Syfy Renews Being Human for Season 4 and Orders a Bunch of New Stuff, Including a Bryan Fuller Pilot

By Tim Surette

Apr 10, 2013

Syfy held its Upfront presentation today in New York City to reveal its plan of attack for the future, and among a plethora of other announcements, revealed a Season 4 renewal for supernatural roommates drama Being HumanBeing Human just wrapped up its third season on Monday (and MaryAnne reviewed it!).

Syfy also asked for a second season of Ghost Mine, a reality show that somehow blends the hot reality-show subjects of searching for ghosts AND digging for gold. Season 2 will run for 12 episodes begin airing in September. 

Elsewhere, there are some good-looking and not-so-good-looking programs on the horizon:

High Moon: Syfy has ordered a pilot from Pushing Daisies and Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller about Earth colonies sent to the moon to mine for resources and end up discovering a new life form. Beware of moon people! Based on the John Christopher novel The Lotus Caves, High Moon will feature Fuller's mix of oddball humor and character-driven emotion. 

No Place: Currently in development, the series No Place asks what happens to a gated community when it gets mysteriously cut off from the rest of the world. Only one man in neighborhood has contact with those responsible for what the trapped residents call "the rift," and he's tasked with leading them outside its walls. Robert Zemeckis is producing. 

Joe Rogan Questions Everything: Part-time MMA commentator and comedian Joe Rogan gets into the game of hunting the unexplained in this new reality show. Rogan, a former NewsRadio star, will scour the country for answers to paranormal phenomena, because why not? Premieres Tuesday, July 16. 

Cosworld: It's about time cosplay—the hobby of dressing up as popular and not-so-popular characters from fiction—got a real show all to itself! This six-episode docu-series follows cosplay addicts as they head from convention to convention in their outfits and compete against each other in dress-up competitions. Premieres Tuesday, August 27.

Fandemonium: This six-part reality show follows an apartment full of obsessed "fan boys and girls" as they live their lives in Los Angeles. Watch them wait in line for movies, meet their heroes, and balance their passions with their regular lives... and then probably cringe. Look for it this fall. 

Ringworld: A miniseries based on the Larry Niven novel Ringworld. In the book, a group of space explorers crashes on an alien artifact the size of a million Earths (editor's note: that's big!), known as Ringworld. On the structure, they find hints of an old civilization and a possible answer to Earth's problems. Ringworld is a co-production of MGM Television (Stargate) and Universal Cable Productions.

Childhood's End: Another miniseries in development, Childhood's End shows what happens when an alien invasion goes peacefully and turns the planet into a utopia. Yay for nice aliens! Based on the novel by Arthur C. Clarke. 

Untitled Jaime Foxx horror project: Actor Jaime Foxx is working with Syfy on a five-episode horror anthology series to air this October. It will be in the vein of Tales From the Crypt and The Twilight Zone. Interesting note: Flight of the Conchords and Mr. Show director/producer Troy Miller is also involved. 

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  • DavidPickles Apr 11, 2013

    ringworld sounds like halo...

  • wisperin88 Apr 12, 2013

    Im sure the people at bungie took some inspiration from the novel but the book came out in 1970 so definitely before halo

  • DavidPickles Apr 12, 2013

    ahhh right but if they have big guy in a green suit i'm out ;)

  • Huskyguy30 Apr 11, 2013

    Who cares about the new crap? Glad Being Human was renewed, but what about Warehouse 13?!

  • edge1710 Apr 11, 2013

    Ring world, but only with Pierson's Puppeteers.
    The fleet of worlds would be a bonus.

  • Demonstrable Apr 11, 2013

    Ringworld has my interest.

  • pcarlos Apr 11, 2013

    Childhood's end is my all time favorite book. So looking forward to this!

  • MandySCG Apr 11, 2013

    I will be so glad when people finally get sick of all the ghost shows. I guess they're super cheap to make, so it will probably take a long time for this fad to pass.

  • PK_Tech_Girl Apr 11, 2013


    That is all.

  • AkiraHideyo Apr 11, 2013

    Brush up the writing and Being Human can be front runner. Stop all the stupid delays like finale when Josh and Nora yak and yak when the priority is to quickly either stab all the awakening mutated vampires in the warehouse or light the Freaking fire when Josh doused them with kerosene. Have logic and believability and some street cred. I abhor illogic scripts. Seriously OFFENDS my future interest to watch. 3 strikes and I never return. I've done that to a few series and true enough they eventually got axed or not renewed.

  • tvdvdaddict Apr 11, 2013

    "No Place" is the only show on this list that sounds interesting to me. I gave up watching "Being Human" a few episodes into season 2 because I didn't like the storyline. Same with "Warehouse 13." I"m also looking forward to season 4 of "Haven." It's the only show I haven't gotten bored with.

  • klotensen Apr 11, 2013

    Sounds good!
    Finally a channel is adapting the mini-series concept, the Brits are doing some nice things with it the last years. Good for them and maybe for us, too!

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