Syfy's Face Off Season 3 Takes on the Star Wars Cantina Scene!

By Price Peterson

Aug 22, 2012

Face Off S03E01: "A Force to Be Reckoned With"

The unofficial title of Face Off's Season 3 premiere should've been "Why Change What Works? Also: Star Wars!" Because TV's best reality competition (that is not So You Think You Can Dance) returned this week and it was business as usual: Meat 'n potatoes drama, backbiting, and sincerely talented competitors. And as if this show couldn't get any geekier, the main challenge involved creating characters who'd look at home in the Star Wars cantina scene! (Which, let's be real, George Lucas hasn't tolerated prosthetic makeup for decades now.)

We met the new cast of charmingly awkward makeup artists on top of the Downtown Los Angeles Standard where they were greeted by host McKenzie Westmore and Rudy himself, Sean Astin! The new crop contains a pair of twin brothers, at least three women with hair that's dyed bright red (one of whom is currently dating a Season 2 contestant), and two flighty men (who were destined to be "randomly" paired together). After a very brief and ridiculous challenge involving creating makeup that involved whatever the contestants found outside by the pool, we came to the main Star Wars-themed challenge.

There were warnings from the beginning that things weren't going so well. After having only seen a season of this show, it's clear that many artists only have two designs up their sleeves: aerodynamic demon and hamburger-faced ghoul. We saw a lot of both, including the hilariously awful entry by the losing team of flighty men which was deemed "unacceptable" and "offensive" by the judges. (Seriously, check out the barefooted abomination in the photo gallery below.) However, the repulsive gnome in a mech suit was truly inspired (if not necessarily appropriate for the Star Wars universe).

And then, in a reality TV moment that seemed as genuine as it was dramatic, one of the men on the losing team stormed out and was disqualified before he could be eliminated. The reason it felt so genuine was how unprepared the production seemed: The cameras had to re-enact the door slamming and then only appeared to have six seconds of footage of the contestant walking across the parking lot, which was played twice. Oh well! Who could've imagined that a grueling reality TV competition may not be the best place for sensitive eccentrics? It's frankly surprising this sort of thing hasn't happened more often.

Anyway, this 90-minute season premiere was as entertaining (and creatively inspiring!) as we've come to expect of Face Off. From the teaser montage it looks like a lot of fun stuff might be in store, including an increasingly impressive roster of expert judges and a live broadcast of the final competition. It's still not clear just how talented these competitors are—and we likely won't know for sure until the challenges are more individualized—but for now take a gander at the below gallery of supposed Star Wars creatures and let's judge them together!

Which creature did YOU like the best?

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  • AnoukvdZee Aug 24, 2012

    I really thought, when the door slammed in hindsight (;)), that the other one of the losing team had left. He seems like such a horror to work with.

    I feel the same about what they do creatively, by the way. It's always either gory, or sensual amphibian woman. I thought that the winning make-up wasn't exactly Star Wars material (more the original Total Recall), but it was something completely different then what I was expecting.

  • Izaak Aug 23, 2012

    hahah, very funny in my opinion.

  • silverswan1 Aug 23, 2012

    Desert alien with the white cowl. Hope Tommy survives another week. If he didn't speak up would have gotten critiqued for staying silent too. lol Much like other shows with judges where it is ''good cop, bad cop'' style.

  • JonWinter1 Aug 23, 2012

    i forced my family to watch this and they loved it. it was unanimous between us that the guy who left was the weakest out of everyone and that the winning look was the best even though it wasn't the best executed.

    this group seems much more emotional than previous ones. there don't seem to be any somber tough guys like there have been before, but plenty of happy professionals like RJ was last season. it was great to see the blonde visibly shaken after her good critique; really tells you that she (at least) is very passionate about what she does. they didn't cast as many stinkers this season, which makes me excited.

  • ComicBookGirl Aug 23, 2012

    I'm a HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAR WARS FAN so I was super excited for this challenge in fact its what made me decide to continue watching this series, I am so glad that guy is gone and I always feel bad for the people who end up looking like jerks to the judges because they don't want to be hung out to dry, I did think the amount of work the winning team did was amazing but I thought the girls made a character that was a much better fit in the star wars universe it was worthy of its own story line even if it was mainly because of the finishing touches

  • LarissaPeixot Aug 23, 2012

    i haven't seen star wars (yes, yes, i know), so i don't know what kind of back story would fit best. but those two guys... c'mon! they HAD to win!

    and i'm so glad the shitty guy left because he was shitty and annoying and somehow that type usually gets to hang around for a while. he left 'cause he was a huge coward who didn't want to get kicked out in the first week. dumbass.

  • lsbloom Aug 23, 2012

    The guys who won were really ambitious, but I didn't chalk it up as being that unique, it kept reminding me of Total Recall right from the start. They did a good job and I didn't mind that they won. It just didn't feel like a Star Wars character which the girls' did, right down the breathing apparatus and the cloak--which made it. Without those she wasn't that special, but it was Star Wars.

  • GeraldC7 Aug 23, 2012

    I 'm just happy that the guys won.I would have given it to the guys too.

    The girls had a nice Star Wars character, but looks like they just copied 10 other star wars characters that have already been made. It was beautiful, but not original.

    The little man in the robot suit was superior in creativity and ambition. For the judges to all say that this was super tough and ambitious is saying something.

    Yes, the girls had a cleaner final product, but the men's were just on another level. The little guy in the robot suit would totally kick butt as a real CLone Wars character...dirty and a mini Jabba the Hutt or something.

    In this show, I think creativity should be equal to execution given that there is a time limit.