Syfy's Face Off: This Week In Nightmare Creatures

By Price Peterson

Sep 06, 2012

Face Off S03E04: "Year of the Dragon"

I love Face Off. It certainly follows the same formula originated/perfected by Project Runway or Top Chef, but unlike those shows it continues to feel fresh and inspired. Much of that has to do with the sense that makeup artists might actually be getting a big break by appearing on this show whereas the recent seasons of PR or TC reek of a barrel-scraped casting pool in which it can be a real step down to appear on those shows these days. So in that regard Face Off is closer to something like So You Think You Can Dance: The artists in these particular fields may never have an audience as large as these shows' viewerships and that maintains a sense of positivity and excitement on-camera, as though just being there is a reward in itself.

That said, this show is A CONSTANT NIGHTMARE GENERATOR. Holy moly! This week's challenge seemed innocent enough: Design dragons in keeping with traditional Chinese art. But look at these ghoulish demons everyone created!

I mean, good work, everybody, but dang! My heart is racing just looking at these.

That first image above was designed by Tommy and Derek (this was a team challenge) and it won! Image #2 was the losing design by Eric (Derek's twin brother) and Sarah, and Eric ended up being the one to get kicked off. It's saying something that even the losing design was an insanely complicated, still-amazing design that none of us could ever even dream of doing on our own. Reality competitions where everyone is super talented are the BEST!

NEXT WEEK'S CHALLENGE: Alice in Wonderland but with ZOMBIES! (Obviously.)

Which above Face Off creation will give YOU the most nightmares tonight?

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  • efonsecajr Sep 19, 2012

    Really enjoy the show. Thought this was the best episode yet from Face Off. Can Reality TV eps garner Emmy noms? No? Why not?

  • klotensen Sep 07, 2012

    It's the only realtity-based show I watch and I love it.

    And thanx Price you alomost killed me with the Hetrick-sneak-in-pic. This guy has the biggest head in the world and he fucking freaks me out every time!

  • sasou82 Sep 08, 2012

    I agree cracked me up!

  • LarissaPeixot Sep 07, 2012

    Man, I have a real problem with this season. All the contestants are SO nice! Usually, you root for two people: one to win and one to get eliminated. But, apart from the douche who left on his own in the first episode, I'm sad every time someone leaves!

    However, it's true that most, if not all, of them love the creepy, scary, gross side of t]doing make-up. I don't need it to be pretty. At least neutral. I remember the Tim Burton challenge. More things like that, please. The gore sometimes gets in the way.

  • Smidge032 Sep 07, 2012

    I love this season so far and honestly like all the contestants left. Not only are all the contestants incredibly talented, but I like that the episode themes keep being entertaining. The dance with all the dragons at the end was terrific! Even though I understand why the first one won, I have to say that my favorite was #4 (rat/goat). Though I didn't like that the winner got props for doing Japanese designs when it was a Chinese dragon themed challenge.

  • speedroc Sep 07, 2012

    I actually thought the third design should've been the bottom. It's incredible how talented all the artists on this show are. And the more I watch it, the more I can understand what the judges are not only looking for, but describing in their critiques.

  • Smidge032 Sep 07, 2012

    I thought the third should have been the bottom too. It was the only one that I cringed at when it came on screen.

  • EsmeBuffay Sep 06, 2012

    Why does it say it's season three episode four? This is the third episode isn't it? The first episode was the star wars thing, the second was the pirates, and now the dragons.

  • priceiswrong Sep 07, 2012

    Whoops, typo!

  • qbe_64 Sep 06, 2012

    Correct. If you look at the actual face off page, it says episode 3.

  • Gislef Sep 06, 2012

    Sheesh, sneak in the judge, why don't you? :)

    You forgot the fake into-commercial drama/crisis. "Oh, no, she cut her finger!"

    I think I prefer when they do a small challenge and then the main one. Watching 45 minutes of the three days of them working on a single task is a bit much. Yes, they're very talented and I'm sure they're doing amazing things. But there's only so much of "People sculpting, molding, and painting--one minor set back--everybody rush!--onto the stage" you can take.

    Oh, the season just wrapped, but you might check out Hotel Impossible if it's renewed on Travel next season. It's not a competitive show (other then to see who can be the most clueless hotel owner), but it's still pretty entertaining.

  • priceiswrong Sep 07, 2012

    I'll check it out, thank you!