TBS Renews Sullivan & Son, Men at Work, and Deal With It

By Tim Surette

Aug 20, 2013

Though TBS would be totally cool with airing The Big Bang Theory repeats 24/7, it still feels the need to stay in the original programming game and has decided to renew a few of its comedies. The network has ordered a third season of both Sullivan & Son and Men at Work, as well as a second season of hidden-camera prank show Deal With It. It's okay if your reaction to that last sentence was, "Huh?," "Really?," and "What now?"

Sullivan & Son will return for its third season next summer with 13 brand-new episodes. The series stars Steve Byrne as a half-Korean, half-white bar owner in Pittsburgh who hangs out with his buddies and deals with his parents. I have not seen it, but if any of you have, please write a 20-word review in the comments and I'll put it right here. Seriously. Do it! 

Men at Work will be back sooner, returning for its third season in early 2014 with 10 new episodes. Danny Masterson (That '70s Show) stars as one of four dudes working at a "lad mag" and trying to get in chicks' pants. It was created by Breckin Meyer, Mr. Bash himself. Or is he Mr. Franklin? 

Finally, Deal With It will be back in 2014 with 10 new episodes. The show challenges regular people to prank their friends with no time to prepare. The participants receive instructions through a hidden earpiece, and the further they get, the more cash they make. There, now you can say you've seen the show!

What do you think of these renewals? And don't forget to write up your 20-word reviews of Sullivan & Son and put them in the comments for a chance to win instant TV.com stardom!

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  • HUBE38 Jan 23, 2014

    I love Sullivan and Son. We are all different races, albeit human, and we have to learn to laugh at ourselves and our different quirks. I like that none are offended because being friends is more important than the actions that make us different and interesting.

  • Noor Oct 31, 2013

    I cant wait for Men at work I LOVEEEEEEEEEE this show!!!!

  • DrSpongejr Aug 22, 2013

    Sullivan and Son 20 word review: This is a breath of fresh air opposed to the try-hard sitcoms today, and it's a nice little show.

  • Carolee99 Aug 22, 2013

    Yeah, I love Sullivan and Son. It just makes me laugh and laugh.

  • FoxZerro Aug 21, 2013

    An equal opportunity offender, Sullivan & Son, takes stabs at all races, religions, & credos to dispel the myth of political correctness

  • FoxZerro Aug 21, 2013

    Sullivan & Son a show breast-fed on the sitcom teat into its teen years directly appeals to lovers of classic tv.

  • FoxZerro Aug 21, 2013

    Sullivan & Son is about the closest thing to an All in the Family remake on tv right now. Watch It!

  • JulioRodriguez0 Aug 21, 2013

    Men at Work and Sullivan and Son not great shows but watchable.

  • sleepy-sonic Aug 21, 2013

    Gosh, I haven't even heard of these shows.

  • LeahLefler Aug 21, 2013

    TBS has always had poor choices. It's either this "original" programming or reruns of TBBT or Family Guy. I just made a sound between "bleh" and a sigh. I can't really put that into one word. but there ya go.

  • Faithin1 Aug 21, 2013


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