The CW Cancels 90210

By Tim Surette

Mar 01, 2013

The CW sent out a message to its shows today, and that message is this: If you don't have vampires, demon-hunting studs, ab-strong superheroes, witches, warlocks, dog witches, supernatural elements, science fiction, or musical chairs, GET OUT! 90210, a basic high-school/college drama with no monster-creatures or aliens, has been canceled.

The show, a remake of the popular '90s sideburns drama Beverly Hills 90210, will end its run on its own terms and wrap things up for good on May 13. The series lasted probably a few seasons longer than it should have given its mediocre ratings and social buzz by CW standards, and the five full seasons it did get were probably a gift from The CW's lack of other options rather than a reward based on merit. Where will athletes with terrible acting skills make their TV debuts now? 

With Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural leading the way, The CW is leaning heavily toward genre programming. Six of the eight pilots The CW has in development right now can be placed in the science-fiction of fantasy category, and it looks like Hart of Dixie (and genre show Cult) might follow Emily Owens, MD and Gossip Girl out the door to make room for more genre shows. Honestly, that's probably a good idea for the network. Let ABC Family handle the high-school drama and stick to beefcakes and hotties battling beefcake supervillains and hottie werevampires.

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  • GraceHamel May 16, 2013

    It's funny to see all these people trashing on 90210. The writers that wrote the episodes in seasons 1-3 didn't have enough foreclosure, so when the new writers came in, they had to work with what was left. Don't blame anyone but the CW. The writers were way better in seasons 1-3 but the others did good giving a proper farewell to the series. This cast deserved better, the show deserved more, and the series deserved time.

  • pinkaaboo Mar 06, 2013

    i think its time to end this show .. it became so boring especially with silver and tedy i dont understand why she wouldnt just find another donor !! instead of this horrible drama between them .. but i like hart of dixie i would like for it to continue

  • KayWatkins Mar 04, 2013

    Ha! It looks like I cancelled my series recording just in time! Wow! I was just saying to myself recently "Why do I keep watching this?". I FINALLY let go and this happens!

  • eliana1st Mar 03, 2013


  • BrbaraCoelho1 Mar 02, 2013

    No! Let Hart of Dixie stay!

  • angrodpallanen Mar 02, 2013

    I'll miss it. This is by far the worst show on television. The acting is painful, the writing is disastrous but the show is incredibly fun to watch. It was my weekly trainwreck and this season especially it has been a crazy ass ride. I love to hate every character on the show and I will miss throwing stuff across my room because I disagree with all of them. Yeah, this was my favorite thing to hatewatch and after five years of hating myself for spending time on this, it'll be weird not to have it around.

  • Uma Mar 02, 2013

    CW should pick up Alphas, the would probably do a better job with it too

    So many great sci-fi shows have dies on SyFy, CW would have been the perfect network to pick them up

  • Uma Mar 02, 2013

    It was crazy that it got renewed and The Secret Circle didn't in the first place
    TSC would have gradually built up a solid audience it was a really good show and mot just by the CW standards, I though it was much stronger than TVD

  • txgirl75 Mar 02, 2013

    Yeah I bet they are kicking themselves now.

  • BrookeDsBaby Mar 04, 2013

    Probably not since The Secret Circle bled like crazy in the ratings every week. Their ratings in the end weren't even good for The CW's standards today and that was behind it's biggest show.

  • preferanonymous Mar 02, 2013

    CW made a good decision cancelling 90210. Now make another good decision, don't cancel Nikita.

  • chris17blue Mar 02, 2013

    Pretty sure Nikita is getting 1 more season for syndication purposes..No worries! It should get picked up. XD

  • LegendKiller87 Mar 02, 2013

    To tell you the truth,I'm suprised it got another season.I'm saying that because the show was good in seasons 1,2 & 3,but it got worse as season 4 kept going.It was like having an animal that keeps screaming in pain every time you see it and yet you still keep it alive for 2 more years.CW is just putting it out of its misory

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