The Big C Scores Big Ratings

By Stefanie Lee

Aug 18, 2010

... Hey, cool! Laura Linney's new dramedy The Big C earned Showtime its highest ratings in eight years for a series premiere. [THR]

... Betty White can add "author" to her long, long, long list of accomplishments. The world's most popular octogenarian is going to write two books over the next two years: a self-help guide and an autobiography. [THR

... Hawaii Five-0 star Scott Caan injured his knee last week on set and underwent surgery for a torn ACL. Poor guy. At least the crew is making life easier for him by writing his bum knee into the storyline. [THR]

... CBS has decided to capitalize on the Undercover Boss warm-fuzzies. The network is developing a spinoff series, which will feature two employees competing for a promotion. Let the games begin! [THR]

... Dr. Laura Schlessinger announced yesterday on Larry King Live that she would be ending her radio show at the end of this year because her "contract is up." And by "contract is up," she means, "I totally screwed up an said the N-word on air. Please don't hate me, world!" [TVGuide]

... Supposedly Steven Tyler has signed a deal to be an American Idol judge. I'll believe it when I see it. [The Awful Truth]

... Chris Lambton, a.k.a. the guy Ali rejected on the Bachelorette, declined ABC's offer to be the new Bachelor because he wants to "return to a normal life." He probably should have thought of that before he got dumped on national television. [Watch with Kristen]

... Prince Harry is going to be on TV! He's teaming up with DJ Goldie for a reality talent show. Bands will compete for the chance to perform at Buckingham Palace. [Daily Mail Online]

... Brace yourselves, folks. The rules to Who Wants to be a Millionaire have changed. Now, contestants will have to stand. [TV Eye]

... Straight men, rejoice: Lingerie football on MTV2 is back! I felt disgusting just writing that. [Daily Herald]

... In casting news, Teri Polo is joining Law and Order: Los Angeles, Renee Felice Smith is heading to NCIS: Los Angeles, Tim Gunn will guest-star as himself no Gossip Girl, Lainie Kazan will be in a few episodes of Desperate Housewives, and Chad Faust is going to Lone Star. [Deadline, Ausiello, Ausiello, Live Feed, & Ausiello]

... And, finally, in spoiler news, there's going to be a marriage next season on How I Met Your Mother and there's gonna be a witch next season on True Blood! I hope these two shows do a crossover episode. Ted's wife being a witch/shapeshifter/supernatural being would make sense after all these years. [Ausiello & Ausiello]

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  • Miz_Tasha Aug 19, 2010

    omg they better hurry up with Betty White's bio...she's not getting any younger! And I'm not surprised about Chris Lambton, he seems too classy to be dating multiple women

  • estella87 Aug 19, 2010

    Ted finally getting married to The Mother? That would be awesome!!! But then again, he'd have to meet her first...

  • SleepingDeath0 Aug 19, 2010

    Love Betty White. Just love her. Even as a guy, I find Lingerie Football disgusting, and I have never seen it. And I think some people do care about Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

  • DerangedLemur Aug 19, 2010

    Betty White part is the only one that sounded interesting.

  • Starprincess13 Aug 19, 2010

    Lingerie football???????? I don't want to know.

  • sweetsaintz Aug 19, 2010

    Lingerie football?! Somehow i'm glad it was Stefanie writing this up and not Tim, i'm sure he would've found some unlikely way to spin that into something good and i just can't buy that.

  • IndianaMom Aug 19, 2010

    Betty White already wrote one autobiography. I guess she has a lot to say.