Arrow's Greg Berlanti Is Working on a Supergirl TV Series

By Tim Surette

Sep 05, 2014

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's another in-development superhero TV series! As if we didn't already have enough comic-book characters running around the small screen, super-producer Greg Berlanti is developing a Supergirl television series, according to Deadline.

The currently untitled program will reexamine the Supergirl character and story, with No Ordinary Family's Ali Adler on board to write the script. The project is being set up at Warner Bros. TV, where all DC Comics television properties are produced; WBTV expects to shop it out to major networks soon.

This sort of thing is business as usual for the very busy Berlanti, who is also producing The CW's Arrow and The Flash, which are also from the DC universe. Between those two series, NBC's Constantine, and Fox's Gotham (which is set in the Batman world), there will be four DC Comics shows on television this fall.

Are you excited for a potential Supergirl series, or are you suffering from superhero fatigue? Who would you cast to play the Kryptonian?

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  • tnetennba Sep 13, 2014

    I'm surprised everyone is suggesting 30-year-old actresses. I would assume that this would be teen show. But I'm confused about what kind of show this would be. Is it going to take place in the same universe as Arrow and The Flash? Isn't supergirl supposed to be unknown when superman gets famous?

    I think it would probably be best to make this an independent show, like Smallville, with actors and actresses as young as possible. Bring in a couple of famous people as villains, and find new talent for the main roles.

  • kou_shun_u Sep 16, 2014

    I guess that is one of the reasons I rather not have Supergirl because I don't want the super heroine show to be a teen show. But I think many, like me , remember older, non-teen Linda Danvers. I'd prefer that they at least start her in college. I think it would be better to start her at a place where she isn't really a sidekick of Superman anymore and has learned to already a stand on her own. If you make her a teen, then you have no excuse not to have Superman and in fact he would be a must.
    Plus, I really hate in so many of these teen shows, they have much more adult lives then they should (jobs, their own apartments,...) and once they get out of high school they somehow often happen to land dream jobs that they should in no way have at entry level, unless their parent owns the company. Or in the case of superheroes, they are just geniuses in high school. I really hated how they made Spiderman a teen now when originally he was a grad student so it was much more beleiveable he was able to achieve those technical aspects. One of the things these superheroes are suppose to be is role-models, and how can they be if an ordinary person can't even hope to achieve their human counterpart. It just makes things so unrealistic instead of being in the scope of reality.

  • JrgenGangfl Sep 13, 2014

    If they can get the twist of the story right, with a alien tring to fit in /trying to hide in plain sight element, I think it's possible that a supergril remake could be very good..

  • mrjimmyjames Sep 10, 2014

    I can't recall Supergirl ever even being an interesting character.

  • GirishKrishna1 Sep 07, 2014

    Atleast its not yet another white man centric superhero thing. This could be really good.

  • TrevPlatt Sep 07, 2014

    Could be a great lead role for Shelley Hennig, she's certainly good enough.

  • ogechiwosu Sep 06, 2014

    Who should play the character? How about a brand new actress? That way, if the show is a hit, the actress will have a higher profile.

  • safibwana Sep 06, 2014

    Only four? No, there are not nearly enough superhero series on the air. Once they outnumber cop shows we can consider that idea, but there is obviously a lot more opportunity for diverse storylines in superhero shows than cop shows, so even then it would be a weak argument. See also doctor and lawyer shows.

  • gmanBegins Sep 06, 2014

    Good Idea?! Tough to say. WB let Smallville for 10 years..
    Will they be quick to pull the hook if ratings are sluggish early?
    I'll watch the pilot if gets made..

  • CrimsonGargoyle Sep 06, 2014

    Back in the day of Gossip Girl I always thought that Taylor Momsen would've played a decent Supergirl. Propably not anymore though.

  • aalanmr Sep 06, 2014

    I read "Ali" and thought of Larter. That could be great.

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