The Many Permutations of Glee's Romantic Relationships: An Illustrated Guide

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Jan 31, 2013

If there’s one thing Glee has (probably unintentionally) gotten right about high school, it’s the whirlwind romances, unrequited crushes, and homecoming hook-ups that leave dizzy onlookers in desperate need of some Dramamine. Last week's McKinley High School Sadie Hawkins Dance was the last straw for me, gang. I saw the need for a handy dandy reference guide and then I filled it. You’re welcome.

This is by no means meant to be a comprehensive encyclopedia of every musical misfit who's ever made googly eyes at the captain of the football team—I had to eat, sleep, and shower at some point, you know? But you know how those Glee kids are, all raging hormones and negligible self-control. Someone had to try and make sense of it all!

Click the image to open the larger, hi-res version in a new tab or window.

The Glee Wiki was heavily relied upon during the making of this graphic, as some of those crushes literally lasted for a single episode.

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  • pancakylove Feb 06, 2014

    Rachel & Brody broke up. and i think we can add a yellow line between Rachel & Sam :D

  • WilliamArcher Sep 11, 2013

    How could you forget that Rachel and Finn banged? and Tina and Mike banged!

  • pancakylove Feb 06, 2014

    i think that was about couples that had sex but didnt date xD

  • sduvoisin Feb 04, 2013

    Didn't Santana and Puck hook up once too?

  • KarryShamaya Feb 04, 2013

    You are forgetting kurt>finn and mercedes>kurt

  • anar Feb 02, 2013

    It's missing Kurt's crush on Finn!

  • BrookeDsBaby Feb 01, 2013

    Don't think I'm any less confused. Maybe a flowchart wasn't the best way to go. Although it is solid evidence that McKinley High is full of nymphos.

  • Teddiebere Feb 01, 2013

    This is making sense of it? I think I'm more confused.

    I think I will go back to forgetting about all the relationships as soon as they end and waiting for the writers to remind me of which ones need to be important for an episode.

  • AllieAllie Feb 01, 2013

    Some of these should be crush rather than dated. Like Becky and Artie

  • Storm7789 Feb 01, 2013

    This chart needs arrows for Crushed!

  • FbioMachado Feb 01, 2013

    Where is the Irish guy? Lol

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