Supernatural "Remember the Titans" Review: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Feb 28, 2013

Supernatural S08E16: “Remember the Titans” 

I feel like the whole mystery surrounding Prometheus’s appearance on Supernatural might have been a little more exciting if whoever writes the official episode descriptions hadn’t let that one out of the bag right there in the blurb. Supernatural’s blurbs seem to run the gamut between telling us nothing and telling us everything and this week, it was certainly the latter. Idk, Sam and Dean’s struggles to figure out Shane’s real identity just had me yelling “It’s Prometheus you morons!” the entire time. Having already been handed the solution to the mystery and not particularly caring about the baggage girlfriend and curse-afflicted kid who we will never see again, I mostly just wanted to get through this so we could go back to our regularly scheduled A-story. 

So Prometheus, THAT Prometheus, came down off of ”a mountain in Europe” in an avalanche, totes forgot who he was,  banged a chick named Hayley, made a baby named Ollie, and then got hit by a car, mistaken for a zombie, mauled by a bear before winding up in a motel room with a pair of Winchesters and a seriously pissed ex-girlfriend. Dean was under the impression that Sam had found him a good old fashioned zombie case to alleviate the boredom of waiting for Kevin and Castiel to pop back up with some tablet news—or pop up at all, in Castiel’s case—but he soon found that this case of the week was a bit more complicated than that. Only a little, though.

Back in the day, Zeus got mad at humankind and took away our fire. Prometheus stole it back for us (thanks, pal!) and wound up chained to the side of a mountain where an eagle would eat his liver every day for the rest of eternity. With that in mind, the bird noshing on his guts after his first on-screen death made for some terrible, wonderful lulz. I like when Supernatural implies that it knows its classic mythology, even if it inevitably gets butchered later.

Once Shane’s real identity was known, it was a pretty straightforward hunt. Hayley revealed that Oliver inherited Prometheus’s death-resurrection cycle and all things considered, took it very well for a seven-year-old. Dean was immediately on Team Prometheus (and his Little Bastard Child Too) because the Winchesters know a thing or two about (almost) eternal torment in exchange for saving the world.

Blah blah blah negotiating with Zeus to drop Ollie’s curse didn’t go so well and everything looked bleak because Token Dumbass Civilian Hayley fell for the old vengeful-ancient-gods-can-have-hearts-too routine and let Z out of his cage.  But in the end, Artemis fell for Sam’s I’m-the-brother-who-wields-empathy-like-a-sword-and-I’m-totally-not-manipulating-you-into-being-a-good-person-at-all routine and put an arrow through Daddy. I mean, she totally put it through Prometheus, but eventually it took Zeus out, too. Teamwork makes the dream work, baby. 

Through it all, Sam continued his trend of randomly bleeding, but Dean isn’t nearly as clueless as we were initially led to believe and while he lacks specifics, he’s onto Sam. Sam, to his credit, took a teeny-tiny baby step toward telling Dean what’s been going on when he floated the idea that he might not live through the God trials after all, but I honestly would've rather he just told Dean about the bleeding and the coughing and whatnot instead of going full noble sacrifice. It was such a huge moment in Winchester history for Sam to take on the trials and not only be determined to survive, but to be confident that he COULD survive; to suddenly revert to standard Winchester mentality cheapens the moment. I don’t blame him for being alarmed at the physical toll the trials seem to be taking, but even Dean conceded that they’re flying blind into that particular mission. 

The blood looks bad, totally, but right now, Sam’s optimism looks worse, like it was never that strong to begin with... and fine, maybe it WASN’T. I will so not criticize the Winchesters for being eternal pessimists. I mean, look at their lives. LOOK AT THEM.  But I thought we had a moment there after the hellhound slaughter! I thought we had grown as people! 

Supernatural’s tone can shift at the drop of a dime, from episode to episode, and even within an episode—like THIS episode, which was 90 percent standard monster-of-the-week with a touch of humor followed by 10 percent Winchester angst and that music they always play when someone dies. By shaking Sam’s confidence, even if it was just to give us that almost-honest moment between the brothers in the Impala, the tone of the remainder of the season going into the mythology-heavy tablet-and-trials stuff has suddenly lost its momentum and that’s kind of a bummer. That the Winchesters will somehow succeed is a given. That there will be a big sacrifice required is also assumed. The exciting part about the trials so far, for me, has been the change in everything leading up to the finale. Not gonna lie—sometimes it feels like a chore to watch these two get knocked down and knocked down and knocked down some more. Even when they win, they usually wind up on the floor, and witnessing that becomes even more difficult when the characters themselves seem uneager to save the world yet again. Having Sam declare that they were going to close Hell and they were going to win and they were BOTH going to live flipped a switch. The Winchesters were ready to go, and so was I. 

But all is not lost! While Sam seems to be accepting his inevitable death, or at least considering the possibility of it, Dean has, however reluctantly, picked up Sam’s discarded hope and claimed it as his own. Sort of. Whether Dean truly believes that Sam can still finish the trials and survive is certainly up for debate given his desperate plea to Castiel to look out for his little brother (TISSUES. I NEED TISSUES. ALL OF THE TISSUES.,) but at least he’s paying lip service to the idea of life after the trials. He even gave Sam his version of a pep-talk, “If you die, it’s gonna be because of something normal.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement considering that in the past Sam has died from getting stabbed, struck by lightning, and shot—which okay, aren’t as mundane as like, old age, but also aren’t exactly X-Files storylines either. Even in “Remember the Titans,” Prometheus died from a heart attack that one time, but it’s okay, I’ll take it. Dean tried. Sam may have been quick to return to the Winchester norm, but at least Dean is making an almost-solid effort. 

And now we go on a mini-hiatus. Eew. 

Catch you March 20th! Kisses!

What did you think of this week’s episode?


– Smart Winchester Sighting? Sam playing on Artemis’s feels for Prometheus was clever. I like to think he was reading her body language or something, because she was SO not feeling Daddy’s torture-the-seven-year-old plan as opposed to blind luck, but then again, I guess even Winchesters need to get lucky sometimes. Dean’s “You’re doing GREAT!” had me in stitches. It was a good night for comedic Jensen Ackles.

– No, seriously, Jensen Ackles is so freaking funny. From the “We’re legacies” speech to the continued flaunting of the Dead Guy Robe to “Woodchipper beats everything. So does grizzly bear,” dude was HILARIOUS this week. You know, when he wasn’t wangstfully praying to Castiel to save Sam’s sneaky self. Again.

– Loved the cop who was totally down with the possibility of Shane/Prometheus being a zombie. “Aim for the head!”

– Sam: “Who do we know who has Jason-Bourne-like fighting skills, dies a lot, and has a history with violent women?” Dean: “I don’t know. You?” It’s funny cuz it’s true.

– WHERE. IS. CASTIEL? I’m not even a huge Cas fan honestly (sorry), but this is just getting ridiculous.

– Theories about the blood?  

– Anyone else get the '60s Batman theme song stuck in their head every time they see the Men of Letters lair on the screen? No? Just me? Okay then.
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  • Latoyab Mar 05, 2013

    This episode was beyond boring. BEYOND.

  • natesjokes Mar 04, 2013

    No Cas cause his storyline is likely to be the focus of next season. I doubt the blood issue is really anything other than to add drama/angst.

    I fully enjoyed the comic relief of this episode. Some hilarious lines, as mentioned in the footnotes.

  • ChanX95 Mar 03, 2013

    The introduction of Greek Gods could be brilliant if they don't just discard it again. Can you imagine a Hades who has a bad case of angst about being God of the underworld, Poseidon forgetting how to swim, Heracles turning out to be a real dickwad... the possibilities to mess are endless!

  • ruthles100 Mar 03, 2013

    ruthles100 just now
    Marginally better than last week but not by much.... best to avoid gods and witches me thinks...storylines and dialogue plummet in quality. If they are going to do monster of the week I wish it would be dark and scary with some good fight sequences like in the old days...As soon as Artemis showed up it started getting worse...why must chicks in scifi/supernatural shows always wear tight leather...surely they get all sweaty and fighting in such tight duds must be a real bind....

  • rabbani1200 Mar 04, 2013

    hahaha brilliant

  • Kerkesh Mar 02, 2013

    Actually, I am glad with this episode because it opened the possibility that indeed ancient pantheons other than the Judeo-Christian are viable mythologies. This gives me hope that something along those lines will await us when the Mesopotamian tablets will be translated at last.The other, minor news, is that the kid will survive as a Titan half breed without the Promethean curse.
    Even if untold, I would have guessed it was Prometheus when the eagle was eating its side and he came back alive. My disappointment is that Almighty Zeus was dealt with so easily; and the Artemis character was as unconvincing.One would have thought that Zeus had the juice to zap anyone into smithereens at one go. I mean a taser gun has more juice than what he had.And the errors in the mythologies, arghghghghgh. You would think that by now they had someone to research the mythological creatures and characters they use on the show.
    My favorite part is how proud and proprietary they have become, especially Dean, with their new HQ. It is kind of endearing and shows a very human side to both of them.

  • Zelli42 Mar 02, 2013

    Sometimes it feels like Dean is the only real character in the show and Sam plus monsters are just there to see how much suffering Dean can take.
    It would be nice to see them going into this with the thought of surviving. To fight without doubt until, if need be, one of them dies, but only screaming and kicking.
    Instead we get a sad dean and a whining sam. Didn't we have enough of this yet?
    That said, the episode was pretty good, but such huge lore as the greek gods and the rise of man could have fueled a very big storyline. It is kind of sad to waste it like this. Especially the god of hunters, which can be a huge deal for sam and dean.

  • CrazyAsian1080 Mar 02, 2013

    I completely agree. As I was watching the first bit of this episode all I was thinking was "golly, I wish I didn't know that was Prometheus"... It completely made the episode blah, even though it wasn't a bad episode. Though I must hand it to Jensen Ackles, his facial reactions during that scene between Artemis and Sam was priceless. The entire episode was just field with tiny moments that were just hilarious (Dean trying to explain how important they was also really good).

    Also, even if you really want to help your child. HE"S A FREAKING GOD WITH GOD LIKE POWERS... It's not someone wouldn't understand what GOD LIKE POWERS would mean. Why would you let the obviously douche of a god out of the trap that prevents him from melting your face? I could just be jaded, but that entire bit just made me want to stab myself in the eye.

  • CrazyAsian1080 Mar 02, 2013

    1. From the first exchange between Art and Pro, it was obvious they had the hot for each other. I mean they were hinting at it pretty hard the entire time.
    2. I completely agree, almost every scene with Ackles was priceless this week.
    3. I did enjoy the fact the cop was all gun ho about the zombies. "we aren't tracking zombies because zombies aren't real..." priceless!
    4. Yup
    5. Pretty sure what's her name is drilling into his head because of some reason
    6. I have this whole theory where Sam is going to become god at the end, or a demon and Dean has to kill him to end the entire thing.
    7. Now that you mention it, it does remind me of 60s Batman.

  • 2muchbadTV Mar 01, 2013

    And speaking of a show that gets greek mythology wrong..... As bad and cheesy as Supernatural has been lately, I was hoping maybe the show would just go full-on intentionally cheesy, and that Kevin Sorbo would show up and kick Zeus' ass for everybody. And then maybe Ares (RIP Kevin Smith) could've come on too and had some funny dimwitted one-liners.

  • radiumgirl Staff Mar 01, 2013

    Hehe, I was hoping for more Xena and Hercules shout outs. I'm glad we at least got the Xena one!

  • AlbertValenti Mar 01, 2013

    good one ideal of fighting gods reminded me of Immortals good job Robert Singer

  • Dre5d Mar 01, 2013

    i liked the idea of them fighting greek gods...but this episode was just ok, it didnt like it as much as the few past weeks have givien us

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