The Charlie Sheen Diet: Oreos, Tang, and Cigarettes

By Ilana Diamond

Mar 02, 2011

Now that we know Charlie Sheen isn't doing seven-gram rocks anymore, what is he consuming?

During yesterday's Today Show segment, he was hungry for...

In his now-infamous, "I'm not bi-polar. I'm bi-winning!" chat on last Friday's Good Morning America, he toasted is interviewers with a glass of unidentified orange drink:

And in that same interview, he went on to puff smoke in the face of new ABC it-girl Andrea Canning:

Finally, during his visit with TMZ reporter Mike Walters later that day, he enjoyed another mystery beverage. What Goddess Natty called "Starbucks coffee with powder in it," Mike Walters called "Nitrofluid." And according to Sheen, you could "smell the vodka in it."

What else is Charlie eating, aside from perhaps some chocolate milk? Share your own sightings in the comments.

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  • mermayd Mar 03, 2011

    He's going to be eating his own words one day that is for sure.

  • haldrey Mar 03, 2011

    C Sheen, a spoiled brat that should be vanished from the face of the earth.

  • ChipsTheButler Mar 03, 2011

    I used to buy his cleaning products (MR Sheen), but then I noticed the man on the can looks like former Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

  • pgsuperfan Mar 03, 2011

    and today they took his kids away from him personally I am getting a little of this JERK !!!

  • vstherevolution Mar 03, 2011

    The Charlie Sheen crazy train is losing steam for me. It's entertaining to watch him say ridiculous stuff sometimes but there's no need for all these networks to be weighing in on this type of crap all the time. But of course they'll agree to interview him and put real journalism on the back burner if they can get the kind of ratings Sheen usually draws.

  • txgirl75 Mar 02, 2011

    sounds like Charlie Sheen starving for attention..

  • 00_VuP_00 Mar 02, 2011

    I want more. People that are above average should be rewarded, and treated like Gods! :D

    They shouldn't have to pay for it either! ;-D

  • SydneyLostHouse Mar 02, 2011

    We're already suffering through Charlie Sheen overload and you write this completely pointless and not at all funny article? Really?