The CW Renews Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, and Arrow

By Tim Surette

Feb 11, 2013

Hot dudes all over The CW will be coming back next season! The network may have been the last to get its 2012-2013 season started, but it's the first to get its 2013-2014 season started, having just ordered a ninth season of Supernatural, a fifth season of The Vampire Diaries, and a second season of Arrow to debut next fall.

The CW is actually building on something here, people. Arrow has become the network's most-watched show with 4.3 million viewers, though it didn't elaborate on that number (we're guessing it includes DVR numbers and maybe online streams). Arrow's success has been a boon for Supernatural, which has seen its numbers tick up 15 percent (the fact that Season 7 was pretty bad and aired on Fridays also contributed to the Season 8 jump). Meanwhile, The Vampire Diaries continues to chug along as The CW's highest rated series and most Bing'd about show.

The fates of the rest of The CW's series are up in the air, but it's obvious where the network is going with its strategy, which is to stick with what's been working. Its 2013-2014 development slate is heavy on young adult genre projects with all but two out of eight pilots in contention having either supernatural, fantasy, or science-fiction bents to them. A Vampire Diaries spin-off, the prequel-ish The Originals, looks like a sure thing to be paired with TVD next fall, and if it's at least halfway competent, I know I'd like to see Oxygen, starring Aimee Teegarden as a chick who falls in love with an alien. The CW is also so high on trying a television adaptation of The Selection that it's ordered a second pilot after last year's didn't quite work.

If The Originals does pair with TVD, then The CW will have to make a decision on what to do with Beauty and the Beast, but I don't like its chances at returning (wouldn't Jay Ryan and Aimee Teegarden make an adorable couple?). I'd also guess that by the end of the season, Dr. Zoe Hart will have done her last surgery on Hart of Dixie, Division will end up with a remainder of zero on Nikita, and 90210 will be out for a permanent summer. All three of those shows are hovering around the 0.5 rating mark. The CW will probably search for one non-sci-fi show to pair with The Carrie Diaries, which should follow positive critics' buzz into a second season. Major caveat: This all depends on how the new development slate looks.

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  • JoshuaAnderse Feb 26, 2013

    This is all great news! Well, except for the part where the writer's predictions conflict with my hopes. I'm a huge sci-fi guy...I can't get enough of the genre! But if there's anything that comes close to a good tale of mythical creatures and space people, it's a good rom-com chick flick kind of show. "Hart of Dixie" absolutely must stay! I applaud the network for holding onto "90210" for as long as it has, but a show with a comfortable small town feel with familiar faces and characters of every variety should be given the same 'let's give it another season despite the ratings' kind of treatment. If The CW is destined to pop a few staples from its 2013-2014 schedule, I don't think they'd pop so many. So I still remain hopeful! If nothing else, at least I have my mythical creatures and space people. :-)

  • Svanehjerte Feb 24, 2013

    Now I've seen all episodes of Beauty and the Beast and I enjoyed it! It needs to get renewed or finish off nicely this season, no cliffhangers.

  • SamuelMachado Feb 23, 2013

    I cant like Arrow its so boring, Nikita is much better...

  • omeboy487 Feb 24, 2013

    this isn't arrow vs. nikita.

  • SamuelMachado Mar 03, 2013

    i know but i want Nikita to be renewed too :(

  • sunnysfunny Feb 23, 2013

    Noooo Nikita is so much better than predictable Arrow. The CW will not murder the best show on the network which is Nikita.

  • _CNK80Q3_ Feb 15, 2013

    I have loved Supernatural throughout, even through the meh episodes. But I am super thrilled to see that there will be a season 9, just because I love to watch those boys in action. Thanks to TPTB....

  • anitsirch Feb 14, 2013

    A ninth season of supernatural?! Thats it, I'm officially done. I can't take this crap anymore. Seriously! I used to love Supernatural until the 5th season. Everything after that is just crap, and I am so tired. Was hoping this series would finally be in peace after this season... but, no.

  • Shawn Feb 23, 2013

    Yeah, Supernatural has gone 4 seasons too long! They have never been able to get it to be anywhere near what it was the first five seasons! They should have let this show end where even the creator meant for it to end...FIVE SEASONS!

    The "Eve" nonsense was was horrid and underwhelming for this "mother of us all" she went without a bang. Then there was the Leviathan debacle....these were suppose to be so bad ass that god himself had to lock them away prior to humans and they too were underwhelming for such a evil creature.

    Now thankfully they've ended the Leviathan nonsense but even still trying to go back into the monsters and angel/demon stuff has not been the same. What are they going to do in S9 for crying out loud! I was a die hard fan fo S1-S5 but I'm done with this show now!

  • anitsirch Feb 24, 2013

    agree! Glad SOMEONE agrees with me, everyone seems so happy about the 9th season.

  • anitsirch Feb 24, 2013

    HOPEFULLY this will be the last season, but I highly doubt it...

  • kcee Feb 14, 2013

    yea, i thought they were ending it after season 5. had a bit of difficulty watching 6 & havent finished 7 but will try o catch up since i hear season 8 is good again. hope it is... maybe i should skip the rest of season 7.

  • anitsirch Feb 15, 2013

    I agree! I have tried watching Supernatural since season 5, but I find myself bored nearly every episode. I feel like I can´t just quit either, I hate quitting TV shows in the middle! Don´t know what to do with Supernatural! Hope it has a peaceful ending soon!

  • yamachamama Feb 14, 2013

    I've never watched Supernatural but man, Arrow...
    This show just gets better and better week after week.
    The "big" networks could learn several things from the CW about giving an interesting idea time to develop. Buffy, Smallville, and few other shows started out slow and grew to cultural phenomena.

    You got shows being canceled after the 4th or 5th episodes (or, 2nd if you're on NBC)!
    How much money are these execs wasting every season!?!

  • Sal_Doomhammer Feb 13, 2013

    Good call CW. Now bring back Reaper!

  • ZorgaFTW Feb 13, 2013

    Arrow! oh ya was expected...

  • SamuelMachado Feb 23, 2013

    Arrow is boring and predictable

  • JesusBaywatch Feb 13, 2013

    Renew 9O21O !!!!

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