Syfy Adds Zombies and Greek Gods to Its Lineup With Series Orders for Z Nation and Olympus

By Kaitlin Thomas

Apr 07, 2014

Hoping to cash in on the zombie craze before the inevitable backlash begins (hi, vampires!), Syfy has ordered 13 episodes of Z Nation, a new post-apocalyptic series from former Eureka producer Karl Schaefer. Scheduled to premiere this fall, the series beings three years after a zombie virus wiped out much of the country's population; it follows a team of regular Joe the Plumbers as they transport the only known survivor of the virus from California to New York, where a viral lab is waiting to hopefully create a vaccine from his blood. I guess the U.S. Postal Service is totally fine working in the snow or rain or heat or gloom of night, but they cross the line at zombie apocalypse. Schaefer will serve as Z Nation's showrunner and executive producer, and The Asylum—the studio behind such TV-movie masterpieces as Sharknado and Mega Python vs. Gatoroid—will produce the series. 

Syfy is also getting into the gods and goddesses business with Olympus, ordering 13 episodes of the drama about the men and women who banished the gods to the Underworld. The series follows a young man's journey from newbie (at, like, being an adult human person; it's not like his first day working at the Mount Olympus tourism board or anything)  to "a leader of men, and a match for the Gods themselves." The project hails from Nick Willing (Tinman) and executive producer Robert Halmi Sr. (The Odyssey) and is scheduled for a 2015 debut. 

Do Z Nation and Olympus sound exciting to you?

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  • numberonecubsfa Apr 17, 2014

    No thanks on more zombies, but I'm down for a modern Greek God tale

  • bluemorphotat Apr 08, 2014


  • MarlboroMagpi Apr 08, 2014

    I am actually surprised and glad that with the popularity of TWD and still after four seasons, we did not get a copy cat series sooner. There was a three episode British series which was same theme but not really similar. Now I heard news here and there that at least three zombies shows are already in production and we have Z Nation now so there is still some way to go before overkill.

  • Dougo13 Apr 08, 2014

    So, Z Nation will be all about the US but filmed in Canada once again with no mention of anything outside the good ole USA? Pass...

    Olympian gods stuff going back into Hercules and Xena territory. Probably pass.

    Anything else?

  • dianamartins Apr 08, 2014

    Z Nation and Olympus sound awesome to me! I hope I get to see the previews! :)

  • saintmark Apr 08, 2014

    I wish they would try Jim Butchers Harry Dresden again.

  • Dre5d Apr 08, 2014

    Z nation is basically the Last of us and season 4b of the walking dead.....

  • ted2332 Apr 08, 2014

    I have found it a bit interesting with The Walking Dead & World War Z being huge hits we have seen so few zombie shows. A shame its not on The CW, it would have been amusing to see who was the more skeletal looking , the zombies or the female leads.

  • 949paintball Apr 08, 2014

    I'll probably try to watch Olympus. It sounds pretty good, if they can pull it off nicely.

  • fujin_mage Apr 08, 2014

    walking dead ripoff

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