Study--limit TV during school week

By Colin Mahan

Oct 02, 2006

A new study released in medical journal Pediatrics shows that TV watching during the school week lowers school performance. The study was conducted by pediatricians Iman Sharif and James D. Sargent to test the effects of television, movie, and video game screen time and content on adolescents, a previously untested age group.

Of the 4,500 sudents who participated in the study, 50 percent of those who watched no TV during the week performed excellent in school. The study also showed that the odds of doing worse in school increased with the number of channels that were available to the children.

The doctors used three test variables to measure the effect of TV viewing on school performance: cable movie channel availability, parental television content restriction, and parental R-rated movie restriction. The frequency with which parents let their kids watch R-rated movies also contributed to poor school performance--the more frequent the movie watching, the worse the school performance.

The study asserts that in the past 20 years, the US has undergone a "mass media explosion." As a result, kids spend an average of 20 hours a week in front of the tube--this doesn't include weekends, which the study didn't factor in.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has long stated that it doesn't recommend television for children younger than two years of age and that older children should watch no more than one to two hours per day. The study recommends that parents of young adolescents limit not only the amount but also the content of their child's TV exposure.

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  • sfviewer Oct 20, 2006

    Balance is the key.

  • neajha_rocx_tv Oct 13, 2006

    I watch television for long periods of time. Also,while I am on the computer too. I am on the computer for at least 3 hours a day. I watch tv for about 7 hours a day.

  • neajha_rocx_tv Oct 13, 2006

    I watch television for long periods of time. Well listen to it too while i am sufing the internet. I spend about 3 hours on the computer every day.

  • DoubleE Oct 08, 2006

    I watch television for long amounts of time, well at least listen to it while I'm on the computer. I spend about 40 hours on the computer every week.

  • Water78 Oct 06, 2006

    this is very interesting and sort of not true

  • beinganything Oct 03, 2006

    I admit, I don't make as good grades as I could. This is partly because I like to turn on the television and just watch for hours. I'm into watching primetime tv, rated R movies, and shows that are TV-MA. I do go to one of the hardest schools in the country, and that's not an exaggeration. My school is one of the best out of the country names by Newsweek. I could still watch all the tv I do now and make all As if I went to my neighborhood school. I learn a lot from television. I know a lot of it cannot be taken as fact. It's entertainment, but so were books in the days before there was television. I will tell you. I know so much more about the television industry than people who aren't watching tv.

  • yeahyeahd Oct 03, 2006

    i watch tons of tv during the week.. dont think i could or would want to count the hours and i do really well in school. Besides, If i wouldnt watch TV in my free time i wouldnt be studying.. thats why i call it my free time.

  • LAURAMARIE63 Oct 03, 2006

    When are parents going to be held responsible for their children? I for one, do not need a study to tell me how to bring up my children. The money spent on this study could have been used to feed and clothe less fortunate children.

  • fiveironbell Oct 03, 2006

    I watch like a million hours of TV a week, and I have a 4.2 GPA...AND I play soccer.

    Take that.

  • shsteve Oct 03, 2006

    Ha ha! I watched a lot of TV during my A-level years...

    I still ended up going to university and getting a degree.

    Explain that, medical journos!

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