The CW's 2012-2013 Schedule: Supernatural and Arrow Take On Wednesdays

By Tim Surette

May 17, 2012

Hey everybody, don't forget about The CW! It has a 2012-2013 schedule, too! And you know what? Each night of the week holds pretty fantastically paired up shows, which is more than some of the "big boys" can boast. Seriously, The CW's new lineup is like walking into the meticulously organized bedroom of an OCD sufferer: doctors in one spot, heroes in another, and school-stuff in yet another. And did we mention that Supernatural's making a huge move? Here's proof.

Psst! There's an easier-to-read schedule at the bottom of the page.


Monday night is school night, with those lovable rascals from 90210 moving to the head of the week, followed by the final shortened season of Gossip Girl. After Gossip Girl has its anything-goes-orgy finale, new drama The Carrie Diaries starts up in the midseason. The Sex and the City prequel stars AnnaSophia Robb as a young Carrie Bradshaw as she learns how to be a woman, so to speak, while growing up as a teen in the '80s. Sarah Jessica Parker did not look like that in the '80s.


Tuesday night is awkward doctor night! Rachel Bilson starts the night off right with culture clashing, romanticizing, and, if she has time, doctoring in Hart of Dixie. That's followed by the new series Emily Owens, M.D., which was called First Cut until about five minutes ago. Mamie Gummer (Off the Map) puts on a doctor costume once again to star as Emily Owens, a nerdy woman who's looking to leave her past behind and get a fresh start as the newest scalpel-wielder at Denver Memorial Hospital. But those politics that bugged her in high school follow her to her new job. Oh no! How will awkward Emily Owens the doctor do against awkward Mindy the lady doctor from Fox's The Mindy Project?


Wednesday night is brooding heroes night! New series Arrow, an origin story of DC Comics superhero The Green Arrow, opens up hump day. That's followed by longtime CW favorite Supernatural on a new night. That's right, the Winchesters are off Fridays, really opening up the weekend for fans to spend the weekend writing fanfic. The move to Wednesdays should result in modest ratings improvements for Supernatural, if any, because we'll watch that show no matter what time or day it airs.


Thursday night is dark times with pretty people night! The Vampire Diaries stays put at 8pm, followed by new series Beauty and the Beast. Kristin Kreuk plays the Beauty, a "smart, no-nonsense" police detective." Yes, Kristin Kreuk. As a no-nonsense police detective. (This year's Rachel Bilson as a doctor?) She teams up with a man who turns into a beast when he's mad, and they work together to unlock the mysteries of their past. Hey CW, get a midseason replacement ready, because something stinks around here!


Friday night is long legs night! America's Next Top Model moves its Tyra Banks-anity away from Wednesday to find the next "top" model and kick off the weekend. That's followed by Maggie Q's ridiculously long stems in spy drama Nikita, which moves back an hour to the 9pm slot. This is the most mismatched pair of the schedule, but there wasn't much else The CW could do with them. We'll see if Nikita can survive on Fridays, but its loyal following says it shouldn't be a problem.

What are your thoughts on The CW's 2012-2013 schedule? Do you see any holes? Is there anything you would have done differently?

The CW's fall 2012-2013 schedule

(New programs in ALL CAPS)


 8pm - 9pm — 90210
9pm - 10pm — Gossip Girl (fall) / THE CARRIE DIARIES (midseason)


8pm - 9pm — Hart of Dixie
9pm - 10pm — EMILY OWENS, M.D. (formerly First Cut)


8pm -9pm — ARROW
9pm - 10pm — Supernatural


8pm - 9pm — The Vampire Diaries


 8pm - 9pm — America's Next Top Model
9pm - 10pm — Nikita

New drama Cult is being held for midseason.

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  • JennyKeller2 Sep 28, 2012

    I wish they would move Supernatural back to Thursday night! It was perfect after The Vampire Diaries! Also, this sucks for me because I usually work Wednesday nights :(

  • CrimsonFlame42 Jun 12, 2012

    I'm perfectly thrilled that Supernatural is coming back--it is on of my favorite shows after all. but I'm not thrilled that they've moved it to that particular time slot on that particular night, because not it interferes with another one of my favorite shows--and those are running low as the network people continue to foist that awful "reality" drivel on us.

  • CharmedOneP391 Jun 04, 2012

    Wednesdays are the only thing looking good here. It's funny though, how Smallville and Supernatural's audiences both blended together...I think CW is hoping for the same result with Arrow. I'm definitely going to be watching it.

  • MarleneAnna Jun 04, 2012

    Well, First Of All The CW Is One of my Favorite Networks. So, I Always Like To See The New Shows That They Bring On Television, But They Need To Stop Cancelling Shows And Stick To Them.


    90210 - I already tried watching this and it sucked so NOPE !

    Gossip Girl - Of Course !! I Need Chuck and Blair To Be Together At The End !!!

    THE CARRIE DIARIES - Idk..It Seems So Basic !


    Hart of Dixie - Hecks Yea...I Love This Show !!

    EMILY OWENS, M.D. - Idk...yet...


    ARROW - I will most definitely be watching this. I need a superhero to replace My Smallville.

    Supernatural - I watched the first episode ever recently and Idk about this show as well.


    The Vampire Diaries - YESSS !!! The Best Show On The Network !!! I WILL BE WATCHING !!

    BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - Well I'm A Sucker For The Classic One So I Will Give This A Try.


    America's Next Top Model - I Have Been Watching This On And Off For Years Now.

    Nikita - OF COURSE !!

  • JennyKeller2 Sep 28, 2012

    I totally agree The Vampire Diaries is the best, Supernatural is a very close second(in my opinion), but my hubby would argue that it's the best :). So give it a chance, although it would be much better if you had seen the earlier seasons first. Like TVD it has 2 hot brothers, but no consistant love interest, just fighting ghosts, demons, angels, etc. etc.

  • pankratzc85 Jun 03, 2012

    secret circle should've been kept it was my favorite new show last season.

  • Draconax May 29, 2012

    Also noting alot of people have the same sentiment as me regarding the Secret Circle. By far the best premiere for the CW last year, they really should have kept it around.

  • Draconax May 29, 2012

    Glad to see Supernatural moving to mid week. Getting off the Friday slot should help out the show's ratings quite decently.

  • MelodyParis May 25, 2012

    Do differently? Yep, canceled crappy reality. Oh well.

    Wednesday's look good on the CW - brooding, angst ridden, herotastic men!!!

  • buttvisfunner May 25, 2012

    yeah keep The Secret Circle thats what i would do differently, beauty and the beast is going to fail miserably

  • sguaj May 24, 2012

    Yes we will watch Supernatural any day and any time of the week, even on Wednesdays!

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