcoms and dramas.

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  • patrickdurling2 Nov 09, 2006

    I love Studio 60. They should keep '60' and cancel SNL. Now that show got really crappy. How could they fire so many great people? They have no one now. It is sad.

    RIP Studio 60

  • amg503 Nov 07, 2006

    CBS needs to buy the rights to this show, if they cancel it. They're the only channel that can put the energy and the money required for advertising & actors into this show to keep it running.

    I really hope this show stays. It's one of the best shows on T.V., (24 & Heroes being better) and it really deserves a chance. Don't cancel Studio 60 prematurely, "NBS"; it's not completely Ricky & Ron's fault.

  • Dubii Nov 07, 2006

    "If you can't say anything good about this show, just shut it."

    Yep, that pretty much defines the mindset of modern liberalism. It's not the Christian Coalition that is causing the decay of society and the lackluster quality of television, rather it is the mindless followers of the leftist agenda, the PC censors and book-burners, the "either you agree with us or you're a trailer-dwelling, beer-swilling truck-driving redneck" types. I love Sorkin's writing when he stops trying to promote the agenda, but he can't seem to go two scenes without doing so.

  • Rosie212 Nov 04, 2006

    I love this show. It is not up to the standard of the West Wing but it is still sharp and funny. It is a crying shame to cancel it.

    We may as well give up and let Endemol productions just keep giving us the crap reality shows that are so much like each other. Sadly Endemol are from where I live in Holland.

    I am watching Heroes as well and after a couple of shows got really hooked on it.

  • tHeNAt-ster Nov 03, 2006

    If I hear one more person put this show down, I'm cursing the lot of you.

    Friday Night Lights sucks the almighty you-know-what... unless you are a pedofile who gets off on watching teenagers make out.. no story line.. drama? my as*

    Studio 60 is definately more of a drama than a comedy. I love it because it goes against the norm. We've got enough stupid game shows out there. How about leaving something on for the thinking people that still exist. It's not going anywhere people, get use to it.

    If you can't say anything good about this show, just shut it.

  • mavfan1 Nov 02, 2006

    I've seen three episodes and they're alright, but nothing great. I think Aaron Sorkin needs to re-evaluate what is motivating him. All the good/funny stuff (IMHO) has to do with the relationship Perry's character is having/not having and some stuff with the writers. When they do "let's insert a bit that makes a political point" bit the show really slows down and falters. I'm as non-religious as you can get and after 2 episodes of the "let's stick it to the fundamentalist Christians/Crazy Christians" bit it was getting old. You want to be on the edge or think you're controversial Aaron? How about a "Crazy Muslims" sketch instead with a cast member playing the part of Mohammed. Now THAT would generate some publicity, (and some bomb threats I'm guessing too). But that doesn't fit his ideology, it doesn't take a shot at the "right" people. Instead he goes back to the same old well with the "Let's work a McCarthy/blacklist theme here, let's work another anti Bush angle over there. It's not too overt and yeah, it could be funny, but unless you're "one of the choir" so much of the show is stale re-hash of the exact same themes that were explored on The West Wing. The show is predictable, so, to many people it's boring.

  • AlkalineTrio666 Nov 02, 2006

    i am going to be so pissed if Studio 60 gets cancelled. It's the best show on TV right now and it deserves atleast 4 or more seasons. If NBC decides to can it, atleast let it finish out the season so it doesnt leave the fans of it hanging.

  • shsteve Nov 01, 2006

    I hope it doesn't get cancelled, I really want to see it if the show ever reaches the UK.

  • Elvira1101 Nov 01, 2006

    I know TV is about profit, but good writing does not come cheap! Studio 60 is a solid drama that requires an intelligent viewer to catch the fast-paced irony and dry wit. I think if it were given a decent time slot it would do great. Ripping it off the air to put on Friday Night Lights was a stupid knee-jerk reaction that left viewers confused. How can you build Studio 60 loyalty if viewers do not know when it will be on. Shame on NBC for taking the low road on this one.

  • smartguy7101 Nov 01, 2006

    This is truly absurd. Studio 60 is the second best show out there, next to Heroes. They're both smart shows that you have to use your mind to figure out; its no wonder so many people hate them, they can't comprehend them. Just like NBC can't comprehend that THIS SHOW NEEDS TO STAY! Friday Night Lights, on the other hand....meh....

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