The 10 Best Blanche-Centric Episodes of The Golden Girls

By Louis Peitzman

Jun 03, 2010

Veteran actress Rue McClanahan passed away today, and while we mourn her death, we can look back fondly to her years of great performances. After a lifelong career in film and television, she is best known for her role as Blanche Devereaux, the sultry, southern, sex-obsessed Golden Girl. Blanche is iconic, a heroine to middle-aged women and gay men everywhere. To celebrate McClanahan’s work, here’s a list of the ten best Blanche-centric episodes of The Golden Girls.

"Transplant" (Season 1)
In the first of many episodes in which Blanche’s family members come to visit, her estranged sister Virginia shows up. She needs a kidney transplant, and Blanche has to decide whether she’s willing to let bygones by bygones and go under the knife.

"The Triangle" (Season 1)
Dorothy’s lecherous doctor boyfriend puts the moves on Blanche, but no one believes her. Blanche may be sexually liberated, but she’d never steal a friend’s beau—and it’s gratifying to see Dorothy finally realize the error of her ways.

"Blanche and the Younger Man" (Season 1)
Blanche lands a date with her much younger aerobics instructor. Sounds like a match made in heaven, until she realizes that she’s quite a bit older than he is. The episodes in which Blanche confronts her aging are always her most poignant ones.

"Adult Education" (Season 1)
Once again, we’re reminded that Blanche is a lady. Her teacher makes a pass at her, suggesting that she’ll get an A in his class if she sleeps with him. Instead, she reports him for sexual harassment. Well played, B!

"End of the Curse" (Season 2)
It’s a little unbelievable that Blanche would think she was pregnant, but then, she’s never all that realistic about her age. In another episode about getting older, she discovers that she’s not with child—she’s going through menopause.

"Blanche’s Little Girl" (Season 3)
Blanche talks up her ex-model daughter Rebecca, only to find that Rebecca has put on a substantial amount of weight. But this provides great moments for Blanche, who stands up for her daughter against an awful would-be husband.

"Scared Straight" (Season 4)
And here’s another family member to make Blanche deal with her prejudice. Blanche’s brother Clayton is afraid to tell his sister that he’s gay—and with good reason. It takes some time (including another episode) for Blanche to fully accept it.

"The Accurate Conception" (Season 5)
Rebecca returns with the news that she’s going to have a baby. By artificial insemination, that is. For all her forward-thinking ways, Blanche is in many ways a traditional Southern belle, and she again has to make peace with her daughter’s choices.

"Stand By Your Man" (Season 6)
Blanche picks up a man in a library without realizing that he’s in a wheelchair. Accidentally dating men with disabilities is a recurring theme for her—it happened before with a blind guy. But hey, more character growth for our favorite lusty lady.

"Beauty and the Beast" (Season 7)
Blanche’s granddaughter Melissa comes to visit, and all Blanche can think about is helping her win the Little Miss Beauty contest. Hmm, projecting much? By the end of the series, family member visits were constant, but this was one of the last great ones.

Which Blanche-centric episode of The Golden Girls is your favorite?

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  • HelenFoley Jun 05, 2010

    thank you for the good times and the were good rip rue helen7

  • acmb Jun 04, 2010

    She wasn't my favourite Golden Girl but I liked her, she was very funny. Rest in peace Rue.

  • cube2k8 Jun 04, 2010

    yeah those were some good momenets we will miss her

  • Carolee99 Jun 04, 2010

    Yes, I totally agree about the egg yolks being little balls of sunshine being hysterical. I couldn't believe she said that.

  • animeslave20 Jun 04, 2010

    I have to agree with pretty_sure, that scene in Sick & Tired Part 2 where Blanche is completely out of it from lack of sleep talking about yellow eyeballs and balls of sunshine is priceless. that scene is the absolute funniest moment for Blanche's character.

  • pretty_sure Jun 04, 2010

    ' Sick & Tired Part II ' should be up here. It was the funniest best episode of Blanche I have personally ever seen.

  • Alyssatao30 Jun 03, 2010

    so sad to hear about Rue Mclanahan, another legend gone. RIP

  • stcart Jun 03, 2010

    This was the ultimate in comedic entertainment. There was seldom more than 30 seconds between laughs, and Blanche was the best. I know every line of every episode, and it's hard to watch the shows knowing that 3 of our 4 girls are gone. My fave Blanche episode was going back to her 'Grammy's" house in Atlanta. RIP Rue. You were truly a Golden Girl.

  • txgirl75 Jun 03, 2010

    We lost three great people from Golden still can't believe Rue is gone. RIP!! Thankgoodness for reruns on halmark channel.

  • joeca1234 Jun 03, 2010

    A true legend!!! What a sad loss to comedy, but she gave some of the best one liners of all time.

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