The Best and Worst Commercials of Super Bowl XLVII

By Staff

Feb 04, 2013

Like one of Stefon's magical nightclubs, Super Bowl XLVII had everything: Football. Beyonce. Ray Lewis. A power outage that inspired some pretty good Revolution / FlashForward / Total Blackout jokes. Oh, and commercials. Commercials featuring babies! And cars! And beer! And... Stevie Wonder as a voodoo master?

Le sigh: We found most of this year's crop to be pretty pathetic—but of course that didn't stop us from yammering about them on the internet! Below, you'll find nearly every ad that aired this year, starting with our picks for best and worst, and polls so you vote on our selections. Name your own favorites and least-favorites in the comments!

The Best

Best Buy – "Asking Amy" feat. Amy Poehler

Curse you, big box, for using our dear Amy Poehler, but damn if she doesn't make everything better.

Oreo – "Whisper Fight"

A clear winner. Silly, called back the "Great Taste/Less Filling" thing, but framed in a funny way.

Taco Bell – "Viva Young"

Yeah, the premise is nearly as old as the actors in the ad, but it was funny and well done. (Although it's time to officially retire that fun. song now, right? Translating it into Spanish doesn't make it any less exhausting.)

Toyota Rav4 – "Wish Granted" feat. Kaley Cuoco

Sometimes you can't go wrong with a solid crowd-pleaser. Also Kaley Cuoco.

GoPro – "Dubstep Baby"

Definitely the best use of an infant this year.

Budweiser Clydesdales – "Brotherhood"


The Worst

2 Broke Girls – "Spectacular"

Bud Light – "Journey" feat. Stevie Wonder

Poor Stevie Wonder. He deserves better than this. And so do we.

Bud Light – "Lucky Chair" also feat. Stevie Wonder

Kia – "Space Babies"

Budweiser Black Crown – "Coronation"

Budweiser Black Crown – "Celebration"

Also heard in the peanut gallery after this pair of ads came on: "Between this and 2 Broke Girls, that Peter, Bjorn, and John song is forever ruined." "So fancy. Too bad it's still Budweiser at the end of the day." "Budweiser Black Crown: When leather jackets, goatees, and acoustic guitars aren't enough."

Audi – "Prom"

Go ahead, invade other people's personal spaces and just kiss them. Because it's brave and not at all creepy or horrible or slightly rape-y to do that. Also: People LIKE it.

Volkswagen – "Get Happy" – "Perfect Match"

THIS IS WHY NO ONE LIKES YOU, GODADDY. NO ONE. (But, good to see Fernando from Chuck getting work!)

The Ones We're Not Quite Sure About

Doritos – "Doritos Goat"

Was it funny? We remember laughing.

Samsung – "The Next Big Thing"

Would've been better if it wasn't feature-length? Regardless, <3 u Bob Odenkirk.

The Rest

Speed Stick – "Handle It"

M & Ms – "Love Ballad" feat. Naya Rivera

Pepsi Next – "Party"

Doritos – "Fashionista"

Calvin Klein – "Concept" – "Wolf"

MilkPEP – "Milk Run" feat. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Subway – "Peeps" – "Big Idea"

Sketchers – "Chase"

Century 21 – "Wedding"

Blackberry – "What It CAN'T Do"

E*Trade – "Save It"

Beck's Sapphire – "Serenade"

Wonderful Pistachios – "Crackin' Gagnam Style"

Gildan – "Getaway"

Hyundai – "Stuck"

Hyundai – "Epic Playdate"

Hyundai – "Team"

Tide – "Miracle Stain"

Mercedes-Benz – "Soul" feat. Willem Dafoe, Kate Upton, Usher

Axe Apollo – "Lifegaurd"

Dodge Ram – "Farmer"

Kia – "Hotbots"

Coca-Cola – "Mirage"

Jeep – "Whole Again"

MiO Fit – "Anthem" feat. Tracy Morgan

Lincoln – "Road Trip"

Sodastream – "The Sodastream Effect"

Which Super Bowl commercials were your favorites and least-favorites this year?

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  • LydiaWilson1 Feb 06, 2013

    Taco Bell ad would have been way better with Leonard in it.

  • bleumystique Feb 06, 2013

    Like McKayla Maroney, I was not impressed.
    I did chuckle at the wolf pack football thing with the kiddies, and the Budweiser one with the horse reuniting with his trainer or whatever was sweet and had me warm and fuzzy, but overall...meh.

  • Sw33tEscape Feb 05, 2013

    Anyone else look at the Audi ad and think, this is were Pretty Little Liars throw their actors who have served their purpose and no longer matter to the plot?

  • rasa_radz Feb 05, 2013

    "Between this and 2 Broke Girls, that Belle & Sebastian song is forever ruined." If you mean the song that's in the commercial and the opening credits of 2 Broke Girls, then it's by Peter, Bjorn and John, NOT Belle & Sebastian.

  • TVcom_editorial Staff Feb 06, 2013

    You are totally right. Mixed up our band names and failed to fact-check.

  • AndreaMcCooey Feb 05, 2013

    Jesus Christ all those ads were in one football game?? No wonder americans go crazy and kill each other at the drop of a hat. That is ridiculous!

  • brag0031 Feb 05, 2013

    First of all, I agree that for the most part, the commercials were pretty pathetic this year. There were half a dozen on this list I had forgotten about already.

    Best - Oreo whisper, Audi Prom, Budweiser Clydales.

    Worst - The only one that bothered me was the Doritos ad. First of all, I am so damn sick and tired of "We Are Young." Second, the whole "old people acting young, gee, isn't that cute" thing is getting so overused and cliched. I guess the combination of those two things just really turned me off.

    I am also kinda bothered by the extremely negative reaction people are having to the Go Daddy kiss commercial. Are you all hating it because you think it is too graphic, or is it really too hard to believe a beautiful woman might find a smart guy attractive?

  • IndianaMom Feb 09, 2013

    Just a kiss would have been kind of cute. All the smacking and slurping sounds made it gross, no matter who is involved.

  • Sw33tEscape Feb 05, 2013

    1) The dumb blonde is a horrible stereotype
    2) The unattractive, overweight nerd is a horrible stereotype
    3) It was gross and uncomfortable
    4) It was really really gross

  • angrodpallanen Feb 05, 2013

    1) I think you mean Taco Bell?
    2) No, the commercial is offensive because it suggests beautiful women can't be smart and smart guys can't be beautiful. They objectify two entities in the most cliche way possible. The actual kissing part didn't add anything to the message other than it was a cheap shot at trying to be controversial. Boring and narrow minded, yeah, lots to love there.

  • brag0031 Feb 05, 2013

    I did mean Taco Bell, my bad. I appreciate your answers. You both make a good point about the commercial peretuating stereotypes.

  • brag0031 Feb 05, 2013

    I also wanted to clear up something - I did not love or hate this commercial; for me it was just one of the rest. I was just taken aback at how extremely negative some people's reactions were. I thought that maybe some people didn't like it because they were too narrow minded to believe the woman might find intelligence an attractive quality. I'm glad to find that there are intelligent viewers.

  • shocker713 Feb 05, 2013

    I thought Tide and M&Ms; were the best of the night. The Budweiser ad was rather touching, even though I hate Budweiser and the song "Landslide."

  • Inigo_Montoya Feb 05, 2013

    That wolf puppy was adorable. Terrible commercial, adorable puppy. I'm torn.

  • DivineComedy Feb 05, 2013

    Seriously? The Samsung commercial was such a waste of time and money. Two minutes of nothing.

  • bobster_bsas Feb 05, 2013

    Amy Poehler's was funny. And i liked the 2BG one, it's nothing very far from the show itself, only more "flashy" because of the SB.
    Clysdales? C'mon get over animals! that's just a cheap trick.
    And nobody said anything about the Mercedes Benz one, which it's kind of a rip off of one for Renault Clio made in the 90's in Argentina, at least the concept of satan asking for your soul over a car.
    Most of them i didn't like, but i think it's because they are made for american audiences, wich i'm not (although the Axe Apollo one i think it was made here in Argentina, it's been on the air for almost a month here)

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