Supernatural "A Little Slice of Kevin" Review: Return of the Holy Tax Accountant

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Nov 15, 2012

Supernatural S08E07: “A Little Slice of Kevin”

OMG YOU GUYS, CAS IS BACK. Cas came back last night and it was kind of awesome. I wasn’t expecting it to be awesome because I’m a pretty apathetic Castiel fan, so the big reveal that Misha Collins would be donning the mighty trenchcoat once again in “A Little Slice of Kevin” failed in its mission to make me scream and throw my bra at the TV. However, Castiel’s return to Team Free Will proved to be much more than a return to status quo. Also: AMANDA TAPPING.

So, demons abducted a cute little finger-painting preschooler, and man was I glad that it was just an abduction. Yes, I feel like a bad person for typing that, but I’m just not mentally prepared for the kind of darkness required to slaughter a five-year-old on The CW until at least the second half of the season. Demons abducted the kiddo because he was prophesied to MAYBE become a prophet one day, in the event that Kevin Tran, current prophet extraordinaire, bites it.

Meanwhile, Dean was maybe possibly hallucinating Castiel along the side of the road and in the bathroom mirror, and he was trying not to panic because we all saw what happened to Sam last season. Luckily—or maybe not so luckily, given the new and exciting avenues of angst Castiel’s return opened up for Captain Emo—Dean wasn’t hallucinating and Castiel was actually back. Yay! They let Misha Collins shave and EVERYTHING!

Castiel, of course, had no recollection of how he actually got out of Purgatory. Dean called shenanigans, but Castiel was telling the truth. Unlike a certain elder Winchester brother who— You know what? I’m not going to jump on Dean for telling a version of his Purgatory jailbreak that didn’t exactly line up with the actual event. For one thing, it was traumatic and I’m all about respecting the emotional baggage (as I always have been), so I’m downright delighted that the show itself is, too. For another, Dean’s recollection differed from the truth in a way that actually made him look like a bigger jerk than the actual event did. Wow, that boy is so damaged.

All along, we were led to believe that either Dean had failed to save Castiel during their escape, OR he'd deliberately abandoned his angel BFF because BETRAYAL. Or Benny. Or whatever.

In actuality, Castiel botched his own escape because he was still feeling guilty about the whole breaking-Sam’s-wall-opening-Purgatory-eating-all-the-souls-killing-all-the-people thing and eternally outrunning Leviathans sounded like a pretty good punishment for all of that.

Naturally, Dean still angsted even once the truth was known. (It’s okay. It’s what he does. It’s practically an art to him.) I still loved Castiel’s epic verbal smackdown, though. “Everything isn’t your responsibility.” THANK YOU. Not that Dean is going to listen to it, but THANK YOU.

Then again, maybe he will. Maybe that will be Dean’s big journey this season. An overinflated sense of responsibility has certainly been an integral part of Dean Winchester’s personality since, honestly, the beginning of the series, and his and Sam’s different opinions on what is and is not their responsibility have always been a source of tension between the brothers. The resulting divide has never been quite so wide as it is this season, where Sam, as far as we know, threw in the towel when he thought Dean was dead and managed to live life (somewhat) happily even knowing that his inaction as a hunter probably led to some preventable innocent deaths. Sam has accepted that he can’t save everyone, and we’ve only really seen him feel bad about it when Dean lays down the guilt trip.

Being unable to save someone he's decided to save is simply unfathomable and unacceptable to Dean. It’s a failed mission, and a failed mission doesn’t compute with Dean’s perfect soldier persona. It doesn’t make him a bad guy, but it certainly contributes to the occasional bouts of self-righteousness that make him pretty insufferable at times. From bonding with Benny to taking an earful from Castiel like a champ, Dean is poised for a long-overdue character development and it looks like we may finally get it. SWEET.

Back with the Family Tran, their amateur status started to show when Momma Tran teamed up with a Craigslist witch to construct demon bombs. Delta, unsurprisingly, sold her out to Crowley, who quickly wooshed Kevin off to his secret lair that I spent half the episode pretending was in a volcano until we saw that it was just a boring old warehouse—it’s ALWAYS a boring old warehouse. A little torture and an amputated pinky later, K-Tran was willing to translate the Word of God for the King of Hell. Really, that's all it took? Fine. Rookie.

Kevin was barely getting to the good part when a not-yet-fully-charged Castiel got sick of watching Dean unsuccessfully try to pick a lock and teleported ahead without him. Even though he was lacking most of his angel mojo, Castiel managed to put on a convincing show that sent Crowley crawling back beneath the rock from whence he came... with half the tablet that Castiel shattered during his angelic display of badassery. I’m sure that will be important later.

ENTER: Amanda Tapping. Plucked from mid-conversation, Castiel found himself in the ultra-modern/minimalist corner of Heaven where the pencil-pushing angels work, facing Tapping’s Naomi, who claimed that her legion rescued Castiel from Purgatory. She instructed Castiel to work closely with the Winchesters, answer their beck and call, and report back to her each time. Castiel was understandably apprehensive, but apparently he didn’t have a choice in the matter. Naomi claimed that he would report to her with no memory of their meetings, and despite Castiel’s protestations, it appears that the arrangement will go undisturbed for the time being. I, for one, am totally excited about it. What a great way to head into the Thanksgiving mini-hiatus.

What did you think of “A Little Slice of Kevin”?


– Naomi: good guy or bad guy?

– Smart Winchester Sighting! Sam pretending to make a phone call so he could mumble an exorcism in front of a suspected demon was fantastic.

– Turkey Day shout-out! Should we add Momma Tran’s turkey baster full o’ holy water to the Impala’s arsenal?

– A shiny pinwheel, a monogrammed hankie—Mark Sheppard got all the fun props this time around, didn’t he?

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  • itsmemadie01 Nov 19, 2012

    Guess who's back, back again. Cas is back, tell a friend :)

  • ShikhaSharma0 Nov 17, 2012

    howcome no one's wondering what happened to chuck. they just dropped a bomb like 'oh he must be dead' geez.

  • bicelis Nov 17, 2012

    Because ever since one episode or season finale (can't remember when), when Chuck appeared all dressed in white, confident and then disappeared, it was speculated that he may have been God. It was stated that God was gone. This "bomb" in this episode may be in support of that theory.

  • bicelis Nov 19, 2012

    Supernatural has tackled almost every type of 'being' : demons, angels, lucifer, minor gods, monsters, etc., even Death. Outright showing God and giving him a face and saying "hey, this is God, this one and noone else" is a really really big thing. I think it's best that they leave the idea in our heads that Chuck may have been him. It's better than a confirmation and better than a complete ignorance of the subject.

  • ShikhaSharma0 Nov 19, 2012

    oh really - that's such a roundabout theory. i mean that's basically a theory based on an original theory! i want the writers to just come out and just say it. i think speculation's gone on long enough!

  • yona21 Nov 17, 2012

    good or bad, Amanda Tapping will be awesome!!!
    loved seeing her like that at the end of the episode and hope to see lots more of her later :)
    big WIN for the show to have her!

  • hockeyfan950 Nov 17, 2012

    Not sure if anyone already posted this, but the phrase is "beckon call," not "beck and call."

  • spam1162 Nov 23, 2012

    Actually, you are quite wrong. The correct phrase IS "beck and call".
    Google it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dagrimmreepa Nov 17, 2012

    I'm just happy to finally see a season of SPN after the 5th one that truly is worthy of the name. The 2 seasons that Gamble ran were disasters, this is much, much better (though still weaker than 1-5)

  • Anonymous_A Nov 19, 2012

    Agreed! :)

  • Katiki Nov 17, 2012

    I'm the opposite. I loved seasons 6 and 7, but Carver is ruining the show for me by assassinating the characters of Sam and Dean. And I've lost all hope he has a plan to make it all right in the end, especially now that he has also written Dean as leaving Cas for dead, on top of writing Sam leaving Dean for dead, and doesn't even seem to realize it.

  • MelodyParis Nov 16, 2012

    I have a new theory. This weeks has nothing to do with Benny, instead it’s about Bobby! Naomi is being very sneaky about keeping an eye on the Winchester’s. Now that Bobby is official dead, there’s every chance that his soul went to heaven. So after the Winchester’s find whatever she wants or when she’s ready to have them do whatever it is she wants them to do, I can just see her using Bobby’s soul as leverage. Let the Winchester’s do all the work then she gets to swoop in and get whatever she wants from them. After all, she didn’t ask about the Prophet or the tablet or even Crowley, no she asked specifically about the Winchesters. She wants something from them.

  • OdumC Dec 17, 2012

    Except in the auction episode Alfie stated they guard the souls in heaven, they don't horse trade them.

  • MelodyParis Dec 18, 2012

    Yeah, but what Alfie does and Naomi does are two different things.

  • Anonymous_A Nov 19, 2012

    I'm loving this theory, only because I want to see Bobby again!

  • GabrielLoki Nov 16, 2012

    There's one huge problem almost no one is talking about: Dean didn't try to get Cas out of Purgatory once he was back any more than Sam tried to get them out of Purgatory. And yet Dean is shown to harbor undeserved guilt and is absolved by Cas, while at the same time Dean is accusing Sam of leaving him for dead. (Like you, I'm willing to excuse him for lying about Cas being dead, due to survivor's guilt and trauma.) And the biggest problem is that neither Sam nor Dean are the kind of men who would leave people for dead, and especially not their brother or their best friend. So what am I supposed to believe here? How am I supposed to make sense of this out-of-character behavior, and the contradiction in how two identical behaviors are so oppositely depicted? And if the writers do actually have a plan and this will all make sense some day, they are taking way too long and I have lost patience and confidence.

  • Katiki Nov 17, 2012

    I have been thinking about this, and wondering what Dean could have and would have done. Dean met and spoke with Samandiriel, a friendly angel sympathetic to Cas almost right away, in the second episode. We know angels can save people from Purgatory because they did later save Cas. Dean at least knows angels can save people from Hell because Cas saved him, so there would be every reason to believe such powerful beings could also save someone from Purgatory. Why in the world would Dean not ask Samandiriel if he could help get Cas out of Purgatory??? It's the easiest thing in the world. All he had to do was ask a question. The friendly Cas-sympathetic angel was literally dropped into his lap!

    Dean spent all year in Purgatory adamantly doing everything to get Cas out. When Dean got out, Cas was very much alive and kicking, he wasn't injured or being swarmed by monsters. He was capable of fighting the Levi and had been doing it for a year. Dean wouldn't have just given up on him once he was out. He would've tried everything to get him out too. Just like Sam would've tried everything to get Dean out. I just can't trust the writers to write Sam and Dean anymore.

  • Signe83 Nov 17, 2012

    After reading Katiki`s transcript below, a few thoughts came to mind.

    "Yeah, Cas didn't make it."
    Perhaps Dean didn`t implie that Castiel was dead, but just that he didn`t make it out?

    "Something happened to him down there."
    Could be referring to the fact that Cas acted strangely because he had decided to stay.

    "Things got pretty hairy towards the end, and he... just let go." Yeah, litterally.

    Well, it still doesn`t really blend in with Dean feeling guilty about it, and remembering it differently. Right now though, I`m grasping for anything that could bring some sense to this, and I also think the "he just let go"-comment was strangely true to what actually happened.
    What do you think?

  • Signe83 Nov 17, 2012

    I agree with those who thinks Sam`s behaviour is greatly damaging both his character, and what the show stands for. But I`m still hoping that there is a plan behind it.
    I base this on the fact that Sam went to the cabin where Dean was, in the beginning of the season. Why did he go there, if he had given up on Dean and the hunting life? Also it I remember it as if he left Amelia(?) in bed, and went to the cabin. Again, why?
    As for Dean leaving Cas, I agree that it is almost the same thing as he is blaming for. The only difference is that they are not brothers, but I dont know if that makes much of a difference.
    Perhaps Dean subconsciously knew that Cas had chosen to stay? Or perhaps he was to focussed on getting Benny "living" again? Though that doesnt explain why he didnt try to help Cas afterwards.
    Really really hoping that there is a good reason. I think all the other aspects of the show is back on track, and I`m trying to pretend that season 6 and 7 was just a dream.

    (English isnt my first language, but I hope my thoughts came across:))

  • Katiki Nov 17, 2012

    Your point came across very well! I was certain there would be a twist to Sam's story, but the writers keep saying in interviews that it's just a straightforward human story, nothing supernatural. So that made me lose hope. I also can't explain why Dean wouldn't try to find a way to get Cas out of Purgatory afterward.

  • MelodyParis Nov 16, 2012

    I got the impression that Dean believed that Cas was dead. He said that Cas was in such bad shape there was no way he could have made it. I assume that means he believed that after he was stuck in purgatory that he too beat up to handle the Leviathans on his own.

  • MelodyParis Nov 17, 2012

    Actually, I was referring to what Dean said in this episode, not the premiere.

  • Katiki Nov 17, 2012

    I think it was just Dean's guilt talking when he implied Cas was dead. And he didn't say Cas was in such bad shape there was no way he could have made it. I'll post the transcript below. We saw that Cas was able to fight and kill Leviathan right before Dean got out. Cas wasn't wounded, he wasn't being attacked when Dean left. He had survived a year with the Levi after him, a lot of it on his own, there was no reason to believe he couldn't have survived long enough for Dean to find a way to get him out.

    Here's all of what Dean said about Cas:

    What about Cas? Was he there?

    DEAN walks a few steps away and speaks with his back to SAM.

    Yeah, Cas didn't make it.

    What exactly does that mean?

    Something happened to him down there. Things got pretty hairy towards the end, and he... just let go.

    So Cas is dead? You saw him die?

    I saw enough.

    So, then what, you're not sure?

    turning back to SAM I said I saw enough, Sam.

  • AmitBaloda Nov 16, 2012

    Oh! just one more thing. Amazing review. Loved it.

  • AmitBaloda Nov 16, 2012

    I am also so glad that Cas is back, supernatural is not the same without him and his mighty trench coat.

    Amazing episode. Mostly because it made sense in every way. Crowley is 'The Villian' and acting like it, but still afraid of angels. Castiel once again have an authority to report to. Kevin and his mom acted like the amateurs they are, when it comes to everything demonish. More Importantly, The winchesters are not fighting amongst each other because so some silly-not-so-important reason.

    And above all, they mentioned 'Chuck'. So happy.

  • Tvking00 Nov 16, 2012

    Great episode...still dont get what happened to Chuck though.

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