The CW Cancels Cult and the Show Within Cult

By Tim Surette

Apr 10, 2013

The CW's show about a show is now not a show at all. Meta-thriller Cult has been yanked from the network's schedule, a rep from The CW confirms. The news was first reported by Zap2It. Noooooo! And to make matters worse, Cult's Friday-night slot will be replaced by reruns of the extreme musical chairs reality competition program Oh Sit!. Noooooo! And also reruns of The Carrie Diaries, but man, Oh Sit!? That's like being dumped for a a pile of man-shaped garbage. Ouch. 

Cult, a midseason entry that was mostly met with poor-to-mediocre reviews but did earn a *AHEM* cult following, was seven episodes into its first-season run. The CW says plans to air the remaining episodes either online or in another time slot are still to be determined.

I liked Cult, if only because it was totally insane. The drama centered on fans of a hit CW show (hey, it's fiction) who became so obsessed that they mimicked bad things that happened on it. But Cult also featured quite a bit of that show-within-the-show, and it proved to be just as intriguing—if not more so—than the real one. And sometimes, when everything went just right, the CW logo on the fake show would align with the CW logo on the real show, and minds would be blown, Inception-style. 

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  • jordanpetrie501 Sep 21, 2013

    I loved this show it was one of the best on tv right now. All the mysteries were amazing, and the show within a show who knew it could be so great. It was cancelled because of low ratings and I think people didnt watch it because they didnt understand it! people are so stupid nowadays. its like heroes and lost because of people in the country where the ratings count they lowered the quality because people were too stupid and then they were cancelled!!!! where are peoples brains and common sense?

  • MeoWong Jul 14, 2013

    So disappointing. I much preferred this show to the Following which made no sense at all!

  • JohnCastaneda1 Jul 07, 2013

    There should be a law that prevents Broadcasters from pulling a show without giving it closure.
    This way they can still cancel a show due to low ratings but viewers who were atrracted to the show would get their questions answered.
    Its the polite thing to do.

  • windikemplin Jul 03, 2013

  • PegConroy May 17, 2013

    We made it through 1-1/2 episodes and gave it up. One of the worst shows I've ever seen - and I was so looking forward to seeing Matt Davis again.

  • davewhittles1 May 14, 2013

    and zero hour as well.. and some of the shows they renew year after year are crap and should have been scrapped ages ago ,beauty and the beast and dallas for fucks sake

  • davewhittles1 May 14, 2013

    i was watching it online its not in the Uk,was wondering why it haden't been on for a few weeks now i know..damn thought it was a promising show!

  • skyclemente May 10, 2013

    Now I will never find out the mystery behind Cult. BRING CULT BACK!

  • skyclemente May 10, 2013

    I am shocked! Cult is such an interesting and creative series! I do not understand why CWTV canceled it. The show is such a mystery that keeps me on my toes every week. CWTV just lost a viewer. BRING CULT BACK!

  • lavernedentpr May 10, 2013

    What! Why did I have to find out by doing a missing show report on the web! Where Oh Where have my show gone! At least finish out the year. Ratings smatings, no one wants to begin watching a show and never find out what happens at the end. Like my favorite show "The Gate". Ooooh I'm so mad! Take that crazy Vampire Diaries off. I loved it at first but man, things are crazy as all get out! Can't watch that drama anymore! Bring back Cult!

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